The Japanese COVID Miracle kept quiet by the mainstream media

I still say the miracle in Japan is this young woman’s vibrant, joyful attitude toward life and work, but others think there’s a more important miracle going on in the Land of the Rising Sun…

It’s a medical miracle, discussed in the video above.

It boils down to this…

Twelve days after the drug Ivermectin was “OK’d for use” in Japan by Dr. Haruo Ozaki, Chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association, Japan’s sharp spike in COVID-19 cases began a striking decline toward zero as seen in the graph below. The blue arrow points out the day when Doctor Ozaki approved Ivermectin’s use against COVID-19.

For a broader time perspective, here’s that same peak (below on the right). Dr. Ozaki made his announcement at the tip of the yellow pointer.

Note that Ivermectin was not made the “official COVID treatment” in Japan, it was rather OK’d for prescriptive use against COVID for the first time by an official, Dr. Ozaki. Google seems to hide the truth here by deliberately confusing terms and burying all searchers in layers of articles “debunking” the strawman claim that Japan has made Ivermectin their “official COVID treatment.”

Don’t fall for Google’s banana-in-the-tailpipe trick this time.

A cheap and effective COVID drug is the nightmare of major drug companies now. The pandemic has become their cash cow, hence their puppet media suppresses Ivermectin, allowing them time to milk the pandemic at the public’s expense. Sad, but pretty obviously happening.

With a straight face, Doctor John Campbell (a nurse, if I remember right) calls this temporal association “a strange coincidence” in his video and presents a few weak alternative explanations, one of which is not as weak as the others.

I sense Campbell must protect his video from the censors by using the term “strange coincidence” rather than the more appropriate phrase: “a probable cause-and-effect relationship.”

Here’s a current look at the COVID death rates in Japan compared to a few other countries:

To complicate things, below is a look at Japan’s high vaccination rate compared to a few other countries. What this graph doesn’t show is that South Korea has a similarly high vaccination rate but continues to see an increasing rate of COVID infections. So it’s doubtful that the vaccine alone has caused Japan’s miracle.

The video goes on to offer some alternative explanations for the so-called “coincidence.” One idea not mentioned is the possibility that Ivermectin might somehow be responsible for the mutation discussed that destroys the error-correcting functions of the virus, rendering it impotent. It’s probably a weak idea because Ivermectin most likely has no mutagenic capacity, but who knows? Maybe for this virus it does.

As I’ve said before, the zombie-woke media’s suppression of Ivermectin is idiotic. Someone in power in the US needs to wake up and support the use of this drug. There is growing evidence supporting its effectiveness and an established long track record of its safety within the human population. (No, it’s not “a horse drug” as CNN’s Dr. Gupta had to admit to Joe Rogan. Try finding that video on Google.)

Unfortunately, the brief and increasingly questioned safety record of mRNA vaccines doesn’t compare to that of Ivermectin.

So here’s a perfectly safe, cheap drug that, as best we can tell now, appears to have abruptly stopped the worst peak of COVID-19 in Japan. Shouldn’t we encourage its use in the USA while our universities study its effectiveness? What’s the downside here?

Miracle Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

39 thoughts on “The Japanese COVID Miracle kept quiet by the mainstream media

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  3. Privacybadge

    Great article. Appreciate someone else taking a step out of the world that is ruled by authorities and thinking for themselves, and then penning those thoughts. I am not a medical person, but I am a techie. Lol, you mentioned Google several times, check out DuckDuckGo, or even Brave Search as an alternative to find items that aren’t “mainstream”. You’ll be surprised sometimes. 🙂 thanks again! And happy thanksgiving!

  4. I expect every source will have some baby and some bathwater–the proportion will depend on the intellect and diligence of the source. Just because I reference a source shouldn’t be considered a blanket endorsement. We all must do our own due diligence and sift the baby from the bathwater.

    • I understand completely. It’s a point I try to make when airing fringe views on UFO’s. We know they’re real, but beyond that it’s a matter of listening broadly and trying to filter with reason through the maze of opinions, lies, and sincere sounding personal testimonies.

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  6. It has appeared to me for some time that our government’s goal is not to protect, inform, or facilitate anything other than dominance. They would turn our population into a herd of submissives. Wait for the government program to distribute dog collars. Expect the bill to be masked with some righteous words about lives mattering and freedom from having to make our own decisions.

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  8. I’ve listened to the entire podcast of Rogan with Gupta; he had to admit more than the horse med label…
    Again, as you said repeatedly, when did common sense became a rare/unwanted commodity?

    • Spira, how fantastic to hear from you!
      Please don’t waste a moment on this, but if you have a readily available link to that full interview, I’d sure like to listen to he whole thing. It’s probably on Spotify. Hang on a sec, I’ll try to find it. Yes, here it is for anyone else who might be reading this:

      It seems that common sense is a problem for the “global reset.” A major focus of public education these days is to separate humanity from logic, reason and common sense. They’ve had great success. The woke movement is the most blatant example, I think. “Racism isn’t racism unless your white.” Totally illogical and contrary to common sense, yet millions of young and older people believe it now. It’s like living in The Woke Twilight Zone.
      Stay well, my friend. 🙂

      • Indeed it was on Spotify.

        Strange times indeed.
        You stay well too my friend.
        Luckily, we both don’t need a state statute to Stand our ground😉.
        (Ps: to anyone reading this- critical analysis doesn’t mean anti something ..
        That’s an ancient trick of divide and conquer through the notion of being either with us or against us .
        Having said that, not that its anyone business, I just scheduled the third dose of the vaccine )

        • I listened to the full Rogan-Gupta video yesterday, and you’re so right. Gupta shows a great deal of uncertainty about the mainstream’s confident vaccine recommendations. He talks about how the mRNA vaccine gets into the muscle cells and causes them to produce the viral spike protein. He agrees that those people administering the vaccine need to aspirate before injection so they will avoid intravascular injection. What he doesn’t say is that when the vaccine is accidentally injected intravascularly, it seems logical to assume that the endothelial cells throughout the body will begin making spike proteins which will likely find their way to the luminal surfaces of the endothelial cells of the capillary beds. This, theoretically speaking, could be the mechanism by which (both) this virus and its mRNA vaccines (especially when accidentally injected intravenously) sometimes cause thrombosis. Because of my eye doc suggesting I might have a thrombotic infarct in my left optic nerve (causing a slight visual artifact), after getting the first two mRNA COVID shots, I’m holding back on the third (booster) dose. I seem to remember from the video that Gupta says he’s also not taking the “booster” shot. The whole interview seemed much friendlier, jovial, and info-packed than the narrow clip about “horse medicine.”
          I agree, critical analysis of both sides of an issue can be seen (but should not be seen) as taking one side. The mainstream “news” (on both sides) perpetuates a football-game mentality, as if “winning is the only thing” that matters and truth/facts/reason are optional.
          By the way, here’s a happiness meditation video that I find refreshing. See if you like it:

  9. Their goal with Covid was to reduce the population of the world. They are not trying hard to save any lives. Ivermectin has helped many but the medical world refuses to use it because it isn’t pharmaceutical. If they could patent it and release it only as a high-priced pharmaceutical, they might use it. But their goal is population reduction. I get so upset by their treatment of the population of the world in not giving them choices regarding the vaccine, which is making many people sick.

    • Hi Gypsy Bev!
      I’m 99.9% sure you’re right that at least a few of the powerful people behind the scenes at the global level have a goal of population reduction and hope that COVID-19 and the mRNA vaccines will help them achieve that goal. There seems to be evidence of conspiracy for profit, but I’m not yet sure if population reduction was also in their original plans. I feel 99.9% sure that the vast majority of folks involved with the vaccine creation, production and popularization truly believed they were saving lives, and they still believe it despite the growing number of serious short-term negative side effects.
      For me as a scientist (sorry for my redundancy here), I’ll have to wait several years, maybe a few decades before I’ll be able to rule out (or rule in) the possibility of fatal long-term side effects. And of course, by then it may be too late. Meanwhile, having been vaccinated, I’m taking fish oil (with EPA, the platelet inhibitor) and low-dose aspirin, hoping to counter the possible theoretical clotting effects of spike proteins that may have been produced by my endothelial cells under the guidance of the vaccine’s mRNA. (All theoretical, at this point.)
      As a spiritual person with gut instincts, I’m becoming more worried the more I hear on this topic from various censored individuals. Too bad worrying doesn’t inhibit platelets. 🙂

  10. From the abstract of a study posted at the National Library of Medicine; Epub 2020 Dec 2. : A five-day course of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 may reduce the duration of illness. A 5-day course of ivermectin was found to be safe and effective in treating adult patients with mild COVID-19. Larger trials will be needed to confirm these preliminary findings.

  11. The “fact-checkers” were hired by the companies that were tasked with spreading disinformation about opposition (to vaccines) science. That’s why google buried stories and gave premium billing to disinformation.

    • I agree that Google is a dishonest force in society with a propaganda bias that they have successfully crammed down the public’s throats. And the so-called fact checkers unfortunately share Google’s bias, at least the well-known ones.

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