The CIA asks Dr. Nolan to study UFOs saying, “People have died.”

Garry Nolan, PhD, a cancer researcher at Stanford was minding his own business one fine morning when the CIA came to his office from out of the blue and asked him to help them research the effects of UFO encounters upon human blood (Nolan’s area of special expertise).

If only there were a politically neutral mainstream TV “news” outlet, I could post that interview, but no such thing exists in the USA. Nothing vaguely close to neutral.

So if you’re a Democrat and can’t stand the sight of Tucker Carlson, please join me in forgetting politics. This is bigger than all that. Plug your nose, hold your breath, or whatever it takes to watch this world-class mainstream research scientist tell us what he knows for sure about UFOs.

The longer Dr. Nolan talks, the more he reveals his true opinions on UFOs.

The UFO phenomenon is part of the physical world.

“It’s unscientific to not study it. And if you’re going to be that way, you’re not a scientist, you’re a priest.” – Garry Nolan, PhD.

At first Dr. Nolan sounds fashionably skeptical, but after a while he reveals what he truly thinks we’re dealing with…

Dr. Nolan reminds us that the National Defense Appropriations Act of 2023 puts congressional demands upon the Defense Department (DOD) including the following:

1.) All the non-disclosure agreements related to UFOs/UAPs must be revealed (so everyone involved can be tracked down, given amnesty, and interviewed under oath)

2.) All records on the disinformation and obfuscation surrounding UFOs/UAPs must be revealed

3.) All the information going back to 1947 regarding UFO-related events that have occurred must be revealed

4.) All information about the medical harms that have occurred in association with UFOs/UAPs must be revealed

“What law can you remember in the last year or two that has had complete bipartisan support? This has brought people together…. This is above politics. It has to be.” – Garry Nolan, PhD

The CIA showed Nolan several brain imaging studies (MRIs) of people who had ventured too close to UFO craft. The white areas of sclerosis in the image on the right are scars associated temporally with symptoms resembling radiation toxicity immediately following the patient’s close proximity to a UFO vehicle.

“It’s 100% real. There’s no doubt about it. The data [of the physical effects associated with UFO encounters] is real.” – Garry Nolan, PhD

Carlson: “You’re around people who study this stuff for a living, the most knowledgeable people on this topic in the world.”

Nolan: “Yes, Yes.”

Carlson: “What is their general sense of what this [UFO phenomenon] might be?”

Nolan: “That this is not from Earth.”

Bipartisan Off-planet Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

8 thoughts on “The CIA asks Dr. Nolan to study UFOs saying, “People have died.”

  1. Wow! The CIA asked Dr. Nolan to discuss UFOs. No matter what the subject about UFOs that they inquired about, it is admitting that they exist. So glad someone of Dr. Nolan’s caliber is speaking out on this subject. Too bad his interview with them is not permitted to be shared – typical of our government control of the news…or someone who is controlling the government.

    • Great point! In order to go on doubting the reality of UFOs after listening to Dr. Nolan’s story, anyone would have to believe that this world-renowned Stanford cancer researcher is lying about the CIA’s visit.
      Yes the spread of information is so blatantly controlled these days it’s hard to believe we’re in the USA. It is possible for each of us to copy the URL of the YouTube video of Carlson interviewing Dr. Nolan and send the link around to friends and family through social media, blogs and whatnot, but that’s not very efficient. Too bad there’s no huge news outlet that’s willing to tell the whole truth on every subject. Maybe someday. 🙂

  2. 5lejas

    There has to be a way this knowledge area could be released to rhe public. Just not through offical channels. The MSN prevents the 2%+from really grasping the whole picture of this topic.

    • Yes, you’re right. The people who own mainstream news (both sides of it) are probably BlackRock folks who are among the so-called “stakeholders” that the World Economic Forum talks about so openly… the wannabe global one-world oligarchs. The best we can do is personally link to anything we find that scientists consider physical evidence of off-planet technology, and spread it around our personal niche of social media, blogs and YouTube channels. The evidence is enormous for astonishingly advanced transportation and energy technology existing now on Earth, but the public awareness has far to go. Most people don’t like to read, I think, especially not whole books.

      • Good comments and great article Morrill! Wasn’t it Carl Sagan who mentioned that there is a danger when knowledge, in this case, scientific knowledge far surpasses the public’s education about it? We can’t really keep up with it and there is no real scientific updating system (and likely a censorship system of “don’t teach that knowledge
        ‘) between our education from an early age onward and actual cutting-edge scientific stuff like the area of UFOs and the beings. It is like Latin (at least for me as I did not understand the Latin’s meaning) that was part of the Catholic religious ceremonies—mysterious and beautiful sounding, yet not comprehensible to most people. We just accepted that its arcane nature was kept a secret by the priest class hierarchy.

        • It’s so true. I can tell you from personal experience that nearly every doctor I’ve known has found it virtually impossible to keep up with the literature in their own narrow field of subspecialty, let alone the broader medical literature. Most docs rely on drug reps to give them an “educational” lecture with a free lunch. Other scientists and academics tell us privately that they find it impossible to keep up with the literature in their own areas of expertise. This leads to cognitive dissonance in some fields where the latest literature says one thing, but the majority of scientists believe the opposite story that they’ve learned from older literature. An example is fighting and preventing type 2 diabetes with low carb diets/ lifestyles rather than giving up and believing the cause is unknown and insulin is the only tool we have. Another example would be the sun’s central role in global warming (so-called solar forcing) based on the latest relevant peer-reviewed literature which nobody has time to read.

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