“Spirituality is the missing piece” – Paul Hellyer on the history of UFOs

The late, great Paul Hellyer, God rest his soul, recorded a final message (in the video above). It turns out that several of his conclusions remain near the fringe of Ufology.

Here’s a summary of the often-dismissed conclusions he delivered to us with confidence:

  1. Nazis fled to Antarctica after WWII and created a breakaway culture that possibly survives to this day on a base that the Germans had begun building in 1939.
  2. UFOs, maybe of Nazi origin, protected the Nazis from an attack by Admiral Byrd’s fleet.
  3. The “Paperclip” Nazis were given top positions in the US Space Programs and high positions throughout the secret service organizations. Soon they became a shadow government. President W. Wilson (by creating MJ-12 or something like it) gave these Nazis complete dictatorial control over ET-derived technology in the US. This off-world technology was obtained from UFO crashes beginning in 1941 and including the Roswell crash in 1947. Nazis control Area 51 and S4 to this day.
  4. An ET being survived a crash and sat for a recorded interview with a nurse. Mr. Hellyer watched the video. The main ET message? Humans are wrecking this beautiful planet.
  5. If the ETs had wanted to take over Earth at that time they could have, because humans were defenseless against them.
  6. The USA and USSR “sold their souls” in exchange for ET technology.
  7. The USA and USSR had been offered ET help with medicine, agriculture, etc. if they would give up atomic weapons. They refused.
  8. The fabric of the cosmos is damaged by nuclear explosions.
  9. Steven Greer “who, as you know, is one of America’s best ufologists” quotes former President Bill Clinton. When asked by a reporter why he didn’t disclose more about the UFO files, the President said, “Sarah, there’s a government inside the government, and I don’t control it.
  10. Not one US President has been allowed inside Area 51 or Area S4. Congress has never known what’s going on in these places.
  11. If you read The Omega Files, by Branton (a pseudonym), Mr. Hellyer said that you will know more about UFOs and Aliens than most of the top generals and admirals.
  12. Phil Schneider was telling the truth when he spoke of huge underground cities and structures, including the Dulce Base where human genetic experiments (similar to those performed by the Nazis of WWII) were performed by modern-era Nazis. Back in the 1990’s, Mr. Schneider (not Mr. Hellyer, though he may have believed Schneider) said that some of the underground structures, several in every state, are designed to hold thousands of prisoners who will be collected after the world takeover by the “new world order” led by evil ET’s who will depopulate the world with bio-weapons, possibly viruses.
  13. Michael Wolf’s many incredible claims were essentially true, including his claim to have been an insider at Area 51. President Jimmy Carter wanted to end the UFO cover up but… “I attended this meeting,” Wolf claims (not Mr. Hellyer). “Carter had strong Christian beliefs. When told that religion is man-made and probably unique to this planet, he broke down in tears.” Wolf also said that “satellite government scientists” have harnessed zero-point energy and cold fusion. Wolf said, “There needs to be a smooth transition into these new sciences. Otherwise the world economy could be wrecked.”
  14. The US Space Force is at least 14 years old and currently traverses the galaxy.
  15. Spirituality is the missing piece of the UFO / Phenomena puzzle. God “is alive, well, and everywhere.”

Notice how Zohar Entertainment Group and AdRev, the companies who manage this YouTube channel, decided to cut the message off the moment Mr. Hellyer began talking about God. That’s a transparent bias, probably the same cash-flow bias that destroyed the mainstream “news” media’s trustworthiness in the US. The late Paul Hellyer deserves greater respect than this. So does every religion’s God(s).

For that matter, UFOs and related phenomena deserve greater respect than to be forced into the “entertainment” category on YouTube. This “entertainment” label is misleading and insulting. But I digress.

As I listen to Mr. Hellyer, the surprise to me is how many of his beliefs I’ve rejected long ago in my haste to form a “humble-but-infallible” (ego-laden) opinion.

For example, if you read the Michael Wolf link, you’ll come across the claim that Dr. Wolf et. al successfully created an “artificially-intelligent human” named “J-Type Omega” who came out of the lab’s genetic soup looking 20 years old and now lives free in the USA. Hmmm.

To the primitive part of my brain that loves all-or-nothing thinking, this story deserves knee-jerk rejection, and therefore as the puerile “thinking” goes, everything Dr. Wolf ever said must be rejected. But wait…

According to Chris Stonor who claims that Dr. Wolf read and approved his article in 2000, Dr. Wolf also said some things that would be easy for me to believe. Quoting now…

  • Dr. Wolf said the Pope has changed the Roman Catholic view on God.
    • “Their future line will be ‘we are not in the image of God but our souls are’.” 
  • He had spoken at length to the ETs about God and death.
    • “Our bodies are merely containers for the soul. When people die their consciousness simply moves into another dimension.”
  • On God Dr. Wolf said,
    • “Some ETs call God The Forever – the creator behind everything in the universe.” 
  • On Jesus Christ,
    • “He was of joint ET/human heritage – sent to Earth as an attempt to end human violence.” 
    • Whether a Zeta, Pleiadian, Altaran, Human etc.. we share the same God – we are all family.

A mantra was drilled into my head during my decades as a fundamentalist Christian: “You can’t pick and choose.” This unfortunate dogma referred only to texts in the Bible. “The Bible is either straight from God’s infallible mouth or it’s worthless.” There’s little if any middle ground for fundamentalists of all faiths, including the “scientific” materialist fundamentalists.

Yet I know I have to pick and choose when it comes to peer-reviewed medical literature. That’s the nuts and bolts of the scientific process.

And when it comes to the “news” media, I’ve learned to pick and choose carefully (or ignore it completely) because both political sides of that puppet-show regularly exaggerate, hide things, spin things, use poor judgement, and even overtly lie for the “higher” cause of politics and money/ratings.

So why wouldn’t it make sense to pick and choose from among Paul Hellyer’s controversial beliefs as well as from the sources he seemed to trust?

Perhaps “listen but verify” would be workable, rather than thinking that a person’s entire work is all true or all false.

My attitude is, listen widely and try to remember every detail no matter how impossible the story sounds because if we’re actually dealing with off-world technology, seemingly impossible feats could be routine.

These days, I apply the same heuristic to ancient scriptures. I take in old writings or oral myths and try to determine what represents a loving God, and what’s more likely the footprint of ancient ETs, “the powerful ones.”

Spectrum Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

18 thoughts on ““Spirituality is the missing piece” – Paul Hellyer on the history of UFOs

  1. The evidence is very abundant for the Moon being an active alive place and is a potential legal case against NASA that could cause an awakening. Ingo Swann said Axelrod knew ALL of the facts about the Moon before he contacted him. I ask myself — How did Axelrod know, for example, the Moon coordinates for ET activity on the Moon? From close orbiting satellites, via the NRO. How did Axelrod know the lady in the supermarket was an ET with psychic abilities? Psychics are needed to sense other psychics (a psychic corp of sorts, who could themselves be ETs) How did he know that the lady ET was dangerous (as if she could kill with her psychic abilities)? same answer. How did Axelrod know where to find the ET triangular craft in Alaska (on schedule!) The NRO, I think. As Swann wrote, “One possible speculation about the real nature of the cover-up is that someone on the Moon kicked Earthside ass and seems to have “suggested” that it not come back.”

    • I’m reading one of Ingo Swan’s books now. He was a fascinating person. As I recall, the secret organization that wanted him to remote view the Moon never asked him back after he gave them his vision of naked men walking around up there. Reading between the lines, I got the impression that they were not impressed with his remote viewing abilities at that time. I could be wrong. I need to go back and re-read it. But I certainly agree that the NRO probably knows a lot about the Moon’s strangeness. I suspect the idea that humans were “warned off” the Moon is accurate. To me, one of the most telling features (at least at an emotional level) was the look on the three astronauts’ faces when they returned from “humanity’s first” trip to the Moon. They looked depressed, traumatized and disappointed. To me, those long faces are evidence, plus the way they struggled to answer simple questions like, “did you see any stars?”

      • When Ingo Swann remote viewed the butt-naked guys they pointed in his direction as if he was discovered (he sensed it). Axelrod then said Swann was in danger, and to remotely leave that location so as not to be in any more danger (as if continuing would allow the beings time to locate the source of contact. Axelrod said the work needed to end. I think Swann’s hit a home run and perhaps it was confirmation as to the abilities of the beings there. Axelrod knew so much already but could not reveal anything. My hunch is these events are honestly recorded by Ingo Swann, but the second part of “Penetration” comprehensively shows that the Moon has beings there, and the third part deconstructs the cover-up methods used by NASA and others. I’m rereading it and finding that it’s clearer to me now.

        • Thanks for reminding me of those important details. I’m not sure if I finished reading that book. I’ll dive back into it tonight or tomorrow. I share your gut feeling that Ingo Swann was telling the truth. At one point he wrote something to the effect that it’s 100% likely that his imagination is to some degree involved in his remote viewing of the Moon. That’s the kind of thing a liar would probably never admit in any similar context.

  2. Had I read this only a couple years ago, I would have been shocked and appalled, how can anyone assert such things…. You have assembled here all the bits and pieces that I have painstakingly piled together for some time – only because I have seen myself phenomena impossible to be explained by “enemy secret aircraft” or “meteo balloons”). In as much as these things may seem unrealistic, they are all true. Thank you for your commendable work!

    • Thank you for sharing the fact that you’ve had had a personal experience with the phenomenon. I wish I had something to share along these lines, but I’m only 66 years old and just getting started in life, so someday maybe I’ll see a UFO or an ET. If you feel comfortable sharing the details of your experience here, please feel free. Alternatively, please share your experience with me privately if you want to. My email is cytopathology(at)gmail(dot)com.
      Thank you again for your wonderful comment! 🙂

  3. When Paul Hellyer passed on, he also could not tell the public about his contact(s) in the US military which might corroborate the information he says is true. But he might have passed on his contacts to other trustworthy researchers.

  4. Of course, Paul Hellyer oft related the conversation he had with a high-ranking military officer in the know, ‘…it’s all true and more…” I still try to sift the information so it fits my reality but I remain open for multiple corroborations to verify reality. for example, even when there is ample evidence of credible astronomers from the 19th century, and many amateurs in modern times noting many moving lights on Moon, this fact alone should clue in the average Joe to the fact that there is someone there doing things, (NASA knows but will not say). But if the the public at large was fully aware of All the anomalies of the Moon, how could they say no one is there. There again, it’s the information/perception control. If enough people (2%+) become enlightened about how UFO-related issues are controlled, and they have researchers and a crack group of international lawyers, this could be the tipping point.

    • I think you’re right. I suspect we will live to see any insider’s soft disclosure escape their control. If enough people feel they no longer have a realistic intellectual option to ignore and discount the entire body of UFO knowns, let alone the speculative sea of ideas, the ubiquitous denial will turn to widespread curiosity. The shame and ridicule of yesterdays UFOlogist is already shifting from those of us who study UFOs to those debunkers who deny the UFO reality.
      I agree that the anomalous features of our Moon are many and fascinating. For practical purposes, the Moon might be the best vehicle for bringing deniers into a broader view of reality. The mere fact that NASA withholds from the public their sharp, close-up lunar images (from satellites they probably have orbiting the Moon now) should be a wake-up clue to everyone. Why haven’t they turned any of their powerful Earth-orbiting telescopes on the Moon to bring us detailed sharp images? They probably have, but as far as I know, they haven’t shown them to the public.

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