What the Navy told the US Patent Office…

Imagine that some unknown scientist working for the Navy tries to get a patent on an anti-gravity vehicle that’s shaped like a triangular UFO. The same guy also submits a patent for a cold fusion power source that’s shaped like the Tic-Tac of UFO/UAP fame. When he runs into resistance from the US patent office, the Navy steps in and backs him forcefully in writing, making wild claims. Try to imagine that three of this scientist’s four world-shaking patents were granted.

All this really happened.

The patent requests were submitted a short time after other scientists detected gravitational waves for the first time in 2015 – 2016, and around the time that TTSA came out with the Tic-Tac UFO/UAP videos of 2017.

The “unknown” scientist was Dr. Salvatore Pais, a US Navy aerospace engineer who was working at the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Division in Maryland.

One of his publicly patented inventions is called: “Craft Using an Inertial Mass Reduction Device.” The patent was granted despite a lack of peer-reviewed literature to support it. The mainstream scientific community calls it balderdash, as they do when anything groundbreaking upsets a field of “known” science.

Yet the patent of Dr. Pais’ triangular UFO design was accepted because his Navy superiors informed the patent office that his triangular craft (capable of traveling at extremely high velocities in space as well as through the atmosphere and even under water) “would soon become a reality.”

This is according to Ross Coulthart, in his book In Plain Sight. It’s a fabulously enjoyable and important book to read.

So far, despite a trail of linked documentation in the book’s footnotes, I’ve been personally unable to uncover the letter of the Navy Boss to the Patent Office. (I suspect it’s been suppressed by the Navy or cancelled by some woke racist in the US Patent Office .) But Ross Coulthart is, in my opinion, the most trustworthy reporter on Earth today. And he’s probably the most intelligent one by quite a spread, judging by how he comes across on interviews.

According to Mr. Coulthart…

Dr James Sheehy, the chief technology officer of the US Naval Aviation Enterprise, wrote: ‘This [triangular antigravity craft] will become a reality. China is already investing significantly in this area and I would prefer we hold the patent as opposed to paying forever more to use this revolutionary technology.’ – from Coulthart, Ross. In Plain Sight (p. 172). Kindle Edition.

If you’re familiar with the UFO literature, you’re reminded of the triangle over Phoenix Arizona and the “Belgium Flap” of 1989.

Black triangles have been floating and zooming silently through our skies for some time. It’s virtually impossible to deny their existence now that the Navy has confirmed the authenticity of a UFO triangle captured on night-vision video over the ocean.

Dr. Pais’ patenting adventure didn’t begin or end with the affectionately dubbed “TR3B” triangular antigravity “UFO” craft. He also brought three other major pieces of sci-fi technology to the patent office, possibly revealing for the fist time a decades-old secret compartment of US technology.

Pais’ patent requests included a “‘High’ Temperature Superconductor” a Forcefield Generator and a “High Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator” shaped something like a Tic Tac, at least in the cross-sectional diagram he submitted…

Significantly, the only one of his patents that was rejected was an energy device that, if functional and public, would put the petroleum industry out of business. The device is called a Plasma Compression Fusion Device.

For years our pal Steven Greer, MD has talked about his effort to bring a clean energy device into the world, but, as he tells it, the “sociopathic” folks behind the fossil fuel industry have covert control over the US Government to such an extent that each time a workable clean, “free” energy device surfaces, they step in, classify it, and burry it, sometimes using violence.

Over time, Dr. Greer has enjoyed several begrudged confirmations of his “wild claims.” The focused rejection of Dr. Pais’ clean energy device, seen in the context of the acceptance of all his other wild-sounding patent submissions, is another point of evidence backing Greer’s claim that Western covert powers include Big Oil and oppose clean, renewable, ultra-low-cost energy.

Why would the US Patent Office grant a patent on an antigravity UFO/UAP, but not on a similarly wild sounding clean energy device?

As with the Davis-Wilson documents, Dr. Greer is sounding more and more like he’s basically an honest man with some of the human judgement flaws common among leaders. In addition, he seems to have some of the gifts that sometimes come across as “flaws” common among experiencers of the Phenomena.

Personally, I suspect that Dr. Greer is like a few of my mentors from pathology residency days. These brilliant guys were so accustomed to being right on decades’ worth of academic multiple-guess exams, getting straight A’s throughout all their schooling, and later being considered “always right” by their mentors and peers in pathology, that they’d learned to neglect the scientist’s constant desperate need to differentiate what they KNOW from what they strongly SUSPECT.

Most real scientists, for instance, strongly SUSPECT that Macro-evolution of species via random mutation is an accurate theory, while most scientists in general “know” it’s true. As a scientist, I strongly suspect it’s NOT true, but I’m in a small growing minority there.

Dr. Greer would have a broader influence on the UFO community and beyond if he meditated carefully on what he KNOWS for sure versus what he “knows” with 99% certainty. There’s a world of difference, and emotional confidence is irrelevant in this differentiation.

And once he has made this two-column list for himself, I wish Dr. Greer would share it with the rest of the world. I think we’d all be far ahead. The UFO community would be less emotionally divided and more capable of working together toward a common goal.

There’s a book called “Risk Intelligence, by Evans.” Well worth reading. On the one hand, humans on average will NOT follow you unless you sound 100% confident in your message. I will always have few readers. But on the other hand, those who are able to accurately rank the certainty of their knowledge (each point of evidence) are able to make far better predictions, and I would suggest far more accurate connections between the rabbit holes of Ufology and the phenomena.

I don’t think Dr. Greer is alone in needing to solidify the distinction between his knows and almost-knowns. The entire UFO community, myself included, would become more accurate, less gullible, and possibly more influential if we each made this distinction a routine matter of our integrity.

For example, we know now that the Navy wants us to believe that they will soon have triangular antigravity craft in the air. I think we can be 100% certain that their agenda now includes a hope that the outside world will believe this. It leads me personally to suspect that most, but not all, of the triangular UFOs we’ve seen in recent decades were covert US technology.

But I have to differentiate the issue deliberately to avoid an unjustified emotional sense of 100% certainty…

No matter how absolutely certain I now FEEL that the US has been flying black anti-gravity triangles for decades, it’s not something that belongs in my column of “knowns.” I’m not 100% certain about it when I consult the two sleepy objective neurons in my prefrontal cortex.

“Hey guys, wake up! The Navy’s got patents on black triangles now. It all fits!”

“Wait a minute, kid. What if the Navy’s top brass are all ET’s, and the Universe is a holo-matter simulation designed to teach us how to love?”

Differentiated Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

6 thoughts on “What the Navy told the US Patent Office…

  1. 5Lejas

    Your article shows very good discernment regarding both Dr. Steven Greer’s accomplishments, perspective, and Coulthart’s research in his book, especially with regards to the DOE’s role in gatekeeping, and the withholding of patent number 4, the clean energy device. However, even Coulthart keeps a skeptical hat on, because he won’t believe 100% until he can see it and touch it. However, one area where Ufology researchers have fallen short is with regard to Dr. Judy Wood’s research. They have failed to acknowledge that the clearest, most tangible evidence to date for a weaponized version of zero-point energy technology is in her book, “Where did the towers go?” As I mentioned before, the late Paul Hellyer endorsed her research as valid, but with the exception of Richard Dolan, most researchers have been silent on her work. For example, researchers like Jacques Vallet must be aware of it, but he has never drawn any connection to my knowledge. The reason he should have is an important indicator for a cold process of energy was present that day. Two examples: Tritium was present in amounts higher than background levels, but there were no other isotopes present related to a hot nuclear reaction (see Tritium as a result of LENR—low energy nuclear reactions). The second were coins of different denominations that appeared to be melted or merged together, but there was unburned paper merged with the coins. That would be a field day for Vallet, who does research into possible metamaterials with unusual isotopes related to UFOs. Greer knows all too well of the 911 zero-point energy connection but won’t speak about it. Was he warned off?

    • Hi, 5Lejas,

      Your comment from yesterday (or the day before?) showed up at my blog this morning, finally. I have no idea why your comments are being blocked, delayed, and/or put into the spam folder, but it’s certainly interesting. As you know, anyone exploring the numerous anomalies of 9-11-01, such as building 7, will be immediately silenced on YouTube. Perhaps the 9/11 woke-racist censors are working now at WordPress.com. I hope not. Free speech is the only tool we have against the totalitarian goals of our fanatic elite. (There’s more of us than there are of them.)

      Thank you for your kind encouragement. I’ve listened to Richard Dolan’s videos on 9/11 and agree that the mainstream videos of the Towers’ collapse show all varieties of building materials turning to dust in mid air as they fall to the ground. Some of that material appears to be beams undoubtedly made of metal. The fact that building 7 collapsed later in the same solid-to-dust way, having not been hit by the two “jet aircraft” leaves me suspicious that advanced technology was used. But I wouldn’t lay the blame on either of the two political parties or on their elected leaders.

      I think our political polarization has become a blatantly obvious tool of the elite. When anything needs to be hidden, it seems their mainstream media pawns turn it into a political argument so all eyes focus anger on the innocent people of the opposite party, away from those actually in power, the covert one-world government(s) of the West. How they probably laugh these days at the success they’re having, keeping the public from exploring the reality of their power-structure by calling it “conspiracy theory.”

      I have enormous respect and admiration for Paul Hellyer. Anyone can see the goodness in his heart each time he speaks. I haven’t read Judy Wood’s research, though I’ve heard Mr. Dolan reference it and speak highly of her work, as I recall. I’ll see if I can find her book(s) on Amazon and organize my ignorance.

      Wow, it’s $48. Gotta think awhile about this purchase.

      I agree that there is good evidence that something like cold fusion energy production exists behind the scenes today. The scientists of the SAFIRE Project seem to think they can make it public. I hope they succeed, but I suspect they’re being naïve. Whatever happens, at least they’re currently bringing evidence of covert energy technology mechanisms to the public’s attention… while they’re allowed to continue this breakthrough work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GFFfmBGb5U

      I seem to have forgotten about the fused coins with unburned paper between them. Can you easily locate a link to that piece of evidence? (Please don’t waste a bunch of your time looking for it, though. I’ll eventually run across it.)

      I kind of think Dr. Greer may have decided that the public’s blanket knee-jerk stigma reaction that dismisses anyone questioning the 9/11 mainstream narrative is more negative weight than his reputation could withstand if added to the unfortunate disdain and ridicule his CE-5 work-for-pay brings him. He comes across to me as someone the shadow government(s) can handle satisfactorily by simply using his own authoritarian-style personality and occasional judgement flaws against him in the public arena. (Total speculation.)

      Off topic: I’m not sure if you’re into meditation, but if not, I have to say it’s helped me. You might find these two meditation videos interesting if you have time:

      (I have no affiliation with these videos, in case anyone reading this might be wondering.)

      Take care,

        • Thank you for all these fantastic links! No worries about the coin fusion pictures. I’m sure I’ll come across them in my journey.
          Regarding those meditation videos, I’m neutral on the “new age” thing where a person “manifests” material wealth and whatnot. Maybe that’s real, maybe it’s a mind game, I don’t know. But I’ve been doing various types of meditation for several years with moderately good subjective results, and there’s quite a body of soft scientific literature behind the many voices that claim it has remarkable positive effects for some people. Just saying. 🙂

  2. Interesting that they are getting patents on these things at this time. Guess they are trying to cover up something. That last sentence of yours really gets the mind to thinking of all the possibilities out there. Please keep feeding us information to stimulate our minds.

    • I will do my best, Gypsy Bev. I really do suspect that the Universe is a holo-mater simulation and God(s) is the benevolent architect, designer and code writer. I doubt all the Navy’s top brass are ET’s, but there is soft global evidence of ancient ET intervention in human affairs, best highlighted and discussed in “The Scars of Eden” by Wallis.

      If you read this book, however, please don’t let it stop you from praying to the true benevolent God(s), whomever he/she/they might be in your worldview. That’s the thing I worry about… People throwing out communication with a loving God(s) on the basis of a new and presumably more accurate understanding of old scriptures and ancient world traditions and myths.
      Stay safe. 🙂

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