Nasty Data on COVID Origins

Ivor Cummins is the genius engineer who uses his expertise in complex systems analysis to save lives by advocating coronary artery calcium scans while he educates the brain-dead portion of mainstream medicine on the science of type 2 diabetes, myocardial infarction (heart attack), and obesity.

Here is Ivor’s YouTube channel and here is his podcast. This man is well worth your time if the mainstream “news” emanating from the outlets on both sides of the political spectrum ever begins to sound dubious to you.

In the video below, Ivor Cummins and Gabor Erdosi go over the scientific data surrounding the question of whether the virus behind COVID-19 came from a laboratory rather than from nature.

Of course, focusing on this data is taboo at Google/YouTube and FaRcebook, so the video below may be deleted before you watch it. If so, you’ll find the audio here on Ivor’s podcast, episode # 110 (Ep110).

Quoting the video’s comment section…

“Fortunately the Truth checkers at Gutube can’t understand [what] these chaps are saying.”

Yes, the discussion is, at times, obscured by technical language, but please hang in for the best part, the evidence that the COVID-19 virus has spent significant time inside a specific lineage of laboratory mouse. (All other lab mice, we’re told, are invulnerable to COVID-19 and cannot be infected by it.)

I found limited information on Gabor Erdosi. He apparently has a Master of Molecular Biology degree, a background in genetics, and is touted as “King of Root-Cause investigation” in the context of genetics. I wish I knew more about him.


  1. Although these data indicate conclusively (to me) that the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) was produced in a laboratory, one cannot be sure that the virus was made in China. There are other possibilities. For instance, the Wuhan lab in China might have been “framed,” set up by a foreign country to look guilty and take the blame for the pandemic. Who knows? You and I don’t. If one accepts the currently untestable assumption that the virus did come from China, then there would still be uncertainty as to whether the bug escaped the lab accidentally or deliberately. (Of course, why any morally sane individual(s) would concoct this virus in the first place is beyond me.)
  2. The math applied in this video to cast colossal doubt on the possibility that all these rare mutations came from random processes (outside of a lab) can also be used to show the flaw in thinking that random mutations in nature can conceivably generate complex biological systems, that is in a Universe that’s only 13.8 billion years old. (Don’t get angry now. Relax, read Stephen Meyer’s, Signature in the Cell, enjoy the math and draw your own private conclusions. Maybe the Universe is infinitely old, unlimited in volume, or accompanied by an infinite number of “parallel universes.” Any of these options would allow all seemingly impossible chains of interacting natural random coincidence to become reality… but not just neo-Darwinian evolution, also we would have to include the existence of a benevolent being or beings whom we might logically deem worthy of the title, God(s).
  3. Even if everyone decides that the Chinese Communist Party is behind the pandemic, we would be foolish to allow ourselves to hate China or to seek revenge. Without hating anyone, humanity must stop following leaders with limited conscience (sociopaths).  We must rise above hatred and violence or we’ll soon conspire together to bring our species down into the fossil record with countless other extinct species. With all the WMD technology today, including pandemics, our options have shrunken: love each other or die fighting. “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” It’s too late for hate.

Geek Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

10 thoughts on “Nasty Data on COVID Origins

    • I don’t know what to say. I’ve been in strict isolation since something like February or March 2020. I miss my grandkids. I finally got my second COVID vaccination, but since it hasn’t been quite two weeks yet, I remain in full isolation mode. Laws have been passed. The world economy has collapsed. Thousands of small businesses, probably millions, have gone under. Thousands if not millions of us have lost jobs and homes, and many must live on the streets now.
      On the other hand, it’s true that because the Covid bug was transformed into a political issue (by TV news because “political outrage = money”), there are many people who only see one side if this issue, the economic risk, not the death-by-virus risk. There really are two logical sides here, but most people can only see one side or the other due to political bias.
      Fortunately, Amazon banned the unspeakably evil Dr. Seuss with all his dangerous talk of green eggs and ham. I’m sure we’re all perfectly safe now. (hahaha)

    • It really does come down to this. Humanity, starting with the generic “me,” will either learn to love and listen to all the people “known” to be “hateful, lying, foolish, mean, abusive, ignorant and destructive,” or we will become extinct through WMD warfare. We can’t carry our tribal hostilities forward and expect to survive our weapons.

  1. Interesting-I wasn’t able to follow much of the conversation but I wonder about the human side. If it’s true then there’s a team of “scientists” somewhere who worked on it. Do you think they are horrified or gratified by the outcome? If it was developed in China did they mean to experiment on their own citizens first or was that an accident? If it was another country framing China does that mean it wasn’t an accident? What are they planning next? If this is true it’s sad because it won’t end with Covid and our kids will endure so much more struggle. I really hope you’re wrong. About the lab thing. You’re totally right about the love thing.

    • You raise some interesting and important questions. I don’t know the answers and can only speculate. My wild guess (for now) is that China developed this virus as part of an ongoing program with multiple goals including military, public health, and basic science. I might also wildly guess that COVID escaped the Wuhan lab accidentally as a result of the unavoidable element of human error that plagues every laboratory on Earth. I suspect that IF any of that is right (a big if), the leader(s) of China felt initially horrified but now are feeling better because the top-down legal responses of Western governments (to slow the spread of the virus) have moved us toward acceptance of totalitarian behavior from “democratic” governments. It’s just a guess. I too hope the obvious interpretation of the COVID data on this video is wrong. (Though I doubt it.) But either way, most governments around the world appear to be controlled by a small wealthy elite with secret weapons, control through central banks, and most importantly, growing control of every form of communication and “book-banning.” Unless something changes, the young people whom we have sold into slavery (college tuition loans/debt) will rise up against our tiny remnant of democracy and honest capitalism in the US and vote in a new form of government that will be as openly totalitarian as the Chinese Communist Party. That’s my sense of where we’re headed. I’m probably wrong. I often am.

      • I am not making the leap with you about our young people. If they already feel enslaved by student debt, wouldn’t they move more towards socialism or is that your point-are you equating the two things? I’m not very knowledgeable but I think of them as two different things. I can see how one could become the other, though. I’ve never thought of it that way. On NPR recently they did a book review on “2034: A Novel of the Next World War”, by Elliot Ackerman and James Stavridis. It’s about a military conflict between the US and China. It’s on my list. What interested me about it is something one of the authors said. He quoted Einstein, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”. I want to read how that thought is built out in the story. I’ll probably scare myself to death, though, and lose more sleep than I already do worrying about what my kids and grandkids lives will be like and how hard it will be for them to adjust given the comfortable existence they have now.

        • I guess I consider socialism to be communism-light.
          As I currently understand totalitarianism, it seems that the ones in power in any form of government don’t care how “free” the people in their systems feel unless the citizens begin to miss freedom more than they enjoy the benefits of the (openly or covertly) totalitarian system in play (regardless of what name we give it). And if the population’s pleasure to pain balance tilts too far against the elites, they will care how the people feel only to the extent that the people seem able to overthrow them. This is why they fear real democracy, it gives non-elites power to easily dethrone them without violence.
          In preparation for the civil unrest of totalitarianism, the elites have always protected their power from hungry people by having a well-fed military around them made up mainly of young mailable individuals operantly trained to obey orders without thought or feeling. We see this military protection of elites historically in many countries, and currently in Venezuela and Lebanon. I’m not sure what’s going on now in the US Capitol. It’s a new look for the USA.
          In US “democracy,” the elites take care to disguise (or hide, as with the owners of the FED) themselves and their power over people’s minds, money, and personal information. It’s a hidden and growing form of totalitarianism, as best I can tell.
          Here in the US, socialism would suit the elites because it keeps them in power while getting the population accustomed to more governmental micromanagement and loss of freedom.
          As any benevolent parent or malevolent CIA operative might discover, individuals can be controlled by giving them money until their lifestyles become dependent upon the illusion that they can get something for nothing. Elites use this illusion on populations to grow their sphere of control. In the long run, only the elites are allowed to take something for nothing. All other citizens discover they must work hard to keep an economy going and pay a percent in taxes. That percent tends to grow gradual in democracies until voters raise it to the level of socialism. From there, it can easily become a 100 percent tax, at which point “democratic socialism” may or may not be given the new name, “communism.”
          Totalitarian governments come in multiple forms we now call fascism, monarchy, communism, and whatever we call this mixed beast in the West where citizens still believe they’re free when in reality they’re quickly becoming property of the state and slaves of debt. This false Western illusion of mixing, (but actually replacing) freedom with totalitarianism seems to be the natural course of any democracy. This deception is what the elites in the US have established now, as best I can tell. They will soon call it “democratic socialism” but in truth they fear and distrust democracy because they think the average person lacks the intelligence to benefit from a voice in government.
          In China, North Korea, Cuba, and I think, Russia, the well-fed elites feel no need to hide their power dynamic. They rule through heavy-handed control of the population’s emotions and thinking, reinforcing unvarnished fear of the government, a fear that a citizen can overcome only through obedience and Stockholm-Syndrome “love” for their “masters,” and/or true love for their sacred system of “fair utopian government.” Ironically, totalitarianism through communism is based ostensibly upon fairness, but so far, in every case it has resulted in an elite brutally ruling over hungry poor people with gross unfairness.
          I think the young people in the US today have little choice but to demand overt socialism and vote it in ASAP. They will do this long before my generation is gone. We may see it in the next 3 to 5 years. My generation (the infantile boomers) caused the economic problems the young of today face, and it’s too late to turn things around for them, even if we had enough economic education and political will to do so, which we certainly don’t. Socialism, whatever we may call it in the US, will have no choice but to ratchet up the tax percentages to 100% someday, at which point we will probably try to side-step the label “communism.”
          It’s likely that the major corporations who essentially run this country now will continue to exempt themselves from taxation when our version of 100% tax arrives. The giant corporations enjoy tax exemption now, I doubt they’ll ever give it up.
          The basic distinctions in government power, as best I can tell now, are central monopoly versus peripheral monopoly, that is, totalitarianisms versus democracy. It’s easy to peacefully slide from democracy into totalitarianism, one helpful, pleasant step at a time. Going the other way has so far been a rare and brief experiment in human history.

  2. I know many who are willing to die fighting as this has gone beyond the bounds of niceness. They are putting all of our lives in danger with the masks and the vaccine. It really doesn’t matter where the virus came from or who developed it, but you can be certain that people in the United States had a hand in it. They are out to destroy our country. I am angry with the whole situation as you can tell and feel we are being treated very unfairly without a chance of making our own decisions. I could go on, but what’s the use!

    • I agree that someone seems to be out to destroy our country, that is, to destroy any remnant of democracy that we now retain. With the theft of our young people’s futures through student debt, all of which happened as we did nothing to stop it, I think it’s understandable that the youth of today tend to blame capitalism and to extend those negative feelings and beliefs onto democracy at a fundamental level. Also, the elite academic tendency to favor some utopian form of communism over democracy has surely assisted this process of re-educating western youth.
      With regard to Covid-19, I think it’s an example of TV “news” (on both sides of the political divide) bleeding all balanced reason from a scientific problem, then feeding the bloodless corpse to the lucrative political hate machine they’ve created within our hearts. It’s also a decent example of how desperately, for the sake of saving human lives, both sides of this artificial divide NEED to listen very carefully to what the other side is saying.
      Each political viewpoint champions one side of a two-sided problem. This is binary thinking at its destructive best. Yes, people around my age (65) and older, as well as anyone with a serious chronic disease (such as COPD, CAD, Type 2 diabetes, obesity, vitamin D deficiency), should take drastic measures to avoid contacting the bug (without destroying themselves in some other way) because their chances of death or serious lasting complications are significant. But also, yes, shutting down the world for a virus that has less than 1% chance of killing young healthy people is simply to overlook the morbidity and mortality that come from shutting down entire economies. This lopsided, on-size-fits-all political shutdown response to a biological scientific problem may turn out to be far deadlier than the disease itself, especially to young healthy people in countries like Madagascar where drought and starvation have already been exacerbated by the political economic shutdown. I suspect that those who apparently concocted the virus in their laboratories had this sort of thing in mind, and who knows what else?
      Until we learn to listen to our “insane enemies,” until we as a species begin to value loving our opponents more than silencing them, we will continue to bounce from one extreme of folly to another, and eventually extinction.
      It’s easy to agree that virtually nothing and no one is perfectly accurate and good. It difficult to believe that almost nothing and no one is perfectly inaccurate and evil. But this is the truth, as best I can tell.

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