Ingenious Story Structure Advice

Many people hate these two writers for making fools of the political right and the left. That’s intolerable because one side (mine) is right and the other side (yours) is always wrong about everything. Every single little thing. That’s just common sense.

Worse yet, these two boys disrespect my religion, (the only right religion), plus all the other wrong religions (like yours), except maybe the atheists’ faith in random meaninglessness. I haven’t heard them poke fun at materialism yet, but I probably missed it. I haven’t kept up.

These guys put lewd language in the mouths of cartoon children. Absolutely intolerable, right?

So seeing them might trigger you, whatever that means.

But if you’re OK with Roy Roger’s horse, here is one brief but ingenious insight for writers…

Have you discovered how valuable it is to learn from your “enemies?” They’re always just like us, right about everything.

Creative love,


4 thoughts on “Ingenious Story Structure Advice

  1. My life journey takes me through deeper layers of awareness. Traveling one layer deeper renders previous layers shallow or incomplete, and I marvel at my previous lack of understanding. I know the earlier levels were important to my progress, and I know that deeper levels, perhaps an infinite number, lie ahead. I understand those who occupy my previous levels. Do they cling to them, fearing that by going deeper they will lose the comfort of certainty?

    Once we all believed in the same supreme being. We knew her as Mother. And we all had a breast fetish. Would we now mock or ridicule those ones for their backwardness? No. We may not remember, but we have been told we were once there. So let us not forget or become scornful.

    • Great advice, Keithakenny. I was weaned at age 2, by the way, so I remember exactly what you’re talking about. Mom knew everything about everything. She could even perform magic. For instance, at age 3, I used to have nightmares about a story, “The Little Lame Lamb” on a little yellow record… The scary part was this, “A daemon, Tonio gasped! In those days it was believed that daemons hovered over the fields…” So I complained to Mom about the bad dreams and she confidently told me not to worry, she would stop them. Wow! So she went and got the record, took it to the linen cupboard, placed it near the bottom of a stack of blankets, closed the cupboard door and said, “There. That thing can’t bother you anymore.” I tried to tell her it wasn’t the record that bothered me it was the story on it, but she would hear nothing of my doubts. She reassured me that she knew precisely what she was doing. And sure enough, I never had another bad dream about The Little Lame Lamb. It was magic. 🙂 I was a believer up until my mid 40’s when she told me my sister was always her favorite. Yikes! I’m still trying to get over that. 😉

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