Will Smith and our little pseudo-problem…

Will Smith (the more conservative) slaps Chris Rock (the more liberal) and keeps us all looking at our pseudo-problem, not at our real problem.

Our pseudo-problem is the cultural divide where the fringe puritans of self-righteousness on both sides keep us thinking that those of us with liberal values and lifestyles must fight a war against those of us with conservative values and lifestyles.

Our real problem is that the tiny number of people who have real power over us are dragging the West into a digital totalitarian world order where political freedom and self-determination (core traits of democracy) are becoming extinct.

TV news (on both sides), the academy, Hollywood, Big Tech, Big Pharma, and tiny groups of highly vocal political-fringe voices on the left and right want us to focus all our attention on the pseudo-problem. They want us to remain blinded and divided by anger, outrage and hatred.

They glibly silence anyone who suggests that most of us regular folk, whether liberal, progressive, conservative, or whatever… we have friends and loved ones on both sides of their cultural pseudo-war.

We know how to love people of all stripes. We know how to respect cultural differences because we’re not vicious idiots with fighting instincts that overwhelm our compassion, objectivity, and reason.

We’re normal human beings, and we have a super-majority when it comes to everything except voting together.

This is because of the pseudo-war, the “culture war.”

If we voted together to stop powerful elites from killing democracy, we could save it. There’s still time, I think.

But we must wake up to the small groups’ motives for keeping us at each other’s throats. We must learn to refuse being emotionally and politically divided over nonsense…

“Will Smith did what?! I hate him now!”

“No, I love him. He did the right thing. ‘Whatever it takes,’ man.”

This is why I keep saying the political left and right desperately need each other. We need each other to wake up, forget the fake culture war, and vote together.

Nobody says this better than our naughty, potty-mouth pal, a recovering drug addict who’s too soft on communism (for me), but understands the real problem of top-down governments throughout history, Russell Brand…

Next time you vote in the US, choose someone of any party or lifestyle, someone who seems honest and says she/he will fight against top-down digital totalitarian rule, someone who doesn’t take corporate money to get elected and hasn’t become wealthy through legalized congressional insider trading.

Bipartisan Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

17 thoughts on “Will Smith and our little pseudo-problem…

  1. We can all work together and those of us who love this country try to do that. But those in control don’t want us working together. They want to stir up problems and have everyone at each other’s throats. They don’t want peace. I do. As for the idea of voting for someone who seems honest and will try to do the best for the country, that’s a nice thought but have you noticed that as soon as they get elected, they change their ways and become like those undesirables in control. I keep hoping for better days ahead but don’t see them right now.

    • Hi Gypsy Bev! Yes, I’ve noticed exactly what you’re talking about. They say one thing on the campaign trail then they suddenly change their tunes after being read into what’s really going on in the world… or at least what their handlers want them to believe. Democracy is so fragile, it seems. All we can do is keep trying to save it. The outcome may not be what matters most after we move on to the next realm.
      Take care, Talmage

  2. As you say, the Smith-Rock confrontation is but one of many distractions from our real problems. The combination of instant social media, pandemic lockdowns, and the constant bombardment of ‘unprecedented’ fear-mongering has muddled many peoples’ minds. They turn on a word or picture without question and either join in the howl or dig a hole to escape. Meanwhile, the self-righteous elitists (remarkable only because of their stores of money) pull the strings, plant the words, and broadcast pictures to distract us from what is going on. Elitist hands do not get soiled. They do this is through cutouts and surrogates, like Will Smith and Chris Rock, who get played and react emotionally without thought. Both Smith and Rock spoke and reacted inappropriately. Both were played. And both are part of the false narrative.

    • Well said. “The false narrative” seems to be anything that keeps our attention off the systematic dismantling of democracy.
      I love Will Smith and Chris Rock exactly the same amount. They’re both huge talents and wonderful human beings. Everybody makes emotional mistakes. Maybe not on live TV, but still…. I feel deep respect for the talents and good hearts of these two famous men.

  3. I really appreciate your analysis of the pseudo-problem, Dr. Moorehead, so thx. Your intelligence in the succinct breakdown of the cabal, and the actors in the Smith-Rock fiasco r quite illuminating. We could all do w more society wide analysis as u have posited here, stat! I fear that mankind is in the lead-up to WW III or Armageddon, as a sci-fi fan, but I see harms to us all, everywhere. Do not be an asshat by parroting the talking heads’ diatribes, please, my fellow man!

    • Thank you for this wonderful encouragement. I’m also a sci-fi fan and tend naturally to watch for storms on the horizon. The piecemeal destruction of democracy seems to have been going on for generations, a gradual march that has turned into a sprint in recent years. The more of us who see it and vote together for leaders who put democracy above political and cultural divides, the more likely we’ll save what’s left of our historically unusual and brilliant form of government. Many folks seem to consider the failing “crony” capitalism we have today to be the same thing as real capitalism. Worse yet, they confuse our deformed capitalism with democracy, lumping the two together and concluding that current Western governments must be “reset” which means “replaced” by a digital control system run by an amalgamation of World Banks, Corporations, and hyper-wealthy elites working through Davos-educated puppet graduates of the World Economic Forum. (This would be genuine conspiracy theory, except that the WEF has stated their agenda in print and bragged of their shocking successes in speeches that anyone can find on YouTube.)

  4. If by “liberal” you mean Steve Kirsch and those like him, I’d agree.

    Unfortunately, the global elite keep pushing their agenda and no one is stopping them. It looks like Obama is the shadow ruler of the US and the left loves him. Obama is a major globalist.

    • As best I can tell, the term “liberal” seems to have been divided into 1.) “classic liberalism” that values democracy and 2.) the angry hyper-vocal woke racism that states open opposition to fairness and logic, saying that fairness and logic haven’t worked for them, so now it’s “whatever it takes,” including racism. I don’t think it’s logical to give the woke racist movement any part of the term “liberal.” But they have become the champions of deleting words from usage and changing the meanings of words to suit an agenda, so who knows what to call them? I call them “woke racists.” I’m not at all sure they deserve to be considered part of the “far left.” But it’s confusing to me. It’s as if someone has combined some of the worst traits of humanity into a political movement: book-burning censorship, the absence of forgiveness, emotional hysteria that overpowers and discredits logic and reason, and the amoral decision to win at all costs including racism and violence. Unfortunately they control so much of society now in the US, it’s going to require the united voting of true liberals and conservatives to stop the evisceration of democracy. If the woke racists gain complete control of the government, their utopia will be a hell-on-earth, as far as I can tell. A return of humanity to the mentality and governance of the dark ages.

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