The World Economic Forum on Video

Mark Moss is not the poster child of objectivity in his presentation of the WEF, but at least he does show a few video clips of these people telling us what they plan to do to us and how.

The question of why they’re determined to control us completely is a matter of perspective.

To give the WEF the benefit of the doubt, imagine you were a wealthy, powerful stakeholder with controlling interest in one of the world’s largest corporations. You might likely believe that the average person needs to be saved from him or herself because he or she is genuinely too ignorant to know the best path forward for humanity. Despite your busy schedule and the fact that people in charge of major corporations and governments don’t have any time to read deeply into any subject, you would assume that you know more than the average person about important issues because everything worth knowing is summarized and brought to your attention by the brilliant experts you pay to keep you informed. The fact that you hired these people in a process that screens them for political and scientific opinions that agree with your own would likely seem appropriate to you. This screening process places you in a biased information bubble that would not bother you even if you realized what a dangerous thing you’d done to yourself, because you’re a human being who “knows” you’re right about the important things. After all, look how successful you are. You’re rarely wrong about anything.

On the other hand, giving the WEF less benefit of the doubt, we have to face the apparent fact that narcissists, sociopaths and even high-functioning psychopaths tend to rise to the top of social power structures whether inside the US government, the corporate world, religious organizations, gangs, or within the pecking order of prison.

This observation is difficult to internalize because nobody wants to be unhappy, and it seems obvious that unhappy people often hold such pessimistic worldviews.

So maybe it’s best not to believe the apparent truth about the power advantages of human predators. Maybe it’s better to think that some leadership positions require the unusually thick skin of a person with no real empathy and virtually no emotions besides sexual lust, greed for control, and anger when they don’t get what they want.

After all, nature includes predators who perform bloody kills that are valuable to the balance of Earth’s ecosystems.

Maybe it’s supposed to be this way in human social relationships, too, especially if “scientific” materialism is an accurate view of the universe.

I totally doubt it, but…

Whatever worldview you assume in understanding human predators, we know they exist and tend to rise to the top in many situations. So it’s likely that at least a significant portion of the people at the top of the World Economic Forum, whether they know it or not, are predatory individuals motivated by the lust for power and control.

After all, when you’ve got more money than you can ever hope to spend, you’ve done all the expensive island trips, and you’ve bought so many boats, farms, and US senators that they’ve lost their entertainment value, what’s left?

Perhaps a lust for power and world domination, combined with the narcissistic head rush of publicly “saving the world” with video documentation of how you did it…

I hope you find the time to listen to Mark’s video and then forward it to someone you love.

Freedom Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

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