THE IDIOTIC CENSORSHIP OF IVERMECTIN – “As if Silicon Valley knows better than doctors”

One law of simulation that has brought our world’s flawed democracies a better outcome for the poor than the popular forms of totalitarianism is this: Truth must be challenged to survive from generation to generation.

Truth is antifragile. It grows stronger when exposed to rational opposition. Truth is like the memory B cells of the immune system, those nanofactories that produce specific antibodies against antigenic foci on the microscopic predators we encounter. Without repeated exposure, B cells can forget what they’ve learned.

Likewise, without rational challenge and debate, truth fades from humanity’s collective memory.

Falsehood is fragile like some of the dangerous bacteria lurking in hospitals. Clostridium difficile, for example, is a bug that thrives when antibiotics have silenced the balanced competition of the normal gut microbiome. I’ll never forget the horror on my infectious disease doctor’s face when I had C. diff colitis and his first round of IV antibiotics had failed (targeting Clostridium difficile with antibiotics, fighting fire with fire). People sometimes die from the pseudomembranous colitis caused by this opportunistic infection.

My doc’s second round of IV antibiotics worked. Now I’m swallowing probiotics and prebiotics regularly for prevention.

Meanwhile, most MD’s aren’t even sure the microbiome is worth their attention. The drug companies have less than zero motivation to do large blinded, controlled clinical trials on probiotics. And without reports of such trials in the “infallible scriptures” of big-pharma medicine, the faithful congregation of mainstream MD’s must continue to ignore the human gut microbiome. Everyone loses.

Just as broad-spectrum antibiotics kill the gut’s healthy bacteria, censorship kills the truth. Especially censorship of genuinely dangerous, hurtful, triggering, bigoted lies and misinformation. This is counterintuitive, but all human judgement is a matter of perspective. Always and forever.

An easy example of truth vanishing due to censorship is the megalithic evidence of humanity’s prehistoric high-tolerance stonework technology seen in massive ancient stone structures around the world, some weighing hundreds to over a thousand tons. The academics refuse to allow discussion of this evidence in their sacred literature (science journals). As a result, the truth of advanced human technology in ancient history has become invisible to archeology and academia.

Perhaps it’s not invisible to you?

Another example of vanishing data is the entire history of unidentified flying objects. This topic has been denied, shamed and shunned for so many generations that now, even after the US Department of Defense has admitted that UFOs/UAPs are real, many people continue to deny their existence, clinging to “explanations” that betray a lack of reading.

It turns out that we have a simple rule of thumb to help us differentiate falsehood from truth: Just ask, “Do the experts allow published debate on the data or do they dismiss the topic and attack the credibility of those who try to discuss it?” If debate is encouraged, the experts are probably defending a truth. If not, they’re usually defending lies or honest mistakes.

Truth tends to inspire a calm, logical discussion based on evidence rather than personal attack. Truth seems to be antifragile and never ever sides with censorship, name calling, or angry shouts of “shame on you.”

Our culture is forgetting the value of two-sided arguments. More and more we’re forced to accept censorship, cancellation and the personal destruction of all who challenge the amoral, anti-spiritual agendas of Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, mainstream TV Inc., the entrenched academics and all the other mind-police.

For example, as you probably recall, any video with evidence that COVID-19 came from a laboratory in China was deleted by Google’s Nazi AI. This happened because those who created the AI “knew” that any two-sided discussion of COVID origin would give voice to “a political party of racists” and their outrageously evil leader. To Google, the Chinese lab origin theory was an infectious lie that required a broad-spectrum antibiotic — censorship. They honestly believe to this day that the feeble-minded public needs Google’s benevolent protection from liars and the misinformed.

But we don’t.

Even now that the truth of COVID origins is coming out, there are still scientists (@2:14 on this linked video) who seem to imply that the censorship was justified because a “racist” president promoted the Wuhan-lab origins theory.

A more destructive example of our culture banning two-sided arguments is the “woke community’s” effort to change the definition of racism.

Originally racism meant treating anyone unfairly because of their skin color.

Now, under a woke delusion of outrage, racists can only have white skin. People of color cannot, by definition, be racists anymore. How convenient. Any questioning of the fairness of this doubletalk, or its irrational and illogical construction, or the obvious insanity of embracing an evil that you claim to oppose, is halted with the following judgmental sentiment: “If you even ask those questions, you’re a racist and you don’t get it.” No debate, just attack the opponent personally.

It reminds me of the way the “New Atheists” deal with Intelligent Design: attack the people, not the evidence or their logic. Like any one-sided weak argument, the “woke” paradigm requires censorship of rational thought and the skill of shaming.

Wokeness is a mind-virus pandemic that has infected education at all levels and has largely taken over corporate culture. As much as I hate genuine racism, I think “wokeness” is even worse because it justifies one brand of racism, promotes racial hatred, and bans rational discussion of the topic. It looks to me like a blatant example of totalitarian mind control disguised as moral righteousness. It’s like a mood pill that makes you feel morally uplifted when you’re actually participating in evil and violence.

Like the CIA who fights international dishonesty with their own brand of dishonesty, and like the Darwinian Nazi medical doctors of WWII who believed that survival of the fittest was nature’s truest morality, allowing them to systematically torture and kill their human “patients” for a “higher cause,” the woke community of today will occasionally admit that “the value of fairness is overrated” and winning at all costs is an acceptable strategy, at least for now.

Fortunately, the “woke-ban” on thinking rationally about racism is a fragile thing and survives only as long as they can ban debate through shaming, censorship and ruining the careers of their opponents. It’s like a holy war, it can’t last forever.

Another treacherous censorship on the COVID front comes to us now from the binary thinking of Silicon Valley. Google’s Nazi-like AI is banning information on what may actually turn out to be the most highly effective anti-COVID drug so far, Ivermectin. The drug is cheap, so naturally Google/YouTube can’t allow people to hear about its effectiveness. Instead, the G-monopoly silently deletes Ivermectin videos.

But you can watch the video here as Matt Orfalea brings you an MD with international data on Ivermectin’s effectiveness against COVID-19. You really ought to click the link (!-(ft.-pierre:4) and watch it. The more we learn about Ivermectin, the more shocking its censorship becomes. (Unfortunately, WordPress software won’t allow me to feature a video from, so I can only link to it.)

Here’s Alison Morrow, a reporter who left the mainstream’s 90-second “news” machine. She interviews Matt Orfalea and discusses parts of his “dangerous” video, highlighting the facts on Ivermectin and noting the irrational behavior of Google’s Nazi censorship monopoly.

At the moment I can’t claim to know whether the current scientific data on Ivermectin should be considered conclusive evidence of its effectiveness. The Big Pharma experts monopolize healthcare in the US and stand to lose billions if a cheap and effective alternative to their drugs-in-testing should arise. They tell us that the data on Ivermectin is “inconclusive.” They don’t have a negative word to say about it as far as I know. It’s just that the holy grail of infallibility has not been achieved yet for this drug’s use against COVID.

Big Pharma has hammered that holy grail message of infallibility into the mainstream MD’s head to the point where almost no one questions the dogma that double-blinded, randomized, placebo controlled, prospective trials of huge size are the only route to medical truth. All other facts, including epidemiologic studies and basic science research, fall into the category of “there is no evidence that treatment A does anything to alleviate disease B.”

Of course, Big Pharma has no intention to study Ivermectin or any other cheap drug. Money is to Big Pharma as air is to a person. The CEO risks corporate death without lots of money coming in. And besides, he works for a higher cause, just like the good folks pushing woke values down our throats.

Since Google has now literally and openly joined the pharmaceutical industry, it must do the logical thing and censor videos on Ivermectin, all for a higher cause.

Nevertheless, Ivermectin has a history of safety, and its current international data shows with overwhelming clarity that it deserves a large clinical trial with open discussions on TV and YouTube.

No, Ivermectin doesn’t deserve this, humanity does. At the very least, COVID patients should be allowed to see the data, discuss it with their doctor, and decide whether to take it or not, along with everything else Big Pharma is pushing on us in their wise benevolence.

Uncensored love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

PS: I just want to say, like the “New Atheist” movement that shouts down and ruins the careers of Intelligent Design scientists, the brittle and brutal “woke” movement is composed of good, extremely well-meaning people who are struggling to do what’s right, trying to promote the truth as they understand it, and trying to improve the world. Everyone should respect them for those intentions. If you don’t sense the centrality of this point at the level of the heart, then you miss what I’m struggling to say here. Your opponents in any field are not the real enemy. Censorship via monopoly is the enemy. Whether we are atheistic believers in scientific journals or religious believers in old books, whether we’re woke bigots, sleeping bigots, or just deplorably colorblind bigots, we in the free world are all on the same side of an underlying battle against our own elites who seek totalitarian rule. Politics, race, religion, gender, socio-economic class distinctions, tax wars, all these sorts of things don’t matter to the elites except as they are useful as tools to divide, conquer and control us while bringing in money.

As much as we all may love the way Google’s Nazi AI helps us find fascinating stuff, we should force ourselves to abandon YouTube and the Google search engine. We should support democratic, censorship-free alternative sources of information before it’s too late, before the G-monopoly owns and controls the minds of the entire human race.

If you still trust your favorite political TV flavor, you’re making a mistake. The amoral “news” machine will do its best to control and own you by myelinating the neuronal pathways of outrage in your central nervous system, outrage towards the very people whom you should be meditating upon so you can deepen your capacity to love. (“Neurons that fire together wire together,” and so repetition of the feeling of outrage makes you more and more of an “expert” at feeling that way. Avoid TV “news” and stay loving and lovable.)

41 thoughts on “THE IDIOTIC CENSORSHIP OF IVERMECTIN – “As if Silicon Valley knows better than doctors”

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    • I agree.

      I am a conspiracy theorist, actually, because I think it’s irrational to hope to ever become an objective thinker if one believes that conspiracy theories by definition deserve to be ignored, denied or blanket-debunked.

      You know this, I’m sure, but for anyone else reading along… War is conspiracy, for example. The routine work of the CIA, NSA, FBI and the military is openly conspiratorial. No rational person would deny it. The military-industrial-congressional complex is a vast conspiracy that’s so blatant, we were warned about it decades ago by a US president.

      I suspect you’re right about Blackrock and Vanguard. It’s simply human nature for powerful groups to use and abuse weaker groups. It seems to me that true democracy (as opposed to what we’ve got now in the US) is the only political medicine available on Earth to combat this abusive human sickness that we ALL share, regardless of race, religion, socio-economic status, political party, etc.

          • In my view, there are three kinds of people.

            First, there are the sheep. They tend to avoid conflict, unless they feel that the herd is threatened. They think that everyone is like them and basically don’t understand the mind of predators.

            Then there are the predators, who study the sheep and figure out how to prey on them.

            Finally, there are the shepherds who study the sheep and the predators and won’t avoid conflict, but will fight the predators for the sheep. Some few of them go into politics.

            • Sounds like an insightful classification. Personally, having taken some abuse from predators in childhood and throughout my career as a pathologist, I tend to avoid conflict. I think my fundamentalist Christian background had a lot to do with it, but partly it’s just an ingrained fear of being beaten up physically. Beatings in childhood tend to stick with a person at the subconscious level, I think.

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  4. I have been following both the Vitamin D saga as well as the Ivermectin story since last year. I have now reached the point where I say

    “it’s no longer about Covid, Vaccines or Ivermectin” any more. It’s the whole unbelievable story around it. 

    • I’m with you on this, wiseguy2016. If people could see beyond our tendency of binary thinking and allowing labels like “conspiracy theory” to do the thinking for us, more of us might realize that manipulation of ideas is a routine part of big business, the media, the legitimate government, and the “shadow government” that I suspect actually runs most secret things within the US power structure. To me, the important thing is changing the human heart from being prone to hatred and violence to becoming prone to love, empathy and compassion. I think studying the so-called “near-death experience” may become part of humanity’s journey in that direction.

  5. Extremely well said my friend.
    It becomes even more impressive under the light of everything that is happening.
    It seems that a lot of subtle insidious changes are morphing now into what (?) we’ll find out soon.
    Are we past the tipping point? I have no idea.
    But then again, we were presented time after time the boundaries of irreversible effects on 5he planet due to climate change…

    Wishing you and yours the best.

    • Hi, Spira,
      I hope the upcoming UFO report from the US congress contains something worthwhile. They will probably never admit that anyone associated with the US government has UFO technology in any stage of development. From the early leaks, it appears that they will at least admit that they “can’t rule out” the possibility that some UFOs have an alien source. Of course, like the mainstream medical community, they will cling to the inaccurate phrase, “there is no evidence.” They will use this to say they see “no evidence” of an alien origin of these vehicles. But from a logical perspective, the very existence of UFOs that behave in ways that contradict the laws of physics as humans now understand them is evidence that they’re from an advanced civilization, possibly non-human. It’s not proof, but it’s certainly “evidence,” as opposed to “no evidence.”
      I think the public will have to do their own reading to come to a valid, if somewhat tentative, conclusion on the question of alien visitation. I hope that when we all do figure it out, we will collectively drop our hateful divisions and focus on maintaining human freedom of choice, the undergirding force enabling love and respect.

      Much love to you and yours,

  6. Until allopathic medicine accepts that remedies other than Big Pharma’s ‘for profit’ ones can make a difference in health outcomes, we likely will be constantly upping antibiotic levels to the point they no longer work effectively. Whether for myself or my pets, I try homeopathic remedies first. Big Pharma has programmed us for that quick fix rather than what works best on the entire body.

    • Yes, Big Pharma is like a drug with an inverted U-shaped curve. At lower doses they do good things, but at the current dose they’re toxic. The only fix I can see for Big-Pharma toxicity is grass-roots information circulating in a true democracy. The elites are doing a bang up job of cancelling both.

      It’s too bad the DC lawmakers don’t understand how much money can be saved through disease prevention. It’s a simple concept, but way foreign to people who believe that the FED can print as much fiat money as they like and we’ll all live happily ever after. Common sense is a faint blur in their rearview mirror.

      Much love to you and yours,

  7. Anonymous

    I currently live in South America and Ivermictina (as it’s called here) is available to the public, though sometimes difficult to find due to high demand. Big Pharma doesn’t have a stronghold here so people aren’t prevented from acquiring natural medicines and effective, inexpensive pharmaceutical products. I drink coca tea, take garlic and oregano oil, use cremes made with marijuana and other natural ingredients and have taken Ivermectina. None of this is controversial here. Another product, one that is amazingly effective at repairing muscles and is banned in the U.S. is DMSO. It can only be used legally on horses. I’ve had great success using it and I know a few other people who think it’s fantastic.

    • It’s been years since I’ve read a word about DMSO. Thank you for the infor and for bringing it back to my attention, I’ll look into it again.

      I long to move to South America, not sure which country yet. Common sense appears to be alive and well in your part of the world. Here in the US rational thought is suffocating. It seems that the faceless people who actually run our country are doing their best to destroy it.

      Thanks for telling me about your experiences and natural medicines. I have much to learn.

  8. Truth is anti-fragile indeed. But in the current culture of censorship, cancellation and self destruction of ones that dare to voice an opinion different from the majority, truth’s existence is threatened. I like the rule of thumb that you have mentioned. It sounds like a great way to measure “truth” content of data! Two-sided arguments seem to have given way to a dictatorship kind of treatment. It sucks that the Google Nazi AI thinks it can manipulate us by misrepresenting and hiding facts. We should definitely seek for alternate search engines that won’t feed corporate giants’ greed. I have stopped listening to the news. It’s much better for my peace of mind that way! Do keep posting such eye-opening stuff.

    • Thank you, Shweta Suresh, I’ll keep posting. I’m happy to hear that abandoning mainstream “news” has brought you peace of mind. I’ve had a similar experience. Whenever I hear a TV news station blasting, I go to a silent part of the house. If I can’t get away from the noise immediately, the angry, aggressive, outraged voices bring me temporarily into a state of inner turmoil. The longer I’m forced to listen, the less I feel connected to inner peace and compassionate affection for humanity. TV “news” is a neurotoxin. I mean that literally.

  9. Enjoyed your article from start to finish. It disturbs me that censorship is keeping vital information from the masses. I have seen a couple of ivermectin videos that friends sent through the back door! But that’s just one bit of truth that is being withheld from us. As you know by now, extraterrestrials, ancient stoneworks, and giants are some of my favorite topics that are being buried right now. Keep the information flowing as long as possible. Wish more people felt like you do.

    • Thank you, Gypsy Bev! I’ll keep writing on the themes you like. I love them, too.

      In fact, I need to start writing a post on an interview of Leu Elizondo where he gave a profound answer to a brilliant question.

      You know, as much as I respect Dr. Greer, I think he’s wrong about Leu being a government misinformation agent. That’s my gut feeling, anyway. Leu seems to me to be totally sincere and full of integrity. Some people want him to dishonor his non-disclosure agreement and spill the government’s secrets all in one go, but if he did that, he’d wind up in jail or in some foreign country. The mainstream media would demonize him, and I think everything the US public is learning now about UFOs would be discredited.

      Stay safe and joyful,

  10. Censorship and controlling information and narratives has risen during the past year and a half to the point that it is now easily seen but largely accepted by populations as they either do not have the desire or will to combat these things.
    The pushback may be too little and too late to prevent this becoming totally entrenched.
    Right now the world seems to be descending into an Orwellian dystopia.

    • I agree. I’m reading Huxley’s 1931 classic “Brave New World” now for the fist time and thinking the man was clairvoyant or something. I often feel it’s too late to push back against the avalanche of hate and manipulation. Most people have too much to lose if they resist because the woke mob will ruin them, making them unemployable at a minimum. I’m retired, so it didn’t require any courage to write this virtually invisible blog post. Putting a message like this on YouTube would be another story. Tough crowd there, and bigger.

      The future is in the hands and minds of younger people who have been brainwashed by the woke, anti-democratic education system. I think it may be impossible to derail their freight train with logic and reason. Perhaps a better approach would be to appeal to the instincts of, and innate capacity for, human love. And to hope that the reality of UFOs leads to a disclosure of some sort of alien intelligence that unites humanity somehow, hopefully not in fear but in a desire to improve ourselves, to rise above war, hatred and these freakish control systems.

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment, mickmart21. Stay fearless and happy.

      • Thank you and I recall reading Huxley in my youth.
        I’m retired also and have the benefit of knowing a different society and world unlike so many people today.
        Perhaps have a look at what Yuri Bezmenov had to say on subversion and the current world gets a lot more frightening. After all that was part of his job back in the USSR.

        • Your broad experience is valuable to everyone. Thank you for sharing it, and thanks for mentioning Yuri Bezmenov. I began exploring him yesterday for the first time right after reading your message.

          Wow, he seems to know what he’s talking about. It’s chilling to see how the Marxist strategy for taking over a country so closely resembles what’s going on in the US now.

          Of course, if anyone in the mainstream “news” media tells us that his warning is a “conspiracy theory,” then the public will look the other way and disdain him. It’s astonishing the conditioning power of pejoritive word phrases like “conspiracy theory,” “racist bigot,” and “there is no evidence that….”

      • You observed,

        Putting a message like this on YouTube would be another story. Tough crowd there, and bigger.

        YouTube has changed remarkably. Comments on YouTube were a cesspool, not even ridiculous funny. They have changed a lot, in the past few years. Many are remarkably aligned in viewpoint, and it is rarely the viewpoint of the elite and woke. Sadly, Google algorithmic filtering has become quite keenly attuned to wrong think. There is no longer freedom of thought, even in the cesspool.

        Resisting is difficult for fear of having one’s means of earning a living destroyed. But resisting is difficult regardless, at an individual level. The last administration was definitely actionable resistance. That resolve was repeated on Election Day in November 2020 by 74 million Americans. It was not enough.

        The saddest thing about the Google/ Amazon/ Facebook information and e-marketplace monopoly is that Democrats and Progressives wanted to bring to bear the full power of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and FTC upon them. Once there was finally an attorney general and executive who wanted to pursue such measures as well, Democrats et al seemed to lose interest. Toward the end, they got on board, but based on the outcome of the first of these cases (it was dismissed), I am afraid it is too late.

        • Yes, it’s probably too late. These monopolies and other monopolies that pretend to have opposite political goals are really on the same side and apparently own the elected officials on both sides of the aisle. They publicly push opposite sounding agendas, but privately, it’s all about monopoly and their eventual totalitarian control across national boundaries. Two stubborn things stand in their way, as I see it: 1. the existence of a middle class that can afford food and shelter without government aid, and 2. rational thinking about fairness and freedom. They are doing everything imaginable to devalue the purchasing power of a middle-class wage through the FED’s money “printing.” And they are smug about the viral success of woke racism which reflects the efficiency of their educator’s NAZI-like tactics in eliminating rational fairness and the value of freedom from the population’s thought vocabulary, starting with young people, of course. That’s generally the only route to overthrowing a government from within. I do think that both political sides of the corporate monopoly hated having an outsider like Trump in the White House, but not because he was on the “wrong” side of TV politics. They control both sides, it seems to me, and can’t wait to someday get rid of both Democrats and Republicans. It’s just that Trump was doing things that got in the way of world-wide monopoly goals, especially bothersome to them, as I see it, was the way he interfered (prior to COVID) with their progress in eliminating the middle class. I think he actually helped their cause against rational fairness and the perceived value of freedom by saying many angry things that made him a sitting duck for PC style character assassination and woke accusations of racism. As long as tribal hatred rules US politics with this binary emotional thinking that overrides objectivity, empathy, and compassion for the “idiots” on the other side of politics, the monopoly powers will win. We will have a one-party government. At first the left, the progressives, the Democrats will likely be the side that feels they’ve won the war, though it would be no different if the Republicans won. As soon as the elites have a one-party country to rule, freedom and rational fairness will vanish from the face of the Earth for generations. Democrats, Republicans, and democracy will be erased from the history books, except as a myth of a white racist government that sank into the sea.

          • Hello Dr. Talmage Moorehead, retired pathologist. This was a cogent and insightful reply. I have been remiss on keeping up with replies on the internet, as I started a new job in mid-July… well, I returned to my old one, much like the prodigal son. I am so grateful that they took me back! Now, with the benefit of 3.5 months of hindsight, I observe again about the prescience of your response to me. Everything is getting much worse, quickly! Overall, it is trending toward what you foresaw although there is still a ways to go.
            Let’s see, here are a few things that are hastening the demise of the independent middle class in the USA:
            1. Janet Yellen’s pronouncement as Secretary of the Treasury that transactions greater than $600 in value must be reported to the IRS and perhaps ATF in order to crack down on tax avoidance by multi-millionaires.
            2. Vaccine mandates for all employers with over 100 workers, and the prospect of vaccination requirements for any domestic travel.
            3. Imposed shortages by complicit subversion of supply chains, specifically, the sudden mysterious shortage of workers at the Port of Los Angeles.
            4. Continuation of government stipends due to COVID19 hardship, creating a rare instance of high unemployment AND high demand for labor/job vacancies.
            5. 5.4% inflation which we are told will dissipate shortly, yet doesn’t… as food, housing, and fuel costs spike sharply upward.
            6. Impending electricity shortages as the global warming crisis is amped up yet obvious solutions (nuclear energy) are ignored.
            7. COVID mania: Biden said that he had talked with Fauci about increasing frequency of COVID vaccine booster shots from every 8 months to every 5 months, as recorded on C-SPAN but reported nowhere except the New York Post.
            8. A steady flow of illegal aliens in the tens of thousands on our southern border, in addition to the 120,000 unvetted Afghans we imported in September.
            9. Re-ordering all of American society, by combining the so called Green New Deal with indoctrination in woke theory (critical race theory? equity? transgenderism? all of the above and more) in our schools and promulgated by every company to employees internally and messaging externally.
            10. And finally, a Republican party who does nothing to addresses the excesses of the Democrats in power, which demonstrates the complicity which you mentioned.

            There is major civil unrest in other Western democracies, but news of it is difficult to find. It isn’t due to anti-vaxx sentiments but rather, objections to government suppression of freedom and basic rights. This is occurring in the otherwise Socialist States of Europe, e.g. Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, which makes it all the more remarkable. I think we are more repressed here in the United States. Southwest Airlines had massive flight cancellations due to a confluence of extreme weather and striking air traffic controllers… except the FAA said that there was no disruption in air traffic control and the extreme weather wasn’t. Rather, pilots were refusing to comply with mass vaccination requirements, so there was no one to fly the planes. Hospitals in New York City are firing their nurses and doctors en masse for the same reason: vaccination requirements.

            There is no mobilizing against this, as it is already too late. Our Attorney General has already pinpointed parents of K12 age children for the domestic terrorist watchlists due to the outbreaks of dissent at school board meetings. It hasn’t even been a full year since the inauguration. I’m so scared. I don’t know what to do. The road to serfdom is moving more quickly than I could have imagined even though I am always pessimistic. Is there no salvation?

            *Is it even safe for me to post this here?

            • Everything anyone posts online is available forever to the nice folks in the secret services including NSA. And yes, I agree, it does look as if a top-down transformation of the US government is in the works. Traditionally, when a government is overthrown form the top down, the first to be killed are people with education and opinions. I’m hoping this time it will be different. If we do lose what’s left of our democracy and Constitutional rights, perhaps it will be entirely more gentle than the usual mass murders of history. Maybe the “dangerous” people who want to live in something resembling a democracy will be allowed to start a separate country carved out of some part of the current USA. Both political sides believe they have moral superiority, perhaps both sides will be willing to demonstrate it for once in Earth’s history. I have tried to remain politically nutral on this blog for a long time, but I’m beginning to think maybe I’ve made a mistake. Thank you for your informative comment. Stay safe and well.

  11. About twenty-five years ago, I met a person who had grown up on a dairy farm, who said that when the veterinarian would visit the farm to examine, diagnose and treat the dogs and livestock, some of whom were treated with ivermectin paste, the good doctor would also eat a dollop of the paste, saying “It’s good for what ails you.”

    • Thanks, christineplouvier, for sharing that story. There’s something efficient and invaluable about personal experimentation with health-related things. Since each of us has a vast and complex array of genetic SNPs, n=1 style experimentation on our own systems, when done carefully and safely, makes a ton of sense. This type of experimentation never gets into the journals, but it’s a source of breakthrough ideas for some research scientists. If I had some Ivermectin right now, I’d test it on myself to see if it prevents or stops migraine headaches. Wim Hof breathing almost always stops my headaches, but it takes a bit of time and effort to do all that hyperventillating and breath holding.

      Peace and compassion,

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