I thought this one was a hoax

When viral reports began circulating a week or two ago about Haim Eshed, the 87 year-old former head of Israel’s Defense Ministry’s space directorate, I suspected it was all a hoax. And not a clever one.

I didn’t rush to Snopes because Snopes is not even in the ballpark of unbiased information. Like Wikipedia, they carry water for the mainstream, denying anything that casts doubt on the infallibility of your TV set.

But just now I happen to click on Snopes feeble attempt at debunking Haim Eshed’s statements and realized a few surprising things:

1. The man exists.

2. Haim Eshed truly was the head of the Israelis Defense Ministry’s “space directorate” for 30 years.

3. He really does have a book coming out, “The Universe Beyond the Horizon — Conversations with Professor Haim Eshed.” (I still can’t find it. Please let me know if you know where I can buy a copy in English.)

4. As far as Snopes has been able to determine, Haim Eshed really did make claims that humans have made contact with aliens, there are underground bases on Mars, and unnamed officials in the United States have signed “an agreement with the aliens.”

5. This story really did appear in an Israeli newspaper, “Yediot Aharonot” (The Jerusalem Post) and was commented upon by that newspaper on Facebook on December 4. Snopes says this Facebook quote is real:

“The UFOs have asked not to publish that they are here, humanity is not ready yet. Trump was on the verge of finding out, but the aliens in the Galactic Federation say: Wait, let the winds calm down first. They do not want mass hysteria to develop in us. They want to make us sane first and understand. They have waited until today, for humanity to evolve and reach a stage where we will generally understand what space and spaceship are.”

I should mention that the geniuses at Snopes begin their objective debunking with this photograph:

How could anyone take Snopes seriously when they feel free to “poison the well” with humerus ridicule? Do they think this sets the stage for their superior objectivity and intellect?

Giggling about UFOs shows a level of bias that’s outdated since official “disclosure” began in 2017. Snopes’ apparent ignorance should cause them embarrassment.

In their “real world” report, Snopes reminds us that NASA is still looking for extraterrestrial life. Finding this relevant would require the naïve assumption that NASA is honest. More likely, NASA pretends that UFOs don’t exist because they will lose funding the moment the folks operating the UFOs are identified.

Limiting the scope of scientific exploration through biased funding is the rule in science, not the exception. This is true in all branches of mainstream science from medicine to space weather.

Trying an appeal to authority, Snopes makes this statement, “It should also be noted that these claims [of Haim Eshed] do not have the support of the scientific community.”

That’s changing. The United States government has admitted to the public that UFOs are real. The DOD claims the aerial phenomena are enigmatic.

And here’s a scientist, Dr. Michael P. Masters (a professor of biological anthropology specializing in human evolutionary anatomy, archaeology, and biomedicine) who has now published a science-based book on his astonishing interpretation of UFOs.

That’s the good professor selling t-shirts in the featured image above. He’s not in the same league with Haim Eshed, in my limited view of things, but I greatly respect his courage and honesty.

Optimistically, it may not be long before the US government funds mainstream science in the study of unidentified flying objects and other unidentified aerial phenomena.

The part of the statement by the 87 year-old Haim Eshed that I find particularly interesting is the alleged opinion of the aliens that humans need to “understand what space and spaceship are.” This implies there may be something profound about these simple concepts…

What is space?

At the moment, I suspect space is like a three-dimensional computer monitor made of small Planck-sized 3-D pixels which are intelligently controlled from beyond our space-time Universe. This might provide an answer to the question, “What medium exists to propagate light waves?” I doubt it’s “ether.” More likely it’s a medium capable of responding to information transmitted to it, like a 3-D monitor (conceptually like the holodeck of Star Trek).

What is a spaceship?

I suspect the answers to this lies on a continuum. Some spaceships are likely 3-D pieces of technology from hidden sources on Earth or other planets within the Universe. Other “spaceships” are likely advanced hologram technology owned and kept secret by the US Air Force who enjoys annoying the Navy with their new toys. Other “spaceships” may conceivably originate with the being(s) (possibly God or gods) who control the information flow into the 3-D pixels of our space-time “Universe” or simulation. Also, it’s possible that whatever reality undergirds the apparent phenomena of visualized ghosts and the like might also produce “spaceships.” (What am I forgetting here?)

Fine. Now we get it, Aliens. Can we please have some real disclosure for Christmas? We promise not to panic.

Love in 3-D alien pixels,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

18 thoughts on “I thought this one was a hoax

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  2. Thank you so much for your post. You’ve found the direction to unravel the many lies and cover up in the existence of life beside our community on the single planet Earth. We cannot remain egocentric in our theology of life existence. Are we so naive as to think in this universe and beyond, our single planet only out of the trillions of other planets, that we are the whole inheritance. Totally absurd. The universe is filled with life abundant. Can we kill the ego here and .confess that we are but a single grain of sand in respect to the massive universe.

    • Thank you, Nikgee, for sharing your thoughts with me. I have mixed feelings about the traditional religious worldviews that put humanity at the center of the Universe. Of course, one look out there at the countless potential homes for other intelligent species to occupy makes me feel almost certain that we are one of many, many species, and probably not near the top of intelligence or integrity. Maybe we’re nearer the bottom, but who knows?
      And yet, in my limited experience, I find that most of the kind, trustworthy and loving people I’ve met over the years have been members of one or another dogmatic religious worldview groups such as Mormons, SDA’s, and Islamists. So on this unscientific basis I question the wisdom of throwing all our humanity-centric, dogmatic belief systems out, inaccurate though they all seem to me to be.
      Taking it a step further into wild speculation, if I’m right about the Universe being sort of a 3-D simulation, then it may be possible for God (or whomever is on the other side of the screen / holodeck) to do just about anything imaginable, including creating a brand new situation at any moment with what we would consider an undeniable history that we all clearly recall and have documented in detail. Also, if this is a simulation, it might be possible to create an afterlife for one individual that’s completely different from the afterlife of another person, each of which is based entirely on the individual’s dogmatic worldview beliefs. This is a stretch for most of us, but there is some fairly decent scientific evidence that we really do live in some sort of extremely advanced simulation.
      So I guess I’m basically in favor of whatever worldview seems to germinate trustworthy, empathetic, loving people with solid integrity and advanced surfing skills. 🙂 — Talmage

  3. Dr M.T. Moorehead:
    I loved your discussion of space and spaceships being practically incomprehensible phenomena to us, given our limited conception of the space-time continuum. Similarly, loved the cartoon about time travel machines hitting us upside the heads w a tombstone of years going backward! It’s like my telling a youngster to think outside the box. I also visualized Data’s head in the cave, in 19th Century San Francisco, found from 24th Century explorers, even while Data dispassionately looks at the evidence of his death 500 yrs ago. Great actor, Brent Spiner!
    I believe as u do, that there is proof, that we r not privy to such proof, because how can we as a mostly ignorant of science population, in these US of America, watch and accept such proof of aliens on Earth, having elected as a population one Donald J. Trump, from 2016-2020? There’s indictment enough in that action to show we r NOT in fact ready as a mass of people to accept extraterrestrials. And we r too divided as a people to combat said aliens, if they should choose to battle us. Not to mention our weapons as they exist now. We would make our own nuclear winter in the fight. Look at how we r self-destructing as a species daily, w climate change. Can’t even save ourselves and our only home planet. Nah, as a group, we r a failed experiment of the Creator. I like to think God created better species elsewhere in the Universe. We r not up to the judgment of the God to be worthy of long life or prosperity, in the long run.
    Only when we do 4 others good things do we live up to the Creator’s intent. How many actually do that, or r able to? But real thx 4 your space time analysis in the article on your blog. Much enjoyed.
    Marsha Newman

    • Thank you, Marsha Newman for your insightful comment. I agree that the evidence supporting the idea that Aliens have already visited Earth is remarkably strong. I suspect that a majority of us here in the US privately believe ET’s are real and have visited us already. Among those who have examined some of the better evidence, I suspect that over 95 percent are either nearly convinced or completely convinced.
      Yes, I do believe that God created the Universe. I’m not at all dogmatic on how it was done, but I suspect that from God’s perspective this Universe is a 3-D simulation of some sort. God may have used a mechanism that would be beyond human comprehension if it were explained to us. And I agree it seems virtually impossible that humans could be the focal point of reality. But I could be wrong about this. I often am wrong.
      I agree with you about humanity being a bit of a disappointment. But we look much worse than we are because sociopaths tend to rise to power here in the US (on both sides of the political aisle) and our leaders (especially the non-elected ones who run things) make us all look bad from the top down. When I meet regular individuals, they are almost always very decent people. Not always, but almost always.
      I think we need to hang on to the concept of a loving, benevolent God. And in my own life and opinion, God is also personal, in the sense that I feel I can pray and Someone literally listens. Of course I don’t mean that to sound like a dogmatic claim of special knowledge. It’s more of a gut-level assumption of silently reaching out. Dogmatic worldviews, both religious and anti-religious, seem to fall short of their goals, sometimes causing violence, death and hatred, sometimes producing groups of highly trustworthy and loving people with a higher cause to live for. Nothing’s perfect, but most of us regular people keep on trying to do our best, and trying to learn from our mistakes.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. That would be so cool if the aliens made themselves known on Christmas. There’s no doubt in my mind that they exist from spaceships to aliens to life on other planets. I could get lost in the space search for life beyond earth. There has to be!

    • This morning there was a conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. I went out and looked at it with binoculars tonight and the two were still quite close together. It was beautiful. It would have been a great opportunity for the UFO pilots to have shown off for a lot of spectators, including many scientists. Once the scientists get on board this train, it will become accepted knowledge. They seem to be society’s priests and wisemen from the East nowadays.

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