Suppressed Treatments for COVID Victims

Here are two videos that could literally save your life if you catch COVID-19 this time around. Please watch them both, especially the second one.

(I have no conflict of interest to declare.)

It turns out there’s a great deal that can be done medically for a symptomatic COVID victim before they require hospitalization. The mainstream “news” has suppressed this information, along with big tech and their precious Dr. Fauci, an MD with apparent funding ties to the Wuhan lab and NO EXPERIENCE in treating COVID patients.

For the full above interview, including the parts that would cause YouTube to cancel the whole video, go here: 

If you thought that was a little shocking, here’s a world authority bucking the mainstream “news” filter on science, implying that huge blind spots or perhaps a real conspiracy exists in modern medicine’s response to COVID-19.

No one can write this man off as scientifically uninformed, especially not some TV talking head or a website of self-appointed truth fairies.

Peter McCullough, MD is a rare individual: a highly publishing scientist, a physician treating COVOID patients, and an earnest soul powered by scientifically informed objectivity.

Please forward these two videos to anyone who appreciates the fact that you care about them.

Love and Survival,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

3 thoughts on “Suppressed Treatments for COVID Victims

  1. The unavoidable conclusion I come to is that they are willing to kill to make sure all the money is funneled to Big Pharma ‘vaccines’, and not $1.50 a dose treatment drugs. Thanks for posting the piece.

    • I have to agree with you. Wish I knew exactly who the people in power are who are doing this. Most of the people involved, like MD’s and hospital administrators simply believe the mainstream narrative and are unaware of any coverup. Thank you for your comment, Iowa Life. Stray healthy and strong.

  2. I did not realize there were so many doctors that would not treat Covid patients. Here locally, I know several people that tested positive and were told to go home. Most of them have died even after going to the hospital when things got worse. I guess we do need a plan as to what doctor we will call when and if there is a Covid problem. Dr. McCullough seemed like a caring physician and I imagine he would have as large a practice as he wished. We need more like him. He realizes too that everyone does not need to be vaccinated…unless there is a conspiracy out there led by Fauci – I can’t find it in my heart to call him a doctor as I doubt if he has ever treated a patient anywhere. Thanks for getting the information out there in hopes that some will read it and understand.

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