LBRY fights the free-speech hating friends of the SEC

“LBRY does to publishing what Bitcoin did to money.”

It’s true, but it’s driving YouTube et. al crazy. So the SEC is sewing, intending to cancel every road bump to elite opinion management in the USA.

Alison Morrow rocks, by the way, if you’re looking for both sides of an argument. (She’s the independent reporter doing the video interview above.)

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum exist via a decentralized info-security invention called “block chain.” Many minds go numb to this.

Governments see block chain currency as a potential threat to their own currencies. The US government stands to lose more than other nations if cryptocurrencies begin to replace the US dollar. This is because the US dollar’s status as the “world’s reserve currency” gives the US powerful advantages over other nations, including the ability to borrow money, deflate its value through digital money creation (a.k.a. inflation or legally robbing citizens), and pay back foreign loans later in devalued US dollars.

The FED and most DC lawyer-rulers believe the FED can create computer money in any amount without causing inflation as long as the money doesn’t circulate to the public but stays in the hands of big banks.

Of course, the big bankers play all the markets with leveraged derivatives nowadays, not learning from their past mistakes, plus they make real-estate loans, so we see inflation (loss of purchasing power by the dollar) mainly in the banks’ footprints in stock markets and local real-estate markets.

Ironically, a bull market in stocks is seen as a sign of economic growth rather than the devaluing of the US dollar. Most everything’s relative in complex systems such as national economies and simulated universes.

To catch a functional glimpse of a system, it helps to ignore reductionism, and step back to view the balance of its ecosystems.

Block chain tech is not fundamentally about money. Like DNA, it’s about information storage.

Block chain’s ingenious opacity / invisibility to corporate and government eyes brings freedom of speech and “freedom to listen” directly to the public. Free speech and free listening are the lifeblood of democracy. You yourself can view and create un-cancellable content right now on LBRY ( and And you retain total ownership and control of your free speech and content.

LBRY’s videos (also their audios and other files) cannot be taken down, censored, defunded or otherwise suppressed by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, the FED, or any of the other corporations running the US government now.

That’s why the elites hate block-chain and everything to do with it. The money they can’t touch, the videos and other info they can’t cancel, and anything else that will be created down the line using block-chain technology must go, fast.

It makes sense that the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission of the USA) would sue LBRY. The free exchange of ideas endangers our shadow government elites more than cryptocurrency itself. These billionaires believe that “thinking for us” by limiting the scope of discussion is altruistic, because to them, “average people are extremely dumb.” I’m sure the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) would agree with them.

By controlling the availability of information and how it’s delivered, the Western elites are learning to control public opinion, “elections,” laws, law enforcement, and the generation of profitable wars around the planet.

As long as these well-meaning individuals have control of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and the five mainstream “news” outlets, they can take their time in causing the US public to fear cryptocurrency. Because eventually, once they’ve taught us the “dangers of wild-west money,” we won’t care when they outlaw block chain technology, even though it’s the only information system they can’t micromanage and cancel.

Our covert rulers seem to be planning a new form of money controlled by the FED. It won’t be block-chain, but it will be digital. It will probably start in the US with a government gift of “free” dollars to anyone opening a checking account with the FED.

The CCP has already done this in China. I suspect China is something of a role-model for the US in the eyes of our corporate-shadow despots.

Don’t let book-burning elites cancel what’s left of US democracy. If you think arguments have two sides and all voices should reach everyone in a democracy, then create a free account for yourself at before the SEC outlaws block chain technology.

And sign the petition to “save block chain” here:

Block Chain Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

15 thoughts on “LBRY fights the free-speech hating friends of the SEC

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    • I just read your article on the upside of fiat currency and unelected top-down government. Thanks for expressing the other side of an extremely complex and important argument.
      I think it’s fairly obvious that your side of this political divide will win, and the big corporations and unelected career bureaucrats will continue to gain more control over everything, bringing this rare and brief experiment in human freedom we’ve called “democracy” to a close. Hope the big reset works out well for all of us when the historical tradition of top-down government returns to dominate the planet. I suspect it will bring on a new version of the dark ages, but I could be wrong. I often am wrong.

  2. Hey Talmage,

    In traditional economics, regardless of the school involved, there are pretty strong arguments for fiat currencies, mostly based on the problems elite-free natural currencies caused in the 19th and early 20th centuries.

  3. Thank you, Talmage, and very, very good. I’m right with you on this, but I hadn’t understood that information other than cryptocurrency could be secured and transferred. Indeed, freedom of speech and hearing will undercut those seeking to control/dictate the narrative. People called “experts” cannot be questioned. As someone who used to inform the “experts”—who are really not much more than talking heads reading the script—I know how foolish this is. That hardly matters to the self-adoring elites. They delight in watching their puppets hop on one foot on command based on the word of some designated “expert”. Of course, these experts are like lawyers—pay them enough and they back any position you want.

    • Thanks, keithakenny, for sharing your insight. At the moment, people who are on the political left might lump my concern for free speech into the category of disgruntled people on the political right (or maybe the category of so-called “classic liberals”) who seem to be the target of censorship at this brief moment in history. Actually, I think modern left-versus-right outrage is the tool of the elites to divide and conquer what remains of democracy. If billionaire elites can make one side believe it’s winning by denying free speech to the other, the elites can use that brief feeling of victory through information control to hide what they’re really up to: killing democracy for everyone on both sides of the aisle by destroying free speech. My political view is simply that each side of every argument desperately needs opposition to avoid the unintended consequences of anything intended to improve the world. All drugs have negative side effects. It’s the same with all political solutions. Nothing’s perfect. Virtually nothing is binary in its effects. Political solutions are rarely all good or all bad.

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