“End the American Oligarchy”

I’ll keep saying this until I die, Democrats and Republicans need each other desperately.

It’s time to end the decades-long trend of economic theft by DC politicians who shrink the middle class and increase poverty while enriching themselves by way of legal insider trading. Both parties do hundreds of millions of it!

Here’s a guy who sees the shared predicament of middle and lower-class Democrats and Republicans. He gives us two possible solutions.

Awesome video!

It really should be a federal crime for DC lawyer-politicians to trade stocks against the US middle and lower class Democrats and Republicans using secrets about economic legislation.

But since both sides love money more than fairness, and since we voters are separated irrationally into two angry camps who vote with our limbic systems, it will take the miracle of Republicans and Democrats learning to love each other and value each other’s opposite opinions before we can vote together to stop our leaders from impoverishing the middle class and adding to the poor.

Until then…

Today I signed up for a one-month free trial of a service that claims to use public knowledge of the House and Senate’s insider trading. I have no idea of this service’s value (or lack of value) to investors and traders. The outfit requires a credit card for the free month’s trial, so if you sign up, please just paper-trade it for three weeks, and if it goes badly, cancel your “subscription” before your free month is over. Otherwise they will automatically charge you $30.00 for another month.

With that caveat, on top of a sinking feeling that the stock market is irrational lately, here’s a link to the DC insider service mentioned in the above video.

I hope these people are honestly trying to level the playing field for middle and lower-class stock traders and investors. We all must currently trade against DC insiders (in both parties) who live by the popular amoral deception that “fairness doesn’t work.”


If only all of us Democrats and Republicans could calm the hell down and really listen to each other the way normal people once did. It’s a dream that needs to come true or democracy won’t survive.

Fairness Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

By the way, I have no affiliation with quiverquant or anything/ anyone related to it.

5 thoughts on ““End the American Oligarchy”

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  2. I agree with your conclusions, Talmage, but talking reason to the limbic-driven is unlikely to budge many. In the post-faith America we live in, politics now fills that need, and politics is a primitive religion demanding human sacrifice. Cries of ‘follow the science’ have little to do with the scientific method or higher eason. When this has happened in history, it has not ended well.

    • I know you’re right, keithakenny, but I’ve got to keep trying. If our country goes back into the human tradition of total top-down governmental control by an oligarchy or king or priesthood class, at least the people who see what’s happening will not have gone “quietly into the night.” And I strongly suspect that this universe is a replica of a more foundational reality from which we all came and to which we will all likely return when we’ve accomplished whatever it was we came here to do. Someone said that we’re not called upon to succeed but to persevere. The more I think about it, the more sense that seems to make. Hang in there.

    • Agreed. I think voting tickets should tell voters whether or not the individual running is an inside trader practicing something that would land the rest of us citizens in jail. We can’t throw them in jail because they write the laws that put them literally above the law. But we can all get together on both sides of the voting aisle and vote them out of leadership in both parties. Oligarchs pretending to be “public servants,” who needs these people abusing their power at our expense?

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