PayPal joins the Free Speech Ban

I’m often wrong about important things.

As a scientist, I take pride in admitting this, especially to myself, despite the fact that, like you, I’m infallible.

The insight to admit that you’re often wrong about important things is central to science and vital to any spirituality that values truth over smugness.

Since many, if not most, major scientific breakthroughs come from brave scientists who overcome the peer-review ban on real science…

And since highly intelligent scientists exist on both sides of ALL major issues today, including COVID, Global Warming, mainstream medicine, and the morally bankrupt whitophobes of the racist “Woke” movement’s completely uncritical “critical race theory”…

I can tell you with certainty that free speech, while not risk-free, is far less dangerous than driving a car sober or drunk, riding a horse, operating a motorcycle, texting while driving, or smoking cigarettes sober or drunk.

While free speech is still allowed in the US, some people will refuse to submit to COVID vaccination despite being over 65 years old. This might turn out to be a fatal mistake that endangers others who have made the same free choice.

While free speech is still allowed, some people will refuse to agree with the anti-logic of using racism to combat racism.

While free speech is allowed, some people may learn that political hatred is no cure for poverty because both sides, the conservatives and the liberals have essential viewpoints that need input from the other side if we’re ever going to solve global hunger and pollution.

While free speech survives, some people may learn that there’s an alternative to binary thinking. It’s called love.

People like me who have submitted to the mainstream narrative on COVID vaccination may someday suffer chronic side effects worse than the disease, worse than death even. It’s possible, though I think unlikely.

But let’s face it, scientists don’t have the time machines necessary to identify side effects that may appear years and years after the treatment. Some scientists act as if they do, though, hence they ban free speech. Rookie mistake.

The irony is, free speech gives medical scientists the one and only path for identifying side effects after the clinical trials. Those trials are always relatively brief, especially for psychiatric drugs.

Everyone knows that Silicone Valley hates free speech when it contradicts their political views or, worse yet, their ignorant belief that “settled science” exists in the real world. It doesn’t.

Science is unsettled by definition, that’s why science is invaluable to beings who already know the important stuff, like which worldview is right (always mine), which political party is morally superior (always mine), and which person among the billions is “right this time” (always me, always now).

Computer geeks in the Valley can be forgiven for binary thinking. Facebook, Twitter, Google, et. al might be expected to act like Nazi’s, but PayPal?

PayPal is stealing money from people who’s ideas they hate. This is new and far more dangerous than golfing in a thunderstorm. I had no idea overt petty theft had become a tool for banning free speech on the Net. We must resist it somehow, I think.

Please watch this video and imagine the implications if such things continue. Imagine a time when Whiteophobes feel justified in confiscating you paycheck because you’re skin isn’t genetically Woke.

I don’t know what Ryan Cristian’s censored content is all about, but unless it’s terrorism or child porn, it doesn’t matter. (OK, it’s not terrorism or porn because Alison Morrow wouldn’t interview someone like that. She’s awesome.)

I just hope Ryan Cristian knows that he’s “often wrong about important things,” like any other truth seeker.

If you know the name of an objective independent reporter besides Alison Morrow, please tell me. Or if you know of a free-speech affirming alternative to PayPal, please mention it in a comment below. I’ll do my part to support them.

Love, trust and trustworthiness,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

10 thoughts on “PayPal joins the Free Speech Ban

  1. Not sure about Ryan Christian’s transgression but have my own reasons for loathing PayPal. I switched to Stripe when PayPal closed my account without advance notice and held on to legitimate payments due me for 6 months before finally releasing the funds. Their so-called customer service department is non existent. Good thing I didn’t rely on that revenue stream for a living.

    • Wow, that should be illegal. They probably figure it would cost most people more to take them to court than to let them keep their money. A culture can be built around trust and trustworthiness, or it must be propped up by force, censorship, propaganda, and CCP-style brainwashing in “re-education” camps.
      I think the universities in the US have become our re-education camps, quietly brainwashing young minds to believe that racism isn’t racism when the “morally subhuman inferiors” are “correctly” identified and “justly” punished for modern society’s faults and for what the white ancestors have, in some cases, actually done. Of course if your own ancestors died fighting to free the slaves and end slavery in the South, that’s irrelevant. Good white people cannot exist in the woke world of critical race theory. Only guilty, evil white people can possibly exist. These woke “whiteophobes” (leukophobes or blancophobes) appear to be taking over the country now. Some people think there’s a Marxist agenda behind it. I wouldn’t doubt it. I wonder if my grandchildren will suffer from “the fear of being white.” (They’re 1/4 Japanese, 3/4 white.)
      Sorry, I get wound up on the hateful insanity of the woke movement. I’ve tried to stay out of politics, but self-righteous racism needs to be challenged today as much as it needed a challenge in 1861. It makes no difference who promotes racism or when, it must be challenged.
      Thanks for telling me about Stripe. I’ll search it in duck-duck go and see about opening an account. At the end of the video I posted, the guy mentions some sort of PayPal substitute I’ve never heard of. He says he trusts it to not discriminate against politically incorrect speech. I may search for it, too.

  2. PayPal is a private company. Isn’t that the line people used to defend social media companies? Meaningless distinction. An individual is not the government either, but still can not infringe upon another individual’s right to life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness (has defined by various laws and statutes per indivual/place, r.g. bank robbery).

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