Fraud discovered in big Alzheimer’s study, but the mainstream still ignores Bredesen’s Breakthroughs

Not only have billions of dollars gone down the toilet in failed Big Pharma pills that target the amyloid of Alzheimer’s disease, but now we know fraudulent data photos were published in one of the most seminal rat studies of this disease. The fraud, at the time, convinced most researchers (and all NIH grant controllers) that amyloid CAUSES Alzheimer’s dementia.

BAMP! Wrong answer.

All of Big Pharma’s Alzheimer’s anti-amyloid pills have failed miserably for many years, yet this failed paradigm of amyloid-as-cause of the disease continues to suck every dollar of grant money away from researchers like Dale Bredesen who has actually published peer-reviewed studies of his success in REVERSING mild to moderate Alzheimer’s dementia.

The situation reminds me of how impossible it would be for a fiscal conservative like myself to convince a congresswoman/man (Democrat or Republican) that the FED’s power to print money is destroying the middle class and will lead to a central-bank digital currency that kills democracy, replacing it with a totalitarian oligarchy like the one promoted by the World Economic Forum and the CCP of China.

In the video linked here, Megyn Kelly interviews the whistleblowing scientist who discovered fraud in the rat study that pivoted mainstream researchers from doubting “amyloid-as-cause” to swallowing it whole without chewing.

As best I can tell, a bench tech slipped the fraud pictures into the paper without the lead scientist’s knowledge. This tech guy has a reputation of producing work that other labs cannot reproduce.

“Lies are the whole problem, Earthling.”

But far more important for my precious readers is this: at about 1:08:42 on the video, Kelly interviews Dale Bredesen, MD, the research scientist who has already reversed Alzheimer’s Disease in a fairly large number of patients.

They estimate that 45 million US Americans will soon have this unimaginably horrible disease. That means every single one of us needs to know about Dale Bredesen’s success because someone we know, if not we ourselves, will almost certainly be taken down by this cruel killer.

The number of Alzheimer’s deaths eclipses the COVID-19 pandemic, but beyond numbers, it’s difficult to imagine a more unbearable way to die than watching your mind, personality and memory slowly deteriorate until you cannot for the life of you recognize your spouse or kids.

Please take this disease seriously.

So mainstream medicine is clueless about Bredesen’s breakthrough work after they’ve wasted billions on failed monotherapy pills. And if an MD knows about Bredesen, odd are he/she criticizes him.

But how could any intelligent person be so rigidly devoted to denying the truth?

It’s somewhat simple. They demand to see an experimental design with double-blinded controls geared to test “one thing at a time,” (the Big Pharma monotherapy dogma).

By definition, the monotherapy approach cannot work when you’re dealing with a chronic disease that has dozens of mini-causes working together in synergistic combinations.

Alzheimer’s is an E pluribus unum disease — “from many, one.”

Modern monotherapy medicine is clueless to deal with such complexity. Instead it demands to live in the past and block progress with outdated standards of monotherapy experimental design.

But can’t Dr. Bredesen produce blinded controls and satisfy the mainstream?

No, not at all. Think about what he’s up against.

When altering lifestyle, diet, heavy exercise, carbohydrate toxicity ( for “type 2 diabetes of the brain”), fighting specific chronic infections like Herpes Simplex Virus, eliminating neurotoxins, and running large-spectrum blood analyses to discover and target each patient’s specific causes of Alz dementia, it is impossible to design a study with double-blinded controls, because…

For instance, how can Bredesen blind (hide from) a patient the fact that she is on a low carb diet testing her ketone levels daily and exercising heavily three or four times a week? And conversely, how do you hide from the controls the fact that they are not doing these things?

You can’t.

The test cohort and the control patients will know exactly which category they’re in. This makes all studies that are aimed against multi-factorial diseases such as Alzheimer’s, absolutely predestined by Big Pharma to fail and be viewed as worthless by mainstream doctors and their journal gatekeepers who have been educated for generations by Big Pharma reps, you know, those gregarious extroverts giving away free pens, free gadgets, and free lunch during their lectures on journal articles supporting their company’s big-hitting pills.

Meanwhile, to any rational mind not brainwashed for generations by Big Pharma, the controls they demand are actually present in the general populations of the world. They consist of vast numbers of people who are dying of (and with) Alzheimer’s disease. Not one of these “common-sense control” patients has had a reversal (or even a slowing) of symptoms once a well documented diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease has been made.

So hey, if you’re having mental fog at all, even in you mid 40’s, ask your doc if you’re OK to experiment with a ketogenic diet for a month or two. And maybe do some vigorous cardio with it, if you’re able.

The keto diet alone will show you what a clear mind (burning ketones rather than just glucose) feels like. If you have chronic free-floating anxiety or mild depression, I predict it will largely vanish along with the brain fog.

Then you’ll have personal evidence (n=1) on the amazing Bredesen Protocol.

Keto Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

PS. Send this article to someone with a brilliant mind that you appreciate, perhaps someone who’s 40 years old or better.

6 thoughts on “Fraud discovered in big Alzheimer’s study, but the mainstream still ignores Bredesen’s Breakthroughs

  1. What you are saying aligns with my general observations. A majority of my wife’s and my friends host social events where glucose and fat consumption is a focus, e.g., last night’s ice cream social. Most are overweight to obese. Alzheimer’s was on my list of physical issues, but I admit, not at the top. There is no pill for changing lifestyle, and that is the rub. Big Pharma capitalizes on promising cures without anyone having to modify their habits. Another sign is how little grocery store shelf space is reserved for fresh, non-packaged pre-prepared, untampered food. Willful ignorance leads to funding bogus programs. Sometimes it feels like everyone complies with the scam.

    • Yes, lifestyle changes tend to be postponed until something emotionally motivating comes along. Even after moderate memory loss, many people are unwilling to change the things that are silently killing them. It’s not unlike smoking and other slow-suicide habits and addictions. Free will is a fragile thing, it seems. And to make matters worse, willful ignorance is now exacerbated by outright woke denial of the fact that truths and falsehoods exist at all. “My truth is valid and your truth is valid as long (as yours is similar to mine and doesn’t trigger my self-righteous woke-rage).”

      Meanwhile, people like Dale Bredesen devote 30 years of research to actually helping people. Those who claim that the world is getting better and better are not entirely wrong thanks to people like Bredesen. Despite our self-destructive human tendencies, a few hard working souls are finding solutions to real problems year after year.

  2. Hmmm! It seems from what you say that the keto diet and as much exercise as possible are deterrents to Alzheimer’s. That is something everyone needs to know as there aren’t any drugs that have reversed the disease. This is a severe problem in my family (and probably most families) with my mother and her two sisters both having severe Alzheimer’s. Good to know there is a possible help. I’m wondering if this is something we should do before it appears to keep it outside the door. I see the problem everywhere these days.

    • Yes, Alzheimer’s (and probably Parkinson’s Disease, too) is almost always preventable. Mild to moderate cases are also largely reversible, as well. Alzheimer’s pathophysiology starts in a person’s 30’s and 40’s and usually shows no significant clinical symptoms for about 20 years as the damage accumulates gradually from multiple separate sources of neurologic injury involving several different pathways. I recommend googling Dale Bredesen and listening to as many of his lectures as possible on YouTube and his website. He consults for an expensive group that most people can’t afford, but it’s quite possible to learn everything he knows from his books and lectures and put much of his protocol into practice without thousands of dollars of lab tests and supplements. The main thing that helps most people is eating foods that keep your body in mild ketosis. The second most helpful thing for most people seems to be vigorous exercise, both cardio and light weight training. Some people have chronic smoldering infections that they’re not aware of and some have toxin exposures such as heavy metals and glyphosate (from Roundup). Most people with Alzheimer’s have brains that are losing their ability to burn glucose for fuel. That’s why the keto diet is so helpful in reversing and preventing the disease. Even when the brain has great trouble using glucose, it can still burn ketone bodies (Beta-hydroxybutyrate mainly), so the ketogenic diet keeps neurons alive and allows neuronal regeneration in a few places such as the hippocampus where short-term memory resides.
      Stay strong, Gypsy Bev,

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