Big Brother attacks Joe Rogan BECAUSE he sees both sides

One agenda of the powerful who own the mainstream media (both sides) is to keep Republicans and Democrats feeling outraged and hateful. With mutual outrage and hatred properly maintained, we citizens can never join forces and vote in a non-career Congress that might actually end the mainstream “news” monopoly.

The most essential and vulnerable part of democracy is the freedom of the press. Without the free exchange of “facts,” voters cannot evaluate opinions intelligently or differentiate truth from error.

Our human brains are a bit like computers, like it or not. Free will is real, as are consciousness and personal identity, but let’s face it, whatever we fill our heads with will eventually become what we believe, trust, want, and “know” is right.

If, for instance, you’re an atheist who’s facing death and you really wish you could believe that your life will go on after this one ends, I guarantee you that listening to every near-death experience on YouTube will at least make you doubt the “scientific” materialist dogma you swallowed years ago along with its infectiously depressing worldview. You might even develop a spiritual faith of some sort. On the other hand, if you limit yourself to “scientific” materialist information, you will take your anti-faith worldview to the grave.

Or let’s say you doubt the reality of UFOs. I can virtually guarantee you that if you listen to the hundreds of personal testimonies of UFO/UAP experiencers available online, you will eventually believe in the undeniable reality of UFOs. If, on the other hand, you avoid those videos of personal testimony and expose your mind only to UFO skeptics (a shrinking breed), you will believe UFOs are somehow unreal, even if one lands in your backyard.

But here’s the thing: if you force yourself to watch the mainstream “news” outlet you hate most for a year or two, eventually, no matter your political bias, you will realize that all mainstream “news” outlets cannot be trusted to give a balanced view of anything, not even the weather.

And if you’d like a quicker rout to this valuable conclusion, here’s a video from a guy who’s trying his best to cut through the mainstream bias on both sides of politics. I think he’s doing a good job…

You can’t judge a book by its hair. Listen to Russell Brand, please.

Unbiased Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

14 thoughts on “Big Brother attacks Joe Rogan BECAUSE he sees both sides

  1. Alot of people learn to thrive in the point of opposition but manage to stick to their belief structure and come out the other side hopefully set to right the wrongs! No physical altercation! When they get big enough to floor their opposition, who show no restraint in relieving their frustration through violence! they grow they will not hesitate to react! Even if the newest face front was never there! Respect, or verbal control is preferred methods of redirection!

    • I’m not sure why your comment was held up for so long in the software. Maybe it “thought” this was written by a bot.
      I’m not sure how respect could be a method of redirection. Can you expand on this thought? To me, unless the left and right come to respect one another enough to unite and vote out both sides of congress, I’m afraid democracy will be replaced by tyranny. That’s assuming it hasn’t already happened in the US and Canada.

      • The legislation of walking the world, weights with lights front! Legislation for all on either sides! eventually reinstating old house masters to remove aggressive and hyper personalities! Redirection, refocus a hyper child or adult requires to find an outlet, books, music, creative and on their focus! People directed to an area of interest to be used as a tool to pull the enquiring mind forward! The more time they are focussed the less time they activate inside a negative parameter!

        • That’s a disappointment. You are a bot.
          For anyone reading this, I’m going to allow it to stay in my comment section as a decent example of a primitive robot/AI trying to write passable comments in English in 2022. Cheers everyone! – Talmage

  2. Joe Rogan is a favorite of mine because he asks a lot of questions. Too many people only listen to one side of a story whether it be Covid, UFOs, or Spiritual matters. Once they are immersed in a belief, it is difficult to change them. I do believe that there is another obstacle and that would be subliminal advertising of messages to convince people they need to follow a certain path – such as being vaccinated or wearing a mask. Joie Rogan is educating the public and he will always find a way to get out his message.

    • I totally agree with you, Gypsy Bev. I think fiction on TV and the big screen is probably one of the strongest molders of public opinion. It’s a lot like subliminal advertising in it’s power to influence the subconscious mind. A situation comes up that society considers outrageous at the time. It is incorporated into multiple fictional TV settings and plots. The characters react to the “outrageous” thing in a way that makes it seem normal. The public begins to see it as normal within a few years. This works in the opposite direction, too. For example, when I was growing up, it was largely considered wrong to spoil kids by NOT spanking them. TV took up the topic indirectly. Kids were incidentally spanked on TV by villains and antagonistic characters. The heroes objected along with all their emotionally outraged co-stars. Within a few years, despite relatively few people actually reading Dr. Spock or the relevant clinical research on spanking, the public learned by osmosis how “evil” it is to spank a child. Today, for better or for worse (time will tell), child spanking is among the unpardonable sins of mainstream society.

  3. Should we be outraged that our fellow citizens have been brainwashed into hating us?

    We need more people like Rogan providing a platform to allow us to hear more evidence.

    Those favoring the censoring of Rogan are anti-science. Science requires multiple voices and data from multiple sources. Science is a conversation, not a textbook.

    Recall that pharma has paid marketing subcontractors many millions of dollars to get their message out and control the opposition message via “fact-checkers.”

    There was a report out about the Moderna vaccine recently. No all-cause mortality benefit. Just like for the Pfizer covid vaccine (which actually trended towards harm). But you couldn’t find the lack of the Moderna covid vaccine’s all-cause mortality benefit in the conclusion of the paper published in the New England Journal of Misinformation. You had to go to Table S-2 on page 22 of the Supplementary Appendix, linked in the original paper. I wonder why it was left out of the conclusion?

    The numbers of deaths may be changed in the future based on an FDA report released by court order stemming from a FOIA request, with the vaccine deaths trending towards harm, like Pfizer’s.

    • Good question. I guess outrage and anger have their appropriate places, but the attraction and pulling power of these emotions make humans easily manipulated and controlled.
      Thank you for the link. It’s a shame the way the media refuses to explore both sides of complex issues. I guess the reporters’ schedules are unbelievably crowded with deadlines on brief soundbite stories that will always be judged by the bosses on how many views they can pull and sell to advertisers. I think people like Joe Rogan are the solution to our fundamental problem of a bought-and-sold mainstream news industry (on both sides of politics).

      • I think that you are correct about how our own strong emotions can be manipulated to turn us into the tools of others. Fear was used early on in the pandemic. Anger is used now and clickbait that produces anger is a favorite media tactic.

        I think that it will take some application of emotional intelligence to enable those of us who have resisted letting our emotional strings be pulled and who are therefore better able to use our critical faculties to be able to persuade our fellow citizens about the manipulators and their agenda.

        If we can control our own anger and not let it be used to control us,, it can be a strong motivator to enable us to accomplish important tasks. But it must be based on clear sight and sound thinking and not as a result of manipulation.

        “This newscast brought to you by Pfizer.”

        • Well stated. I couldn’t agree more completely.
          Here’s a video you might find interesting:

          It’s an interview of another pathologist who seems well informed about the COVID agenda. Although the interviewer is famous for right-wing views (and I strive to NOT promote the politics of either the right or the left), I do think this pathologist has some valuable things to contribute to a bipartisan COVID discussion.
          At this point, the only hope for democracy in the US is a 180 degree turn from the current mutual loathing to a realization that conservatives and liberals desperately need one another’s views to run a country wisely. When there’s no respect across party lines we (of either party) run things into the ground with black-and-white thinking fueled by outrage, while we’re all being robbed by the FED and other central “banksters” via inflation of fiat currencies.

          • “Divided States of America”…from Kiyosaki doesn’t sound right wing

            I’ve always voted republican but never given money to republicans, which puts me in the conservative independent camp.

            I follow Steve Kirsch, Jessica Rose, Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, Bill Maher, Sean Penn, and George Clooney, because they often have something useful to say and they are on the left. I go to citizenfreepress for my news aggregation and Gateway Pundit for breaking news. theconservativetreehouse does unparalleled analysis of various political topics, piecing data together into a very convincing conspiracy theory which is almost always borne out with later evidence. TCTH was very convincing about the Russia Collusion Hoax back in 2020.

            I don’t do Fox News except for Greg Gutfeld for the positive light humor. Let the young democrats do Tucker Carlson. I don’t do CNN or MSNBC. CNBC sometimes.

            I look for strong signals. High baby/bathwater ratio. I figure I still will have to sift and do my due diligence.

            For medical stuff, I do Malcolm Kendrick, Sebastian Rushworth, David Healy, Meryl Nass, and some of the people on substack.

            The left used to be more valuable for signaling problems, but since the powers that be have been using the left to manipulate the rest of us, not so much. Right wing press is useful for signaling dumb leftwing “solutions” that the left will try to impose on society, like critical race theory, censorship of doctors, and transgender nonsense.

            • Glad to be corrected on Kyiosaki’s political leanings. I haven’t read, “Divided States of America.” I liked his first book back in the 90’s, “Rich Dad…” I’m still trying to stay politically neutral, but when it comes to woke racism, it’s really impossible to stay silent about it. I can’t see how a person could think that stereotyping whites, shaming and discriminating against them on the basis of skin color can be anything but ignorant stupidity.

              • “Divided States of America”…that was from Kiyoski’s comment where he was mentioning that some people seem to have been dividing us Americans.

                Kiyosaki is certainly an anticommunist, but so are many on the left. Or what used to be the left. I don’t normally listen to him.

                For pathologists, Ryan Cole and Roger Hodkinson are two I’ve read.

                • Oh, I see what you’re saying. I agree, there are many on the left who recognize communism as a disease rather than the “solution to poverty” it pretends to be. Thanks for the names of these pathologists with the guts to speak out. I’ll google them soon and further organize my ignorance. 🙂
                  Stay strong.

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