The COVID Iron Curtain, a “rare… opportunity… to reset our world”

There has never been a treatment considered medically appropriate for every individual on Earth in every circumstance. This fact has been treated like misinformation.

I watched this Rumble video, NOT as a decision point for or against vaccination (I’m vaccinated).

To me, the importance of this video is that it shows how medical science has been suppressed by the owners of the media, big tech, and big pharma. These global owners have been enabled by academic fraud and financial corruption within the CDC, FDA, and NIH.

As best I can tell, the termination of objective science is part of a global “reset” agenda to control the free world. I suspect the leaders of this reset are the billionaires behind the Vanguard and BlackRock funds.

To quote one of the most powerful men on Earth:

The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world to create a healthier, more equitable, and more prosperous future.” — Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum (WEF) Founder

If there is hope for science and US democracy’s survival against the super-wealthy, it’s at the polls with liberals and conservatives uniting to expel 99.9% of the House and Senate on BOTH sides of the aisle. These fear-driven DC puppets must be replaced by non-career people who run for office specifically to end Vanguard and BlackRock’s monopoly of information and political outcome control.

Bipartisan Dialogue Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

10 thoughts on “The COVID Iron Curtain, a “rare… opportunity… to reset our world”

  1. When people ask you about covid vaccines, do you tell them that the vaccines are experimental and haven’t been tested for long term side effects like other vaccines have? Do you tell them that if they have an adverse reaction, they can’t sue the manufacturer? Do you tell people that the Pfizer covid vaccine has shown no benefit for all-cause mortality? Do you tell people that there is no information from the manufacturers about possible side effects (there’s only a blank sheet), which is unlike drugs approved for sale?

    I can’t even see recommending covid vaccines for the elderly. The elderly are the group least likely to benefit from covid vaccines because they tend to have incompetent immune systems due to vitamin D deficiency and zinc deficiency.

    The young and middle-aged have no need of covid vaccines.

    Who benefits? Qui bono?

    • Of course you don’t tell people those things. People don’t want anything more than an up or down answer. And they have their minds made up ahead of time anyway.

      I might tell them, “Get it if you want to, but you might regret it later. I don’t have enough info about the vaccines to recommend them.”

      Then you might have friends or family who develop Long Vaccine and ask your for help. If someone develops Long Vaccine, bolus 0.5 mg calcifediol and daily 86 mg aspirin and otc antihistamines might help. And that regimen might also help prophylactically post-vaccination. But the risk of bacterial infections might be higher when taking antihistamines.

      How do mRNA covid vaccines damage people? It looks like in some cases, the vaccine S-protein mRNA-factories are taken up by capillary endothelial cells, which then produce S-proteins, then the capillary endothelial cells are attacked by the immune system, producing gaps in capillary walls, then the remaining vaccine S-protein factories in serum are able to exit the capillaries into nearby tissues, are taken up by the organs, produce spike proteins, then are attacked by immune cells.

      • We’re told that the spike protein produced by the patient’s cells after injection of the mRNA vaccines have been altered significantly (by Intelligent Design in laboratories), making them less dangerous than the wild-type COVID-19 spike protein. Specifically, we’re told that the mechanism by which the wild spike protein drills into the cell membrane has been deactivated in the mRNA vaccine-induced spike protein.

        I hope this is all true, not merely in theory but in reality.

        Only time will reveal the full extent of the long-term risks of mRNA vaccines. By taking the vaccine myself, I’ve placed a bet that the long-term risks of the vaccine will be far less than the long-term risks of COVID-19 at my age.

        But I’m often wrong about important things, so I’m taking vitamin D3, low-dose aspirin, and a host of over-the-counter supplements to hopefully increase my odds of avoiding any blood clots or other possible long-term side effects of the vaccines.

        Also, I’ve located an online doc who has bravely written for me (and for each of my family members) a prescription for Ivermectin. I will take that when I get Omicron. We all expect to contract the Omicron variant despite being vaccinated. Here’s a peer-reviewed, prospective study on Ivermectin’s effectiveness against COVID-19:

        I hope the global herd immunity of Omicron will be effective against all future strains of the virus. Fingers crossed.

        • From what I have read, the spike protein produced by mRNA factories is modified so as to increasing the probability of the S-protein presenting the epitopes to immune cells. There’s no less risk to the auto-immunity side effect from the modified S-protein.

          There’s no benefit to the URTI mucosae from the covid vaccines. There’s no benefit to the innate immune system from the covid vaccines.

          Of course, with a covid infection, people have mucosal IgA that will respond to covid when exposed again. The innate immune system will also be strengthened (at least temporarily) by an infection. It seems that if 25OHD levels are above 40 ng/ml, then our innate immune systems will be strong.

          You can find studies showing no short-term impact with D3 supplementation, but D3 supplementation is dilatory.

          You might keep some elderberry concentrate (EC) on hand, too. It has high levels of quercetin, which has been shown to have the zinc ionophore property. EC has been used worldwide as a folk medicine for colds & flu for centuries. We used it within 48 hours of symptom onset and cleared symptoms within 24 hours. All except my lost sense of smell, which took months to rediscover.

          My vascular surgeon buddy keeps EC on hand for any cough or sneeze. Wyldewood Cellars brand.

    • Valid points about the way mRNA vaccines have been used without adequate informed consent from the patients. Having practiced pathology, I never dealt with vaccinating patients. I did see a few patients in the context of performing fine needle aspirations, but most of the time I sat behind a microscope in a tiny room breathing toxic chemicals and dictating diagnoses for (living) patients in the care of surgeons and other doctors.

      I’m hoping that other people who are already vaccinated (like me) will watch this video and see the tyranny already enthroned in the realm of medicine. The “excess death” statistics and the question of whether or not to get vaccinated at my age (66 with renal disease) are separate issues that I hope will become less important now that Omicron seems to be providing global “herd” immunity without killing as many people (except perhaps in the US where stats are questionable and the population is generally rather obese).

      Thank you for your thought-provoking comments! 🙂

  2. Had anyone told us that one day, the official, governmental institutions, the media and the updated “medical science” would force on us such a big fraud, we would think the person was crazy.

    Now, fact is that crazy is the one who cannot accept this bitter reality.

    • It’s so good to hear from you, patternsofsouldevelopment !!! 🙂

      Knowing personally how MD’s are controlled by fear throughout their careers, I’m not completely shocked at what has happened to silence the vast majority of us. I’m only moderately shocked. 🙂

      The sad thing is, to the average citizen, all these brave MD’s and PhD’s who are speaking up publicly on behalf of medical science and their patients will be ignored as conspiracy theorists and promoters of misinformation.

      It’s as if the public has been hypnotized by their flat screens and big tech.

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