Free Will – a Dog’s Perspective


“Wake up, Barnabus.”


“Wow, I was solid gone. Like that one bear….”


“In Jungle Book? I think that was Baloo.”


“He should have danced all night.”


“So what’s the difference… between being awake and asleep?”


“Consciousness comes back when you wake up.”


“What’s consciousness?”


“That’s easy. Consciousness is a three-part nonlocal quantum entanglement between
(a) the information coded in the aromatic hydrocarbon walls of the microtubules that sit inside the pyramidal neurons of your cerebral cortex, plus
(b) that same neuronal structure in all the other dogs, and
(c) the coded information coming to us in the Cosmic Background Radiation. Dogs call it the Field of Consciousness.”


“Really? Who’s sending the information?”


“Us. It mostly comes from our Real Selves outside the simulated, physical Universe.”






“But, there’s also the Code Writer sending us messages and free will. Free will is kind of nice. It lets you ask questions and see if you like the answers.”


“Can you see the Field of Consciousness?”


“Not quite. It’s information radiation. That rimes! It also brings genetic code into the Universe through nonlocal quantum entanglement with the aromatic hydrocarbons in the base pairs of DNA. You know, the digital ladder rungs? That’s how original genetic design gets into the universe. It’s the mechanism humans haven’t discovered yet.”


“But Francine, isn’t the Cosmic Background Radiation just radio static from the Big Bang?”


“To local detectors, yes. But to nonlocal detectors with stacked benzyl architectures designed for quantum entanglement, the random static of the Field of Consciousness becomes coded information. Even a puppy’s neuronal network decodes it effortlessly.”


“But all this talk of freedom… I need a nap.”

Love from beyond,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

Thanks to the photographers at Unsplash for these precious doggie pictures.

16 thoughts on “Free Will – a Dog’s Perspective

    • I agree. I’ve learned so much about happiness, leadership, loyalty and love from the two dogs (labs) who have owned me. I wish I’d had a dog as a child. Or when my kids were children. I just never knew how human or sometimes above human they can be. I had no clue.

  1. Great pictures to help explain free will and consciousness. Have the agree that with all this freedom, I sometimes just want to take a nap too. But there is so much to explore that it seems a waste of time. Maybe not!

    • Thanks, Gypsy Bev! The head of the pathology department at LLUMC used to take a ten-minute nap every day in his office around noon. He said that throughout history many famous people have made it a habit to take a brief afternoon nap. Perhaps it gives the hippocampus a moment to send short-term memories out to the cortex for integration into long-term memory. Freeing up some RAM. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I especially like how you related these Truths from a dog’s point of view. I feel that’s some significant coincidence, but haven’t quite grasped the connection. Do you have it – the explanation of the connection, I mean?

        • Thank you, Someone.
          I think the linguistic coincidence that the word “dog” and the word “god” are inverted but similar views of great wisdom and goodness may be a local feature, the greater principle of which may have been designed into the fabric of this Universe, which I think is an intelligently designed physical simulation.
          I hope that moves in the direction of an answer to your interesting question. 🙂

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