Examining the Heart and Soul of Totalitarianism

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was to find out that a brilliant systems analyst whose opinions I hold in the highest esteem, Ivor Cummins, has identified the root cause of what’s destroying love, trust and trustworthiness in the world today. The author of an important book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism, Mattias Desmet, also gets it. He delivers a spell-binding interview in the video above.

These two men have come to grips with a hard truth that I’ve been yammering about, mainly to my wife, for decades: the primary cause of our cultural dysfunction today is “scientific” materialism, the pseudoscientific and dogmatic faith in the untestable assumption that our universe and all of the things and beings that might possibly lie beyond it, are all made of 1. mindless matter and 2. mindless electromagnetic energy. This interchangeable pair, born of reductionism, has designed and constructed the vast living ecosystems of unfathomably complex organisms without mindful help, because the faithful know there is no chance of a higher mind existing out there anywhere.

“Mass formation psychosis,” as the narrative goes, was first described in the 1950s as a state of mass hypnosis that must take control of 30 percent of a population before a tyrant can drag a country into one of the traditional forms of totalitarianism. Nazi Germany is the poster-child, it seems.

When I listen to this highly educated guy in the video, Mattias Desmet, discuss “mass formation,” it seems intuitively obvious that the US is experiencing this odd hypnotic phenomenon now, heading rapidly and enthusiastically toward a technologically enforced totalitarian society with Central Bank Digital Currency in the hands of the Central Banking Cartel as the ultimate tool for micromanagement of speech, shopping, and the savings/ investment patterns of each individual within their digital surveillance.

Here are the dynamics of group psychosis through hypnosis…

Lonely, frightened people become emotionally married to a constantly repeated (but irrational) narrative that feels good because it focuses everyone’s free-floating anxieties and fears on a concrete object, the “evil people,” who can be dealt with directly (in contrast to their free-floating anxiety which has nothing concrete to target for elimination). These “evil people” are always a group of flawed souls (because we’re all flawed souls, OK? Own it.) This flawed group’s historic and ongoing imperfections are surreptitiously emphasized with righteous indignation which subconsciously tags the group as the cause of everyone’s fear and anxiety, especially where money and poverty are concerned.

Today’s iteration of mass formation psychosis is far from “an equivalence” to Nazi Germany’s events, except perhaps in vague broad terms such as the catastrophically bad judgement of our leadership (on both sides of US politics). The “ultimate evil” group today has become the un-woke white males, as best I can tell. This could change, of course. State-sanctioned racism could shift from white males to all whites including white women and children. Or the currently woke version of racism could suddenly point its finger at another group, such as the Asians, the Mormons, the folk who pilot the world’s UFOs/UAPs, or even the un-woke of all races and worldviews who simply oppose ALL forms of racism on principle, including the woke anti-white form we’re currently struggling with.

It’s strange how a frightened, lonely population can be group-hypnotized into embracing a narrative, no matter how absurd it is, as long as the narrative can be constantly repeated to the public while rational voices are suppressed.

If you wanted to take over the world today, you’d need to have Big Tech and ALL the TV “news” outlets behind your narrative.


You’d need a crisis or a series of crises, hopefully signaling an unavoidable global macroeconomic disaster like hyperinflation and/or depression.


You’d need the big money behind your cause, like the world’s true central bankers and their puppets who appear to run the FED.


Then you, as a wannabe tyrant, could succeed miraculously through public repetition of any delusion, because the discomfort of free-floating fear, anxiety and loneliness can be symptomatically suppressed by focusing these unstable emotions on their supposed root-cause, namely the insufferably rotten white people with male gender identification.

“These sub-humans need to be at least punished for what they’ve done. Then we’ll find justice.”

The huge relief that comes from focusing free-floating anxiety and fear on something concrete brings fanatical dedication to the cause. Currently the cause appears to be silencing, hating, and eventually hunting down and exterminating all the “subhuman animals” who stubbornly oppose the woke delusion and its cultural and governmental takeover. Some of us happen to be white males, so we’re an easy starting point, but probably it won’t stop there.

Unfortunately, eliminating entire segments of the human population (and thereby reducing genetic diversity and our species’ odds of long-term survival) appears to be historically central to a successful “mass formation psychosis” perpetrated by tyrants who are overthrowing a government.

The folk in a takeover-targeted society who speak against the hypnotic racist narrative are, we’re told, unable to reverse the course of the revolution, but at least their anti-racist, anti-murder efforts to preserve rational thought do sometimes seem to succeed in preventing outright genocide and mass murder.

Today the WEF is openly telling us their plans to conquer the world, rejoicing in the ongoing global crises (economic and virus-related) that they freely admit they’re taking full advantage of while publicly bragging about their success in “infiltrating” by getting WEF graduates elected to public office. Fortunately the World Economic Forum seems to want to avoid nuclear war during their takeover. Got to be thankful for the little things.

“Mass formation” theory explains why and how the low points of human history tend to repeat themselves.

But I find it more fascinating that “scientific” materialism itself, the dominant toxic fundamentalist worldview today, is nothing short of a mass formation psychosis. It has taken a lonely group of highly intelligent people who have dedicated their careers to objective truth and curiosity, a group of wonderful men and woman who live in constant anxiety and fear of stepping out of line or in any way inadvertently screwing something up and losing their research funding, and through endless repetition of the Neo-Darwinian narrative for over a century, it (the toxic soup of materialism) has transformed about 66% of scientists and much of the general public into “scientific” materialist fundamentalists who reject all scientific curiosity outside of traditional materialist boundaries.

And as a group, the materialists (a.k.a. physicalists) continue to destroy the careers of anyone who opposes their scientific faith-based assumption with any other scientific faith-based assumption, such as Intelligent Design or the objective, scientific study of UFO’s/UAPs. They also censor and derail the careers of those within their own materialist faith whenever one of them accidentally discovers and tries to publish the evidence supporting a non-materialist worldview.

It’s no wonder I’m hearing rumors that materialist scientists are individually but quietly backing away from their long-held religion. Reality is impossible to hide from smart people forever, it seems to me.

I can deal with the notion that Desmet suggests, that the silent majority (on all sides of politics, science and human demographics who quietly dislike racist government takeovers) cannot prevent it from ultimately happening. It’s not the end of the world if we can’t change the course of history or even change the mind of a single woke racist. We can at least keep talking sense to the brick wall of hypnosis. We can at least keep trying to limit the loss of life that has traditionally been part of government takeover revolutions throughout history.

Come to think of it, I like what someone reported hearing during their life-changing near-death experience…

“God doesn’t ask us to succeed, only to persist.”

Ask Viktor Frankl, God rest his soul. Speaking up against ALL forms racism is the only loving, kind, and thoughtful thing to do, because nobody who’s not a sociopath feels good about themselves after a genocide, whether they’ve participated as a bloodthirsty proponent, a passive observer, or a survivor like Mr. Frankl.

Democracy Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

11 thoughts on “Examining the Heart and Soul of Totalitarianism

  1. Hello

    Many thanks for you post. You say “Today the WEF is openly telling us their plans to conquer the world, rejoicing in the ongoing global crises (economic and virus-related) that they freely admit they’re taking full advantage of”

    I would say ‘causing’ myself. Call the ‘flu Covid 19 then manipulate the media to tell lots of fibs a.k.a. damn lies. Stings the sane into action whist the terminally dim fall for the scams.

    • I wouldn’t be at all surprised to find out someday that the original Wuhan virus (or viruses) was/were leaked from the Wuhan lab. I strongly suspect (as in 99% convinced) that this is what happened. The evidence is there, though efforts to downplay and hide it are great. To go beyond an accidental virus leak and take the position that the virus leak was intentionally caused by WEF graduates would require a great deal more direct evidence than I’ve seen as yet, but an open mind must wonder if this could be true. In any routine murder case, a detective tries to determine who has benefited from the murder (in this case it would be mass murder). The people who had something to gain must show up on the initial suspect list. That’s not to say they’re necessarily guilty, just that they have an apparent motive.

      • Thanks for your reply. I wasn’t thinking about a lab leak as this is part of the hoax, an elaborate set up. The Wuhan issue was because the city is in the middle of China and in the winter it is very cold. It suffers from the inversion effect where the cold air sinks into the valley keeping the pollution in the city.

        The citizens were suffering from respiratory diseases because of the air quality. When the city was locked down the pollution decreased significantly. The hoax/fraud is that MSN/governments were making out this was a rampant monster on the loose going to kill us all.

        All it took was fear porn as they call it and years of disinformation as to what the ‘flu actually is, the toxicosis of the body primarily created by the body with additional poisons added from the environment.

        The same thing was used in Italy were the north industrialised areas are heavily polluted also. The Po valley suffers from mists and fogs due to its location and flood plain.

        If you haven’t seen it I explain re Wuhan here in my own hopefully humorous style.


        And I have written this more recently re what causes the ‘flu, rebranded Covid 19 in 2020 which explains as best I can the relationship with vaccines. I am always happy to explain further if required.


        As regards the WEF, I said ‘causing’ because they set up among others the psy op, the manipulation of a gullible public brought up on all sorts or lies over the years. This could not have occurred earlier as there were too many sensible people around and they had to die off.

        There certainly is mass murder, although grievous bodily harm or GBH is more the point creating customers for big pharma who have made a huge amount of money over the years poisoning people for profit.

  2. The interviews I watched with Matthias, and other doctors as well, who speak out against the killing of true science, were excellent—finally some sense. Mass misinformation has to stop and be replaced with common sense.

    • Indeed, well said. Common sense died in many people so resurrecting it essential. What staggers me is when the governments gave contradictory advice why more people don’t stop and think ‘Hang on a minute’.

      But some people are incredibly dim.

      • Speaking of “incredibly dim” people, I have to count myself among them. Here’s why… As you might have gathered from reading my blog, I take the UFO/UAP phenomenon quite seriously. It appears that there is a group of unknown folks (whether US military, Alien, a breakaway human civilization, or whatever) who have made great strides in producing transportation vehicles that appear to defy the laws of physics as we know them. I suspect that if and when these people/ sentient beings begin to deal with the public more openly we will discover that all humanity is incredibly dim by comparison. On a more personal level, when I was in a small High School, I routinely got the top grade or close to it on Chemistry and Physics tests (by studying my arse off). At a small religious university, I continued to study hard but often pulled only A-minus grades in some of the harder sciences, like physics. In Med School I wound up with a few classmates thinking I was an outlier in terms of high intelligence despite the fact that I did not make the top third of my class. All this is to just say that I was no absolute dummy, even among a fairly smart group of med school students at a religion-associated medical school (LLUMC)… and so one day in Med School I was studying with a quiet Asian friend who was a music major in College (in addition to taking all the pre-Med stuff). We would read a few pages for the first time then ask each other questions. I got most of his questions right, but he got all of my questions right. Then we came to a big table with all sorts of rows of numbers and data columns. It was the sort of thing I could have probably memorized if I took a week and kept at it. I decided to ask him specifics from the table to hopefully come up with a question he couldn’t answer. Bad idea. Although neither of us had seen or studied the table before, it turned out he knew every detail of it after just taking a good look at it. This was when I became viscerally acquainted with exactly how dim witted I am compared to a really smart human being. It’s exactly like athletics where the pros play at a different level, one that most weekend warriors can’t begin to comprehend without going toe-to-toe with a pro. With my med school story in mind, imagine how true the following fringe “Area 51” story range for me at least at an emotional level… Long ago I read a first-person account of a guy who claimed to have worked as a scientist with ETs who were supposedly living at or near Area 51 and working with human scientists. The guy telling the story said you might think any scientist would love to work with these advanced beings, but actually each scientist who worked with one became clinically depressed and left the program. Area 51 (supposedly) couldn’t keep scientists on the job because, after working with beings of truly high intelligence, each human scientist’s life-long supremely cherished self-image as an incredibly smart person collapsed like a stock market in early stagflation. Of course, a logical, objective person needs more than an emotional “that rings true” intuitive feeling to convince her/him that a fringe story like this is true. But I bring it up to remind myself just how human and therefore limited I am in intelligence and how gullible all of humanity tends to be, myself included whether I like it or not. To your point of the government’s contradictory advice, and why people don’t seem to notice it, I’m convinced it’s because of the limits of human memory. Very very few of us can remember 1% of what we read or hear on the “news” or on a YT video for more than a few days unless we review the information at critical intervals to drive it from the hippocampus into long-term cortical memory.
        This comment is getting long, sorry. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Stay strong and brilliant, Elisabeth.

          • Sorry, I was thinking that my long comment should go to Elisabeth. Her picture seemed to be above the alphaandomega21 identity on the upper right corner bell extension where things can run together when dark mode is enabled.

            But my long comment was an answer to your comment, by accident as it turns out. So we’re all good.

            I appreciate your kind word, that I’m not incredibly dim. Relative to the human average, I suspect you’re right, but relative to the truly brilliant people I’ve worked with, I’m not in the same league, at least not in terms of short-term memory capacity and retention. It’s hard to gage people in terms of their ability to associate clues and draw accurate worldview conclusions. We all tend to feel we’re infallible in this regard. But if my suspicions about off-world intelligences having already visited Earth turn out to be valid, I’d bet the farm I’m extremely dumb compared to any of those people/ beings. And I’m jiggy with it, as they used to say a million years ago.

            Stay strong and brillant, alphaandomega21!

    • I’m intuitively certain you’re right, 5lejas5. Wish we had even more hard scientific evidence for a non-materialist universe and continuation of life beyond life. I think we will someday, assuming the hypnotic grip of “scientific” materialism continues to collapse under the weight of concrete evidence, as seems to be happening in the early 21st Century.

      I apologize for taking so long to reply to your comment. Fact is, I’ve been extremely sidetracked from my blog by a rekindled interest in day trading the financial markets and position trading using global data and LEAPS puts. I’m doing this in preparation for hard economic times ahead for the world, which I hope won’t happen but FEEL 100% convinced will happen.

      Cognitively (as opposed to emotionally and intuitively) I’m only about 90 to 95% convinced that the future (over the next 2 to 12 years) will include a global stagflation type of great recession or depression in which central banks will ride to the rescue with highly incentivized CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) that will be used to micromanage Earth’s populations on an individual-by-individual basis through surveillance of each person’s spending and speech behavior patterns.

      Knowing your views to some degree on UFOs and Alien life on Earth, I can share with you a question that looms in my mind. Could an off-planet species with ESP powers be the driving force behind CBD Currency and population control rather than merely the WEF, whom I’m assuming are regular humans from planet Earth.

      I’m currently trying to write one of my usual long boring sci fi stories in which I explore this question, trying to take in the Alien perspective. Imagine you came from a society where lies, theft, murder, etc. were virtually impossible because everyone could read everyone else’s minds. Would your people ever engage in war on your home planet? I kind of doubt it. Would they survive as a species long enough to populate multiple planets? My guess is yes, they would certainly have a survival advantage because they probably wouldn’t be adding Nuclear Annihilation to the list of possible extinction level events for their species.

      If you take a few moments to put yourself mentally into the shoes of such an “alien” being from this type of society, and you came here to try to increase the odds of humanity surviving to inhabit multiple planets, would you be more apt to promote democracy or one-world government with CBDC’s inherent level of surveillance and control? Would your ultimate goal in helping us be preserving individual freedom or something else like helping us survive long enough to become a species with ESP which presumably brings inherent trust and trustworthiness and eliminates nuclear war and the use of other WMD?

      Just wondering what you might think.

      Stay strong, open-minded and happy, 5legas5.


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