Why would Lue Elizondo leave TTSA?

Recently three of the big names of “To The Stars Academy” (TTSA), men with life-long nondisclosure agreements with the US government,  left TTSA.  In an interview, Lue Elizondo said this about it:

“TTSA, it’s no secret, also focuses on its entertainment division and, you know, let’s face it, guys like Chris Mellon and Steve Justice and myself, we’re not entertainers. We’re not. So, very much like the History Channel project, we have accomplished our mission. Mission success.” 

So the problem is the entertainment or maybe the fictional component of TTSA’s mission.

Why would this bug them so much?

Maybe they’re suddenly purists, as Lue claims. Sure, they knew about the fictional component going in, but now they realize it’s a mistake to mix fact with fiction. Sounds plausible, I guess. Or maybe they’re above making money from fiction… suddenly. Or maybe it’s not the fiction, it’s the acting or some other part of the process of being in the entertainment industry. Any of that would be understandable.

But here’s what I suspect, and this is not only pure speculation, odds are it’s not accurate. But it came to me, and I think it’s quite interesting:

One of these serious government insiders finally got around to reading the Foreword of the novel series, Sekret Machines, by Tom Delong and A.J. Hartley.

Delong has made this book binary. Either he’s lying or I’d be upset if I were Leu Elizondo.

Imagine that in your government career you’ve heard historical accounts of UFOs that would totally land you in jail if they ever became public and were traced back to you.

The US government has made it clear that it’s OK to put historical UFO secrets into fiction. Several others have done it. No heads have rolled.

And in 2017 when you joined TTSA, you hadn’t read Tom Delong’s novels yet. The first one came out in 2016.

But one quiet evening in 2020 you picked up book 1 and read the Forward which includes either a binary lie or too much honesty…

“I am here to tell you that an entire history of an unexplained and infamous myth—a Legend—IT’S ALL TRUE.”

“This first novel sets up many things: important events that had their genesis as far back as World War II and continue today. The events, locations, and moments of wonder are all true. We weaved them together in a way that echoes what really happened to those who stumbled across something spectacular, wondrous, and a bit frightful. The glue is fiction. The building blocks are not.”

Each event was studied closely, and sometimes it was painfully misunderstood and confusing at the time.”

“I have been granted the opportunity to tell you a story over a series of novels about the important events that happened over the past sixty years. These moments shaped our world in more ways than one. I know it seems unbelievable, but it’s true.” — Tom DeLonge, Foreword to Sekret Machines, Book 1, Chasing Shadows

Many people skip the dedications, forewords and acknowledgements in a novel, jumping right into the story. This is what I suggest may have happened to Lue and his two associates who left TTSA.

For me, one of the more outlandish things that Tom Delong claims about UFOs is that the Germans had them before WWII. He says that accepting this piece of history is the biggest hurdle to a genuine understanding modern UFOs.

Hmm… while I’m over at Project Unity with the late astronaut Edgar Mitchell wondering about the “consciousness,” aspect,  Delong is pulling me back toward the nuts and bolts of history.

If Delong’s UFO history is accurate, Leu Elizondo, Chris Mellon and Steve Justice (the three who left TTSA), may be worried that a dangerous line of genuine disclosure has been crossed. They could be in trouble.

But if Tom Delong’s version of UFO history is inaccurate, these men might want to distance themselves from him in order to preserve their own credibility and continue bringing accurate disclosure to the world (within the limits of their nondisclosure agreements, of course).

Have you noticed the irony of expecting UFO “disclosure” from men with “nondisclosure” agreements?

I guess it’s always tough to know who, if anyone, to trust on the dodgy subject of UFOs.

But to remind us that tic-tac UFOs are not much different from UFOs of 70 years ago, here’s the late, Great Gordon Cooper, the youngest of the seven original astronauts in Project Mercury, to remind us of his UFO experience in 1951, a mere six years after WWII ended and 12 years before the beginning of WWII…

It seems that someone had advanced transportation tech shortly after WWII, and assuming it took them awhile to develop it, it’s not a stretch to imagine this tech existed twelve years before Gordon Cooper witnessed it. But the Germans? Maybe, but I’d have to favor an advanced breakaway civilization that survived the Younger Dryas event and lives today in obscurity.

At any rate, having read the Foreword to Book 1 of Sekret Machines before I started the novel, and knowing of Tom Delong’s claim that the events of this novel are NOT fictional, I have to say, the book held my interest more than any novel I’ve read in years. If he was lying, I guess that would be the point. But personally, I don’t sense he’s lying about this. Maybe he’s mistaken, or maybe he’s right.

Love & confusion,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

6 thoughts on “Why would Lue Elizondo leave TTSA?

  1. This was an enjoyable read. I like how you home in on what you imagine the perspectives to be like from current and ex ttsa members. It would be great to have someone like elizonda on ur CE-5 team

    • Thank you, anonymous. I’ve never done a CE-5 (attempting to contacting the phenomenon or attract a UFO) but I would like to do it someday with a group. There are those who caution us against CE-5’s, saying that once a person opens that door, there’s no telling what will continue to happen in terms of future contact, “abductions,” and whatnot. Kind of like the “hitchhiker” thing at Skinwalker Ranch. But I’m not personally worried about such things. I have faith in the goodness of the Being(s) beyond what I suspect is a simulation/holodeck Universe.

  2. I was to read Sekret Machines especially since it is non-fictional! Liked Gordon Cooper admitting that he saw something UFO like in the skies back that long ago. This needs to be brought out in the open.

    • I agree, Gypsy Bev. This UFO stuff is interesting and probably should be widely talked about and shared. Sekret Machines, to me, was a really fun read, especially when I knew that Tom Delong claims it’s carefully based upon real events. Some authors make such a claim just to sell a novel, but I don’t get that vibe from Tom.

  3. You never know. Could be exactly that. To me it’s a bit suspicious that these guys knew without a doubt that the reason people were investing in TTSA was/is because of the credibility that THEY brought to the table, so I find it hard to believe that they just left because of “mission accomplished”…..why pull the rug? They were the meat of the company! If Hal bails then I think we can conclude that the gig is up…….whatever that means. Regardless of how we chase the rabbit down the hole though…..I really do hope that before we die…..we get a definitive answer to our questions. It’s one thing to believe with all your heart that behind that bank vault door lies a million dollars. It’s quite another to roll around in it on your bed 🙂

    • Great point. There’s a distance between belief and knowledge. Many of our worldview beliefs are untestable assumptions, but the question of UFOs identity is testable and probably has at least one concrete answer and several ethereal answers.
      I came across a strange video clip of a man lecturing on nuts and bolts UFOs as if to a class of students. It could be fake, apparently no one knows, but it fits with Tom Delong’s story about German UFO history. Here’s a different link from the one I originally found at Project Unity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnkExyH2jc8
      By the way, when I used google to search for this video, typing in something like “German UFO videos on YouTube,” it was as if nothing of the sort existed. Everything that came up was irrelevant mainstream UFO links having to do with TTSA and the like. When I used Vivaldi browser and DuckDuckGo search engine, I found dozens of videos on the subject.
      More people need to witness for themselves Google’s blatant mainstream filters on knowledge. There’s nothing subtle about it. 🙂

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