Joe Rogan is more valuable than mainstream “news”

I’m on day three of what I suspect is Omicron COVID, so I’m a little low on brain energy. I’ve home-tested negative for COVID twice, but I suspect they were false negatives because I’m using Betadine nasal spray fairly often each day to destroy the virus particles in the nasopharynx.

My symptoms are typical of Omicron infection. As described mainly outside the mainstream media, omicron (assuming I have it) hit me about like an average flu. Headaches, fever, chills, runny nose. The bugs are still struggling to give me a sore throat, but I’m discouraging that by locally “killing” them with Betadine sprayed directly on the back of my throat.

I’m also taking Ivermectin and many of the over-the-counter supplements recommended by those “evil misinformation” doctors who have bravely put their spectacular careers on the line by offering EARLY treatment to COVID patients, the only ethical and rational thing to do from a medical science perspective.

So I continue here encouraging you to please stop listening to mainstream news. Just about anything else is a better source of information. A TV tuned to static is better than CNN, Fox, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc.

And once again, Russel Brand gets it.

In the video below, Brand shows how the mainstream media does the same thing they’re attacking Joe Rogan for doing: not revealing the financial bias of “experts.” In this case the mainstream experts turn out to be spokespersons for weapons manufacturers who make money on war and appear on TV “news” to tell us why another war is absolutely necessary now…

There are always two sides to an argument. Sometimes both sides have logical opposing points based on data that both sides see as valid. More often, however, each side has its own “data” and calls the other side’s data “misinformation,” precluding rational discussion. This makes it difficult for objective minds to grasp both sides of anything nowadays.

As the public grows weary of the media talking past the other side by denying their “facts” or by calling them racist and cancelling them, we naturally turn to better sources of information and opinion such as Joe Rogan, Russel Brand, and Richard Dolan.

Complex, nuanced arguments cannot be expressed, grasped or evaluated in 30 second sound bites. That “news” paradigm is over.

The complete dominance of mainstream “news” has ended. The “battle” is certainly not between Fox and CNN / MSNBC. ALL of the TV “news” outlets on both political sides are destroying democracy while claiming to do the opposite. We need to avoid them ALL as if they were toxic, because they are, in fact, toxic to democracy.

Their poison is the propaganda of rigid intolerance and outrage, ironically camouflaged in virtue signaling of tolerance and inclusion and/or respect for traditional values.

Your own personal political views are extremely valuable and should have an honest hearing no matter which side of politics you’re on. This is because each side of Western politics desperately needs the other side in order to hammer out wise long-term decisions, goals and laws.

But a person’s political views are valuable ONLY if they allow us to listen to the other side’s “data,” opinions and interpretations.

If your political attitude is “my way or the highway,” you’re part of the problem regardless of which side you’re on. Until everyone in the West grasps this concept, we will remain like children who have missed their naps. Angry, volatile, intolerant, and miserable.

Mainstream “news” is a for-profit business scam owned and controlled (on both sides) by big corporations that are themselves owned and controlled by a few super-wealthy share holders of behemoth funds, particularly BlackRock and Vanguard.

These big boys and big girls walk into a conference room and lay their cards on the table in front of the CEO: “Here’s my controlling interest in the corporation that owns your network. Here’s what you will say to the public. Obey and keep your job. Are we clear?”

This long tradition of public opinion molding by the super-rich is last week, dead and gone. The public has moved on to independent voices who don’t deal in sound bites and don’t profit financially from things like war and dividing the public.

Bipartisan Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

25 thoughts on “Joe Rogan is more valuable than mainstream “news”

  1. I wish you well in your recovery and again your last three articles have been excellent. I also hope that any of the opinions I’ve expressed above are not meant to oppose anyone or stir things up. I have questions about the role of the US in the research stages of Covid, Mr. Huff’s comments about Peter Dazak possibly working for the CIA, and how there may be a cover-up in this regard.

    • Thank you for the kind encouragement. Your opinions are extremely valuable. Thank you for sharing them here. I also have many questions like those you mention, but I find myself so busy with divided interests that I’m not getting at any of them with the thoroughness they deserve. Plus it seems that the frequency of my nanotubules within the pyramidal cells of my cerebral cortex are slowing down as I age, making each day seem shorter because, relative to the frequency of my brain’s intracellular electromagnetic waves, the days are shorter. LOL

  2. Glad to hear you have a friend at your side. I doubt that you are contagious but understand you not wanting to take a chance. Be prepared for being weak for the next few weeks…that’s what my friends have been experiencing. Take care of yourself!

    • Thank you Gypsy Bev. I do feel a little weak today. It’s helpful to know that I can expect this for a few weeks. I should maybe eat some carbs to replenish the glycogen in my muscles, but my brain is so much clearer with only protein and fat in my diet. I just love a keto-clear head with ideas bouncing around. 🙂
      You take care, too. Have a great weekend!

  3. Further to this, if we boil this down, isn’t this a fight about who will be liable financially? If I’ve completely misunderstood the situation regarding WIV lab leak and who had oversight to ensure that nothing goes dangerously wrong, then please correct me.

    • I think it’s largely financial concerns, yes, though the drug companies have impunity baked into their legal documents. The Chinese Communist Party wouldn’t pay a cent no matter what was proven about their leak. Pinning it on Wuhan lab might cause Americans to back a military or non-military position against the CCP if and when they invade Taiwan. But really, I think the huge concern is that Fauci and the people pulling his strings in the US government would be sent to prison for funding “gain of function” research in the Wuhan lab, covering it up, hiding all kinds of important data and lying about many related things. If all the dots are ever connected, who knows how high the trail of corruption will extent? That’s why the covert powers in government and the media need to keep this an emotional political argument with the group in control of nearly everything today (the far left) taking the position that “there’s nothing to see here.”

  4. I hope you’ve gotten over the worst of it and are on your way to recovery. The last three articles you’ve written are excellent. I have questions but I preface them with the source article. My question is, wouldn’t the US government be at least 50% liable for a lab leak if the NIH was providing oversight at the WIV? USAID provided US taxpayer supplied monies in the several millions of dollars. Why is China getting all the blame for this? If it was a joint operation between, primarily, the US and China, shouldn’t both be blamed? An aside to this is, It has long been known that USAID has been a front for CIA and other alphabet agencies over the years. I’m not not saying that in this case, there is any proof of this.

  5. How soon after symptom onset did you initiate treatment?

    Have you considered what Chetty has to say as regards treatment? (antihistamines to reduce inflammation)

    Have you had your 25OHD level tested? If so, could you share what it was?

    • I started taking Ivermectin and all the other widely recommended OTC substances as soon as I knew I had a fever. I was feeling mildly run down all day, but the fever started about 11:30 PM.
      Yes, I’ve been taking antihistamines.
      I haven’t tested my Vit. D levels for several years, but last time I tested it was 70. (Don’t recall the units off hand now.) I was taking 4,000 IU of D3 per day at the time and backed off a bit to 2,000 per day since then.
      Thank you for your concern. I’m feeling fine still. The nights are better with Nyquil for sure. Wish I’d taken it on the first two nights, those were unpleasant. Repetitive, meaningless dreams, dry mouth, insane frequency, fever, chills.
      I still haven’t left my room, though I’m feeling a lot better. I’m now a bit horse with an occasional cough. No sore throat or persistent cough yet, but the bugs are trying their best to descend. I still think it’s probably Omicron rather than a random flu, but with two negative home-covid tests (possibly negative due to the nasal betadine), who knows for sure. Should probably swab the back of my throat, but I don’t want to waste another test. Take care.

      • I assume you’re talking about 25OHD level, not 1,25OHD. In the US, units are ng/ml for 25OHD.

        I’m curious if your contracting this bug was possibly a result of vitamin D insufficiency.

        I’m taking 20 mcg 25OHD daily through the winter. D3 is just too dilatory and I like to have some alcohol occasionally.

        Interesting about Durham.

        • I would have to dig through my files to find all the details of my last Vit D level, assuming they’re there. My level of 70, was well above the middle of the reference range. Some functional Medicine Docs like Perlmutter like to see it in the 80’s, but with renal calculi and a serum Calcium at the top of the reference range, I decided I needed to heed Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s literature search and evaluation which points out the health risks of having the D levels too high or too low. Like just about every other substance, too little or too much can be deleterious. I’ve been taking 2,000 IU of D3 per day for years now and getting a modest amount of daily sun, so it’s doubtful my level is down in the range that is associated (causally, I suspect) with increased COVID morbidity and mortality. Today I’m feeling almost back to normal. I’ll stay in my room and isolate from the family for another few days just to keep them safe, but really, even if I do have Omicron (which I haven’t proven), this is an entirely less lethal virus than Delta and Wuhan (as I’m sure you well know). It’s the brain-dead mainstream media in the US that wants everyone to be afraid of Omicron. Reality and TV news are rarely on the same page when it comes to medicine.

          • Thanks. I wonder about the connection between vitamin D levels and innate and mucosal immunity.

            It seems that vitamin K is needed if you take very much D.

            We had a round of RSV in spring in 2021, but nothing since. We started supplementing with 25OHD in the fall of 2021. No side effects yet.

            I’ll post about a study of the impact of K2 on diabetes and inflammation. K2 increases insulin sensitivity.

            If you eat a lot of leafy green vegetable, your body might make enough K2 from them to keep you healthy. Natto contains a lot of K2, but not sure I can tolerate the taste.

            • I was taking K2 but when I realized that the (pre-Omicron) spike protein is doing much of its damage through blood-clot formation in the capillaries, I quit taking it because K2 can be converted to K1, some sources tells us, and K1 is a powerful pro-coagulant, used for heparin reversal in some clinical settings like post open-heart surgery. K2, while I was taking it, didn’t reduce my “high-normal” serum calcium level as best I could tell. But I will begin taking it again when all the COVID cases vanish. I suspect Omicron will accomplish this, incidentally. It looks to me to be intelligently designed for this purpose. Likely by the Chinese who appear to have possibly released it in Africa. Wuhan COVID was almost certainly their lab accident, funded by Fauci it would appear. Crickets in the mainstream media, as ordered by the Mega-wealthy Cabal behind Blackrock. But I digress into conspiracy reasoning, a valuable talent to cultivate in these strange times.

            • Great point. I eat two huge salads per day, so I’m probably getting some K2. But I do intend, as I say, to begin taking the supplement again, probably soon. Eyes on the Omicron stats and “excess death” charts to try and judge what’s really happening within the pandemic. I think it’s nearly over. But I’m often wrong about important things, so…. 🙂

  6. I’d expect you didn’t contact your PCP and treated yourself. For a high signal/noise ratio, I strongly recommend scottish Dr. Malcolm Kendrick’s blog about covid and metabolic syndrome. Kendrick is a skeptic about LDL as a cause of cardiovascular disease and about the use of statin therapy.

    Standard UK prescription for covid: “Paracetamol and piss off.”

    • Kendrick sounds like Ivor Cummins. I’m a real fan of that guy. I think statins promote dementia, among other side effects. LDL particle size and count are decent data, but by far not the best markers of atherosclerotic risk.
      You’re right, I didn’t waste any time going to a doctor. I know the drill. “Drink lots of fluids and be sure to come back if you have difficulty breathing.” I got the Ivermectin prescription from a courageous online doctor and filled it a local compounding pharmacy. The government is trying to destroy compounding pharmacies now, I hear.
      Really, next time I’m sick, I’ll call the help desk at FaceBook (meta). Silicon Valley knows more about medical science and patient care than renown MD’s like Malone whom they’ve cancelled in their infinite wisdom. Man was I pleased to see Zuckerberg’s stock get what it deserves. Hope you didn’t own any, and I wish nobody else did either, but that guy is an albatross around the neck of humanity.

      • Funny you mention Cummins–Cummins interviewed Kendrick. I’ve followed Kendrick’s blog since Feb. 2020 when he was telling the truth about covid with journal article references and links to other sources. Kendrick has a mild, dry sense of humor.

        • Come to think of it, I spent a week writing a post on Kendrick not long ago, but I didn’t feel good about posting it and didn’t. Although I know he’s a brilliantly successful MD at the top of his field, and is clearly right about the desperate need of early COVID treatment, I fear that he might have gotten carried away to some degree with his anti-vaccine ideas in the later part of the Rogan interview. Of course he may turn out to be right in every speculative detail there, time alone will tell if the mRNA vaccine’s delayed side effects will be worse than COVID-19. It’s possible, I guess, but I have to doubt it at this point. All we have now on this question is early data that’s important but totally suppressed by the media, plus informed speculation by brave doctors like Kendrick who are also suppress by the media.

  7. Certainly hope you feel better soon. Sounds like you are using a good treatment for your ails. I have to agree that Joe Rogan, Russel Brand, and Richard Dolan are the ones sending out the best information that we need to handle the problems coming our way. So glad for their determination to keep the truth flowing against many obstacles that have been placed in their way.

    • I haven’t left my room since the fever hit because I don’t want to expose the others to the bug. I think I may no longer be contagious in two or three more days. My dog, Halo, is sticking to my side like glue and needs to get out, but she’s worried about me and doesn’t want to leave. Not even to play Frisbee with Mom. She’s so sweet.
      It’s feels great to hear your voice, Gypsy Bev. Thank you.

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