Convenience shopping in Sweden with The Mark of the Beast

“The second beast was permitted to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship it to be killed. And the second beast required all people small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark— the name of the beast or the number of its name.” – Revelation 13: 15-17.

Several decades ago when I was struggling to remain a fundamentalist Christian (I gave up in 2001), I thought the book of Revelation should NOT be in the Bible. The tone was wrong. The temperament and personality of God seemed wildly inaccurate.

But I’m often wrong about important things…

A half hour ago I came across a video by a British Comedian discussing a microchip popular in Sweden. They estimate that 10,000 people have had these things inserted subcutaneously now. In one of their hands.

Russell Brand seems warm-hearted, intelligent and often funny in his own loving way. Although he likes foul words, he hasn’t used many this time around. Nevertheless, anyone with a fundamentalist Christian background might want take a seat before watching this rant.

It’s a bit chilling…

I wish there were a Christian denomination focused only on doing things for others in search of shared love in this life, rather than centering as they all seem to do around accepting a specific worldview in search of Heaven and immortality in the next life.

To me, once you feel you know God and really trust him, you don’t worry about getting to Heaven or having the right beliefs or books to get you there. You just want to connect with loving people and help them do something genuinely worthwhile.

Doctrine-free Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

4 thoughts on “Convenience shopping in Sweden with The Mark of the Beast

  1. Like you, I know they will shortly find a way to mandate the chip so they can keep track of everyone. Anyone refusing will be left without a way to purchase anything or go anywhere. These are evil people in our world who want to control the population and reduce it as quickly as possible. There is no doubt that COVID was created for this purpose and there will be another one to follow. Makes me hope that those aliens would drop down in their ship and take me away from it all.

    • I think some of the super-wealthy people behind the “reset” are probably sincere believers in their communist-like micromanaged utopia. They might believe that an AI with total moment-by-moment personal information on every individual (through an implanted computer chip) could track and predict supply and demand from the micro level to the macro level accurately enough to avoid the financial failures characteristic of every previous attempt at top-down totalitarian communist rule. But it won’t work, no matter how sincere and benevolent their intentions might be.
      I can imagine an alien race with a natural ability to read minds and no innate need for privacy, but I’m pretty sure humans would be unable to adjust to a technological version of that — having our minds read and our finances, location, actions, and speech recorded and laid open for anyone and everyone to read. It would never fly.
      But if aliens do come and take you away, please stay in touch. They must have internet, right? You could introduce us. 🙂

  2. Several years ago I told some of my scientific friends that they would be putting microchips in our bodies to know exactly what we were doing and also have a means to control our minds and bodies. They said that wasn’t possible…it would never happen. What are these people thinking that for them seems convenience is really giving the government control of their lives. I wonder if they will begin putting these in at the hospital without permission. Wasn’t there a law passed at one time that included the right to chip newborn babies? Russell Brand is a favorite of my son’s and he feels he tells it like it is. Our freedom is being taken away right before our eyes, but no one is looking.

    • Hi Gypsy Bev! It seems you had a vision of the future. Wow.
      I’m thinking that these subcutaneous microchips will probably be mandated when the next viral pandemic sweeps the globe.
      If you compare the “excess death” stats of COVID with the Spanish Flu, it’s clear that a global pandemic can be far more deadly than COVID.
      In my humble and yet infallible opinion (lol), COVID was created in the Wuhan laboratory.
      The evidence of this is available online, outside of the mainstream news.
      China’s “king” shows signs of being a sociopath with no capacity for guilt or conscience. Fauci apparently funded the Wuhan lab to continue his “gain of function research” using US tax money.
      Now that the sociopath knows how to create a pandemic, “Xitler” (Xi Jinping) will soon create a more deadly pandemic, the likes of which will make COVID look tame.
      The self-righteous outrage of US citizens that a vocal minority feels today against parents who examine the science and intelligently refuse to vaccinate their children will awaken as white-hot rage against anyone who refuses the subcutaneous microchip.
      The chip will then be mandated, initially to track the spread of the virus and enforce isolating the infected for legitimate public health reasons. That undeniable, logical, science-based legitimacy will make anyone who refuses the chip seem like a selfish, ignorant, deadly spreader of the most lethal virus in humanity history (at least since the Younger Dryas event that destroyed all ancient written records). The public outrage against us insane, evil “anti-chippers” will cause the frightened, outraged majority to demand an upgrade to the chip. The upgrade will allow the FED’s new digital currency to connect to the upgraded chip, giving everyone convenient access to their retail bank accounts at the FED. This will force the anti-chippers to either “do the morally right thing” and get the chip or starve to death. Starving to death will seem like an appropriate punishment for people who are so selfish that they are putting their own children and other people’s families at unnecessary risk of death.
      At least that’s one possible way this chip could be mandated globally. I’m sure there are many other possible routes to the same infamous “Mark of the Beast.”
      It’s strange how an ancient text can become tomorrow’s news.

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