Fighter Pilot’s analysis of US Government’s UFO/UAP videos

Chris Lehto was an F-16 Pilot for over 18 years in the US Airforce. He retired in 2020. He has always been a skeptic. Now that he has seen the 60 Minutes program on UFO’s and analyzed the US Government’s UFO/UAP videos carefully for himself, he says…

“I’m not going to lie, guys, I was a little rattled. You know, I kind of saw the videos before but, uh, I didn’t think it was… real. And now I’m like (shakes his head), I don’t know, it’s kind of blown me away. I mean if you can see them with radar, (so they’re reflecting radar energy ’cause they did pick them up on radar); you can see them with your eyes; you can see them with infra-red — then it’s there. Like something’s there. (shakes his head) I’ve just always been a cynic. Never believed anything. Seeing this now, it’s pretty wild. So what do I think they are? I’m going to think about it, and I will tell you next video.”

Regarding the quality of the Navy’s declassified videos, Chris Lehto writes:

“The data in the videos is actually pretty clear. The videos appear grainy because the wavelengths of light are longer in the infrared spectrum, but after 18 years of using our advanced fighter technology, the videos are unambiguous to me.”

If you know anyone who still doubts the reality of UFOs, do them a loving favor and email them a link to this fascinating video.

Chris Lehto, F-16 Fighter Pilot

Here’s a young man who’s risked his life and donated his youth to protecting you and me in the free world. If anyone is a hero in our era, this guy represents the archetype.

I’ve never asked you for anything like this before, but Chris deserves at least this: Please join me in supporting him financially on his Patreon account (for as little as one dollar a month). Here’s his link:

He has earned the free world’s generous financial support, mine and yours. Please be your usual generous self, the rewards of supporting the truth are great. Humanity needs a broader, truer perspective on its place in reality, especially now with the sabers rattling and the troops gathering under the command of sociopaths who rule nuclear-armed nations.

Real Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

6 thoughts on “Fighter Pilot’s analysis of US Government’s UFO/UAP videos

    • Thanks for going off topic. Great analysis, covidpolot! This elephant will be ignored and suppressed by the Cabal’s media because their politically driven, unscientific medical-dictatorship has caused many deaths from other diseases such as untreated and undiagnosed cancer. People just didn’t go to the doctor for all the usual reasons because they felt paralyzed by the media’s overblown assessment of death risk from leaving isolation and catching COVID at a clinic. Ivor Cummins has a great bunch of videos comparing so-called excess death stats from one year to the next. It’s an eye-opener. He’s probably been cancelled by the Cabal. Google’s AI hasn’t shown me one of his videos for over a year, I think.

      • Cancer takes time…more than one year for those deaths…have you listened to Aseem Malhotra on Great Britain News? He’s a cardiologist who says that he ruled out pandemic stress and failure to seek health care as causes of the increased cardiac disease he’s seeing in younger ages because cardiac disease is about five or more years too soon. Malhotra spoke to a research group who were going to write a paper on the topic about this issue, but they stopped for fear of losing pharma funding. Malhotra says that his colleagues all over the country are seeing elevated heart disease in younger patients. Ryan Cole is talking about many fold increases in cancers in his screenings. Cole and Malhotra blame the covid vaccines. Look at my data carefully. The middle aged 35-44 had 40k excess deaths in 2021. Too soon for that level of heart disease ordinarily in those numbers.

        It’s certainly possible that my source’s data has problems, but it’s a lot lower than what the life insurance industry is reporting–17% v. 40% increase in working age mortality. Maybe it’s even worse than I’m seeing if my source data’s death increases are too low.

        I would love to find another database to compare.

        • I agree that there’s an unknown element to the excess deaths which may be largely attributable to mRNA vaccines and the Cabal’s insane cancellation of the normal way of argument among many MD’s and PhD’s in the pursuit of solid medical science. Unfortunately, I doubt we will ever see peer-reviewed papers establishing a connection between mRNA vaccines and the excess death stats, either causally or even by association. This is because, as you know so well, few gatekeepers or researchers dare to buck the system and risk professional cancellation.
          Regarding Cancer, in any given time period there are a certain number of undiagnosed cancer patients who have been developing cancer for a number of years and whose tumors are about to jump from the latent phase of the s-shaped curve of cell division into the exponential phase. Exponential cell division and growth is the counterintuitive math that many people don’t understand how to apply to cancer growth and clinical presentation. Cancer victims usually get the impression that their tumor just popped up all of a sudden out of nowhere. In any given normal year, some of these patients, breast cancer patients for instance, will discover a lump that has been silently developing as in-situ carcinoma for a long time. If they’re fortunate, they’ve found the lump in an early part of the in-situ rapid growth and / or early invasive phase. This early detection offers a narrow window of time for complete resection before metastasis to the regional lymph nodes. With patients staying at home for a year or two, avoiding the clinics, there will necessarily be a number who could have been saved but were not because surgical treatment was delayed beyond that narrow window of time before distant metastases happen. This non-linear growth reality doesn’t explain the whole elephant in the room, but it’s an undeniable single aspect of a larger problem that likely includes mRNA vaccine side-effects and several other related and unrelated things. The public will never learn about any of this from the mainstream “news,” of course.
          But people like you who are willing to do the difficult reading and exploration of the literature give people a chance of becoming informed. It’s great work you’re doing. I wish more people knew about it.

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