UFOs are “probably the largest coverup we’ve ever encountered” says Representative Tim Burchett of the US House of Representatives

The UFO/UAP issue is unique in that it encourages objective thinking from politicians on both sides of the aisle working together toward the goal of genuine UFO disclosure.

Their cooperation is not part of the World Economic Forum’s master plan. For global elites, I suspect it’s frightening to see the first tiny cracks in the wall of political hatred their members have erected to divide and control US voters.

But however the WEF feels, these few brave bipartisan DC officials have put political hatred aside for a higher purpose. They hope to discover a worldview truth that has likely been hidden within the byzantine power/secrecy structures of the US intelligence “services” since about 1947.

It’s become clear that we’re not alone… but that’s only if you’re a reader of the UFO literature. As with any field of complex cutting-edge enquiry, if you don’t read the literature broadly and critically, you won’t know what’s going on.

Bipartisan UFO/UAP work demonstrates once again why the left and the right need each other desperately.

Our need to move beyond political-hatred and work together is especially evident in present times as the self-appointed political “authorities” at the World Economic Forum (WEF) with their enormous dollar wealth are telling us frankly that they intend to end democracy, seize everyone’s private property, and create a centralized global digital world currency that they alone will control. This centralized digital currency will allow them to micromanage (through financial rewards and punishments) every person and corporation on Earth by monitoring their spending, savings, investing, online political speech, and personal/ corporate digital carbon footprints. (Click here for a detailed video overview of the WEF’s most recent meeting.)

The WEF is already gaining control of Western governments, placing their personally educated politicians in powerful elected positions while openly sharing their plans and bragging about the success they’re having. Of course they’ve got nice bits of wonderful sounding rhetoric and presumably the best of intentions, by and large. Future tyrants always do feel that their grandiose plans will save the world. That’s got to be how they justify violence, war, racism and every other form of top-down abuse.

The left and right need each other now more than ever.

We need each other’s conflicting worldview biases, we need each other’s opposite perspectives on economic and monetary policy, we need each other’s scientific biases including the many suppressed minority postulates and theories, we need each other’s incongruent perspectives on how to genuinely help the poor rather than enslaving them in debt, inflation, addiction, and the depressing grip of eternal victimhood through woke racism’s campaign of anti-logic and “fairness doesn’t work.”

An unbalanced, top-heavy approach to politics, science, and spiritual paradigms tends to bring disaster and collapse to a peaceful, loving society. This is because we live in a world (and universe) where the complexity of vital systems exceeds our mental capacity to understand the details, let alone our ability to measure, control and fix any of nature’s systems. With complex systems, balance is wisdom, and it’s achieved through listening carefully to everyone, even those who sound like fools to you. Especially those.

The hyper-complex systems of nature embody just about everything including the biochemistry and genetics of life, the balances of ecosystems, the delicate balance of competition versus synergy among all organisms including human societies and subcultures, the balance of free markets versus top-down regulation, the balance of taxation versus economic growth, the balance of inflation versus deflation, the balance of selfish ambition versus true altruism, and the natural ebb and flow of top-down spiritual worldview impositions by ruling governments versus grass-roots spiritual evolution from one age to the next.

Humanity’s inherent need of freely opposing views on our road to enlightenment and peace is so enormous that I would go so far as to suggest that Christians and other spiritual people need the views of atheists as much as atheists need the influences of certain carefully-selected Christian and non-Christian spiritual values.

When I think about it, atheists question everything. This approach leads a person to ask the right questions. (Ask many questions and you’re more apt to ask the right ones? Seems logical to me.) And of course, any scientist or investigator will tell you that asking the right questions is the only way to track down a stubborn truth in any field of study or in any science-based practice.

At the same time, Christians sense the importance of vital concepts like, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind…” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Even if you feel sure that God doesn’t exist, you would increase the odds of human survival by internalizing the second half of this moral and spiritual call to action.

Monopoly of power is the enemy of life on Earth because one group’s views are always unbalanced, irrespective of what the group believes and promotes. Diversity of opinion, like genetic diversity, increases our species odds of survival. That’s nature’s way.

Yet each side of US politics conspires against the other in pursuit of monopolistic power, thinking that a final political victory for their side will bring utopia. The opposite is true.

Total dominance by any group of humans regardless of what they promote (even if it’s democracy) would spell the death of democracy and the resurrection of totalitarian rule in the West.

Cycles of tyranny dominate Earth’s brief recorded history. If the WEF kills cryptocurrency and ends democracy as they intend to, it will probably take us “little” people a thousand years to regain a voice in any government on Earth.

While the best parts of Christianity promote a world where everyone loves her/his neighbor, and the WEF promotes a world where they control the non-stakeholders (us little people), whoever is currently hiding the bulk of UFO data and artifacts is withholding information that will someday, for better or worse, cause a worldview reset that’s based on hard truth.

I suspect that a worldview reset based on knowledge and truth about our non-human neighbors might likely benefit the planet more than the “Great” economic “Reset” that the wealthy elites of the WEF are openly conspiring to bring upon us.

Like the WEF, the people hiding UFO/UAP data need the political left and right to remain under the hypnotic spell of political hatred, each side hating the other with every fiber of their hearts, with all their souls, and with all their minds.

TV “news” on both sides of the aisle maintains this hateful situation for the WEF, as well as for their own corporate profits, bathing listeners in a mental stew of hatred with time-tested tools like word-selection bias, story selection bias, overt censorship, half truth reporting, and complete lies whenever possible. Both sides do this. It’s not just the “bad guys” that lie and cheat over the “news” airwaves. Your side is doing it, whether you know it or not.

We should all wake up and refuse to watch any TV programming that makes our brains feel political hatred, fear, or outrage towards supposed “idiots.” Instead we should strive to communicate respectfully across the political divide so we can work together toward the common goal of human survival, long-term, never requiring anyone to abandon their political biases but rather understanding that they truly have valuable opinions and experiences that we desperately need in order to balance our own limited ideas and limited experiences.

The political left promotes great truths, the political right promotes great truths, both sides make colossal mistakes that are sometimes identical to the mistakes of their opponents, but neither side remotely resembles the “idiots” and “demons” that TV “news” paints for us.

In the video below, a Republican lawmaker from the House of Representatives, Tim Burchett, gives us his remarkably open-minded Christian perspective on the UFO/UAP coverup. It’s a great interview.

Here’s the gist of UFO “disclosure” by the US Department of Defense for anyone who missed the recent congressional report

Senator: “Whaddaya think of them UFOs?”

DOD official: “We have absolutely no idea what they are. And the proper term is UAP, numbskull.”

Senator: “But they’re shutting down our…”

DOD official: “We have no knowledge and no desire to learn about UFO’s shutting down nuclear facilities.”

“Y’all can’t read?”

“Senator, we’re not permitted to read about UFO history. Shut up now and give us a decade of tax money. We’ll assume that UAPs are human technology for now. And one other thing. We’ll need legislation out of this body to shut down independent UAP research. That’s vital to our mission. The DOD will NOT tolerate interference from US citizens trying to compete with us on this issue.

“The government can’t tell us the truth about anything, and I’m in the government.” – Tim Burchett.

In the video above we have a Christian lawmaker from the South who believes that some UFOs are the work of an alien civilization. He uses a Bible text from Ezekiel to support the idea.

His words would shock me if my own spiritual journey hadn’t been fairly similar.

As best I can predict, Mr. Burchett’s attitude foreshadows the direction that all Christianity will eventually take once the UFO/UAP truth comes out, assuming it ever does. This evolution of Christianity is likely to happen because honesty and integrity matter a great deal to the majority of modern Christians, especially the fundamentalists. On the other hand, the emotional appeal of an unchanging dogmatic traditional Christian worldview will be difficult for many Christian fundamentalists to overcome, partly due to financial concerns of Church administrators, but largely due to everyone’s worldview inertia. We all “know” we’re right about our worldviews, even when reality suggests otherwise.

I get the impression that many of us still consider ourselves Christians despite having gradually rejected the notion that the Bible is infallible and inerrant (though we may all be wrong). Right or wrong, it seems that some of us have allowed ourselves to elevate our view of God from the morality of the material Old Testament ET warrior gods (the Elohim or “powerful ones”) to the transcendent, loving Supreme Being described as a loving parent in some New Testament passages.

I have an opinion related to this aspect of Christian worldview evolution: I hope that every Christian who continues to believe in a Supreme Being following ET disclosure will hang on to the belief that our Supreme Creator is more than human in every way, not somehow inferior in one convenient way that just happens to conform to the secular dogma of an impersonal universe.

Let’s think about this…

The greatest thing about a human being, the biggest mystery and most impressive part of our existence, is that we have a personal identity that brings us a sense of free will, the ability to choose and act, the experience of primary agency as an undetermined cause with feelings and desires that bring depth, texture and meaning to everything we decide and try to do. It’s not merely that we are conscious, it’s that we experience genuine personhood.

The great historic failures of organized Christianity during the brutal “colonization” era have, I think, caused secular minds to hate the idea of a personal Supreme Being or Beings. They insist upon an impersonal Universe ruled by chance alone.

But as the existence of advanced non-human beings gradually penetrates our materialist culture forcing even secular people to look a bit higher, all of us, Christians included, seem to want something Impersonal at the top. Secularism seems to have given all of us in the West a tendency to replace the misconception of a personal ET Warrior “God” (from the Old Testament) with something impersonal. Some Christians say that the term “God” should be replaced by an impersonal word like “Source.”

Wanting an impersonal “Source” rather than a personal “God” is understandable, I guess. It even sounds street-smart if you imagine yourself in the shoes of an evangelist who hopes to fill Churches again.

But this emerging concept of an impersonal “Source,” as best I can determine, drives a knife into the heart of Christianity. As I see it, the main message of Jesus was probably not an overall worldview or even a “forensic plan of salvation,” but simply the reality that God is like a loving father whom anyone can talk to. This message is a radical departure from the angry beings (the Elohim) variously depicted as “God” and “gods” in the Old Testament.

Our secular bias appears to want a “God” who is inferior to us in one big way: he/she/it must lack personhood. The logic seems to be that this almighty “Source” is so infinitely great that personhood, humanity’s greatest transcendent attribute, is the single category of being where we must declare ourselves superior to the Highest, because the “Source” is ostensibly impersonal. You can’t talk to it and expect it to listen, understand, and feel anything towards you.

To me, this is “scientific” materialism in a bit of a disguise: the impersonal Universe of secularism remains while conceding that there’s something out there, but it’s a thing not a sentient Being.

Something in us Christians who have explored the UFO literature a bit and are convinced that advanced non-human beings are real… something in us wants God to become this impersonal “Source” rather than the Loving Father of the Nazarene.

Though I personally rejected the Old-Testament warrior version of God after 9/11/01 showed me the perspective of the ancient Philistines under attack, and though I have recently read three fascinating books about the misinterpretation of the word “Elohim” in the Old Testament, I still sense the nature of God through this sort of reasoning…

If humans have logic, the Supreme Mind has greater logic. If we have emotions, Supreme Love has greater emotions. If we have personalities, the Supreme Person has a better personality. If we understand and speak languages, the Supreme Communicator understands and speaks all languages. And if we know how to listen to those in need, the Supreme Councilor listens with greater empathy and care than we do.

So I suspect that when friendly ETs walk openly among us, their version of God will probably resemble the loving Father of whom our Nazarene leader reportedly said, “I and the Father are one.”

The Baptism of Christ – Aert de Gelde, 1710

Spiritual Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

21 thoughts on “UFOs are “probably the largest coverup we’ve ever encountered” says Representative Tim Burchett of the US House of Representatives

  1. 5lejas

    If some ET can turn our nuke missile silos on and off, they could intervene. After a history full of pimply, bully teens as unwise leaders dragging us into their (bankers/weapons manufacturers) wars, we will end up just another layer of ash and bones. Diplomacy and settling issues by talking it over are really the the only sustainable solution to the Ukraine issue or ANY issue for that matteri. Do you believe the Biden / NATO war narrative? Does it include a neutral but independent Ukraine and which is what Russia has asked for, for a number of years now? John Meirsheimer, Chompsky and others of their ilk are clearly pointing to the causes of this long-developing issue: Fact: Bill Clinton, broke a historic gentleman’s agreement between NATO and Russia not to encroach any further in Europe. Fact: George Herbert Bush’s administration made the agreement with Russia. Since that time, Russia patiently reiterated many times that the agreement was continuously being violated by NATO, US, and some alllies, and would have consequences. The US trashed the nuclear missle treaties as well and ringed nukes around Russia? If Russia was on our doorstep (think Cuban Missile crisis) what would/did we do?
    (before, Russia wanted to be a NATO member but they were not accepted. Meirsheimer has pointed out the obvious fact that if a nuclear conflict starts, it will only escalate, regardles of who starts it.

    • Thank you for asking, CovidPilot. I have a couple of excuses plus the true cause of my absence….

      I had to put my dog, Halo, to sleep. She had a ruptured disk and kept getting more and more pain and less and less function of her hind legs for about six to eight weeks. Finally she stopped eating and seemed to give up, so I made the difficult decision to send her back to Reality. She and I did everything together. It’s an emotional adjustment now that she’s gone.

      My second excuse for not posting is that I came down with some sort of flu recently, and am just now beginning to recover. I tested negative for COVID, if that actually means anything. I don’t trust those tests.

      Neither of those excuses accounts for my prolonged absence, though, only my recent absence.

      The whole truth is that I’ve taken up my old hobby of trading the financial markets again.

      I had a quadriplegic friend years ago who made his living day trading the /ES (S&P futures). I worked with him remotely (via a chat box) for about five or six years helping him write his book. He could peck out one letter at a time with a chopstick attached to his right hand, so it was slow going. I tried to learn his techniques on days off work and in the mornings before work, but I could never catch on. I finally figured I didn’t have the emotion-free nervous system required to be a day trader, so I gave up. But recently I’ve given it another try using options rather than futures, and I’m having a good time with it so far. The only problem is, it’s a little too much fun, like the early days of any new addiction, I guess.

      I really need to discipline myself and finish all the posts I’ve started. I’ve probably got several dozen posts that I haven’t finished. I work on them for the better part of one day, then never feel like coming back to finish them.

      Hey, I’m so glad that your household was able to take COVID in stride. KUDOS!

      The more dirty laundry I hear from Pfizer and the CDC, the more doubts I have about the supposed “safety” of mRNA vaccines. The other day I heard that insurance companies paid out an unprecedented number of “non-COVID-related” death benefits in 2021. A 40% increase. There could be several possible explanation, but I doubt anyone in the TV “news” media or the US government has the slightest interest in analyzing the data and revealing some colossal blunder they made.

      Take care, my friend,

  2. 5lejas

    If thinkers like Ross Coulthart are correct and there is a race (in black projects) to develop and be the first country to control the world with anti-gravity craft, zero-point technologies etc., there must be defense-related applications. If the goal of this development is not mainly for peaceful applications, then we are most likely in for a final world war.

    • Yes, I think your logic is accurate on this. My reading leads me to suspect that Mr. Coulthart is right. I suspect that covert advanced tech exists either within black projects within the US, or weakly attached to the US nowadays, having largely broken away into some sort of supra-national identity… OR the Nazi’s who escaped to South America (which appears to be an undeniably reality) are in possession of the most advanced human anti-gravity technology. More at the fringe, but still worth consideration, is that an advanced human subculture with living quarters perhaps beneath the ocean floor are the ones with the most advanced tech. While I am convinced that ET’s (or some other non-human group of beings from who-knows-where) are currently interacting with humans, I think there is a strong likelihood that ancient humans with advanced technology were able to survive the Younger Dryas event by some means or another, possibly by positioning their homes beneath the ocean floor or beneath the surface of the Moon.
      At any rate, it’s great to be alive and open-minded enough to examine reality wherever it takes us.

  3. The WEF worldwide reset really concerns me and appears to be already rolling toward completion. I have heard reports that the aliens have caused nuclear weapons to be shut down for several days. Not sure if this is true, but you now by now that I do believe that UFOs and ETs have a large role to play in our lives.

    • Yes. The more anyone of us becomes willing to read and listen to the UFO/UAP data, including the government videos and eye-witness reports, the clearer it becomes that non-human beings, or at least an advanced breakaway human-derived civilization (from the recent and/or remote past) is presently here and interacting with us. We live in exciting times. On another subject, Gypsy Bev, I’ve taken up my old hobby of trading the financial markets and trying to analyze global economics. As best I can tell, the global economy is very likely going to collapse over the next six months to 2 years. It’s probably prudent for all of us to stash away essential items like water, water filtration devices, non-perishable food, and any essential medications we’re taking that do us more good than harm. Shortages of these things may not happen in the US during the current economic downturn, but probably will in some future great collapse such as the one the WEF openly plans to use as their Great Reset.

      • 5lejas

        The more I read, the geo-exo-political situation appears like a complex sci-fi of which we’re nearing the crescendo. One scenario is the good guys put a stop to it and force a truce. The other, may mean all out war. If, however, the parasites (powerful wealthy gatekeepers and their minions) kill their host, who will continue to provide them the necessary labor? So, don’t kill the host. Weaken them but for heavensakes, keep them alive!

        • This scenario not only reminds me of good sci-fi, it also reminds me of human history. Enslave the subjects of the kingdom or empire or republic, but keep the young workers alive and reproducing. And teach them a narrative from childhood about how and why the ruling class deserves to take everything from them and “distribute it fairly.” It’s their sacred plan and biggest lie, forced altruism: “You will own nothing and be happy.”

          • 5lejas

            Yes, and history. When our present predicament mirrors the control narratives of our history playing out before our eyes and pointed out by modern scholars and folks like us, it does NOT cause alarm enough to act upon. But even if it did cause alarm in 2% or more of the population, control mechanisms now, and throughout history prevented most populations from effecting permanent change to any political system. If 2% of the people really understood the implications of, say, the information Julian Assange released or what Edward Snowden was saying, can we really act upon this knowledge and effect permanent change? So then, is there an agent of change besides cataclysms that will intervene such as beings apart from us? Then there is the world of the spirit and of Creator and our relationship and our hopes.

            • Well said!
              You know, allowing myself some redundancy, I still consider myself a Christian because of a few key concepts that come through in some of the gospels, like “Love your enemies” and “God is all light, there is no darkness in Him.” But I also think that Near-death experiences (NDEs) have much to teach us if we’re able to listen to conflicting worldviews and glean the generally unspoken messages that come through when people nearly die (or die and come back?). Often asking the right question is more scientifically productive than searching for an answer to an existing question. In the case of NDE’s, I think the question might be, “What sort of reality are we living in, when an ‘exit protocol’ exists for people who die or nearly die?” It seems that NDE’s have no Darwinian survival value, so how could they have come into existence in a “scientific” materialist universe? NDE’s seem to be clearly telling us that “scientific materialism” is a mistaken assumption about our universe. Someone is taking loving care of us from beyond, even during and/or after our apparent physical death.

      • My family agrees that our economy is going to crash and we have already begun preparing for it. My older son especially and his wife are what I call super planners. They have been putting non-perishable food away for months now and have quite the store. They have purchased water filter systems to use on the streams on the farm. Their medicine chest is something a country doctor would envy and most items tend toward the natural. But no matter how much we plan, life will be difficult when the WEF gets their plan in motion. We just have to do the best we can day by day but keep a watchful eye.

        • Awesome! It sounds like you’re more prepared than I am. I’ve planted a few fruit trees and have learned how to grow vegetables in my garden. I’ve got a Berkey water filter and a river that’s not too far from my home. But I don’t have enough food stored to take care of my extended family, and so far, none of them is taking preparation seriously. There’s always some other problem or project that seems more important and more real at the moment.

          It’s true what you say. Life will be difficult when the current micromanaged fiat currency system collapses and the WEF steps in with their “perfect” plan to save us.

          I love your positive attitude: Keep a watchful eye and do your best day by day. That’s fantastic advice. I’ll do my best to follow it. 🙂

  4. In my discussions with them, I’ve noticed that one of the practices of the Cult of Vaccines is to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Another practice is ignoring unholy sources of “misinformation” which actually discusses scientific data.

    People aren’t listening to one another or thinking very well. I’ll post about this scourge of woolly thinking.

    • Good for you CovidPilot! The world is suffering for lack of people like you who are willing to learn, speak and write about ALL sides of opinion on COVID, as well diverse information sources and opinions on every other subject of importance. Keep up the great work! 🙂

  5. 5lejas

    The quotes are from Jim Marrs in his book “Occulted History” and speak to the WEF which is really saying big banks and financiers of the world. Winston Churchill’s comments about why Hitler must be crushed: “You must understand that this war is not against Hitler or National Socialism but against the [economic] strength of the German people, which must be smashed
    once and for all, regardless whether it is in the hands of Hitler or a Jesuit priest.” To be clear, I don’t support Hitler’s anti-Jewish-Aryan utopia. So Marrs concludes that Germany was crushed because, “Germany had become an economic powerhouse, with nearly full employment and stable money, thanks to its freedom from the international bankers. However, the wealthy
    elite… could not afford to have the rest of the world see the benefits of the interest-free money sought by Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and many others throughout history.” Just imagine, rather than a Hitler, there developed in Germany, a breakaway Christian movement, just as Christ drove away the money changers from the temple, towards an interest-free economy? Would the rest of the “free” world crush them as Churchill mentioned?

    • Hi 5lejas! I had to wait until I could read your comment with a fresh mind and no migraine headache before I could really understand it and think about the implications of the issues and questions you raised. First off, thank you for those fascinating quotes from Churchill. Wow. I do agree that world banks and the FED have created an economic system that (via constant inflation) steals buying power from the poor and middle class and gives it to the wealthy. I think that fiat currencies (that can all be devalued by politicians and bankers) and an economy based upon ‘debt-as-money’ will eventually collapse because human attempts to control and micro-manage hyper-complex systems (like national and global economies or the intracellular nano-factories of life) is a mistake, similar to allowing a toddler to play with a Stradivarius violin, expecting beautiful music rather than expensive damage.
      I do think that a Christian movement using money that’s not fiat (something like gold-based currency or Bitcoin or whatever) would be attacked and likely destroyed by the current members and leadership of the WEF and/or the “military-industrial-congressional” complex of Eisenhower fame. I would personally NOT like to see Christianity becoming a political governing power, partly because I strongly favor the concept of separation between church and state, and partly because I doubt that Christianity’s image of God has yet evolved to the point where the ET-warrior “God” of the Hebrew Scriptures has been fully replaced by the loving parent reality of the the true God that comes through to us clearly in most (but not all) of the passages of the four gospels. Also, Christians, whatever we believe, are a small subset of humanity, and like everyone else, we desperately need the input of the rest of humanity because we are not infallible or even remotely close to it. Diversity of opinion is wisdom.
      Having said that, I think the current dominant worldview in the West (pseudo-scientific materialism) is in control of our politics and culture, holding almost a monopoly on power and messaging (brainwashing) the public. This situation is completely out of balance and needs to be vigorously opposed by all peoples with a commitment to honesty, trustworthiness and integrity. In the US, it seems to me that Christians are currently one of the largest groups who firmly value these qualities (on average, at least in the membership category, as opposed to those leaders in charge of Christian organizations). So I would like to see Christians in general becoming more vocal and insist on a broad hearing of their opinions and perspectives in all media outlets and places of public discourse. Again, I feel this way because a balance of everything is wisdom when dealing with hyper-complex systems like governments. I feel quite sure of at least that heuristic.

      • 5lejas

        I used Christianity in my analogy, but any country, secular or religious that enacted a non-interest based economy would be destroyed, one way or the other. Any entity that is not indebted can be an exemplar and is a free agent. In this system, there can be no free agents. The free can question the system of debt in the court of public scrutiny and it could be and compared. And I agree that this system shall fail, but the question is, will the gatekeepers just adapt themselves to the new system to game it or will there be transparent checks and balances?

        • 5lejas

          With history in mind, this quote seemed appropriate (I added the all caps “INCREASED EFFICIENCY”:
          In a 1949 letter to Orwell, Huxley wrote,
          Within the next generation I believe that the world’s rulers will discover that infant conditioning
          [dumbed-down education] and narco-hypnosis [drugging] are more efficient, as instruments of
          government, than clubs and prisons, and that the lust for power can be just as completely
          satisfied by suggesting people into loving their servitude as by flogging and kicking them into
          obedience. In other words, I feel that the nightmare of 1984 is destined to modulate into the
          nightmare of a world having more resemblance to that which I imagined in Brave New World.
          The change will be brought about as a result of a felt need for INCREASED EFFICIENCY. Meanwhile,
          of course, there may be a large scale biological and atomic war—in which case we shall have
          nightmares of other and scarcely imaginable kinds.

          • Wow, that’s a chilling quote. I think the COVID-19 virus accidentally leaked from the Wuhan Lab, but I’m afraid it will give the CCP ideas about how to use bio-warfare when they invade Taiwan. The possibility of nuclear war with Russia has never seemed more real than today with Putin actually threatening to use nukes.


            The universities have become a cult of woke racism combined with communist underpinnings, but the most frightening thing happening there seems to be the anti-logic approach to the students’ thought processes, and the notion that “fairness doesn’t work.” I hope that these young people will be able to come back into reality once they leave the campus, but woke racism has taken over many corporations and seems to be the rule now rather than the exception.

            I just wish some benevolent ET group would show themselves openly to all of us, sit us down and teach us a value system that has worked for other morally intact intelligent species. We humans could use some moral guidance right now.

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