COVID Vaccine’s Political Protection…

Back in the early 1980’s when I was in pathology residency and HIV / AIDS had begun to burst upon the scene of Western medicine, one of my mentors told me essentially, “This is the first time we face a politically protected disease. There will be many deaths because we didn’t confront this contagion the way we normally would.”

Today it’s hard to imagine that for most gay people back then, their professional careers and social lives would almost certainly be destroyed if they “came out of the closet.” 

People of compassion knew this and did everything they could to prevent such cruelty. With the best of intentions they turned a deadly contagious disease into a political affair to protect the gay populations’ valuable privacy.

The medical system decided against using tried-and-true public health measures to protect everyone. Instead they chose to keep the infected victims’ identities secret, to not trace their contacts, and to forget about quarantining the infected individuals. 

Traditional public health measures, though logical, seemed cruel and insensitive to many at the time. “Only a hard-nosed conservative homophobe would be so callous and mean-spirited.” 

Protected by political emotion, HIV/AIDS spread throughout the world killing millions and millions who might have been spared if the medical community had remained objective and refused to turn an infectious disease into a political issue. 

Today the medical community has learned nothing from their tragic emotional response to the HIV epidemic. Again our medical system (in the US) has allowed political emotion to guide them, probably from compassion for the many as yet unvaccinated older adults who are, as far as we know now, statistically much more likely to suffer prolonged illness or death from COVID-19 than from the known side effects of the vaccines. 

Sure, this time we underwent extensive public health measures including isolation, politically-motivated mask mandates, and whatnot, but the politically protected disease is now an “uncommon” complication of the vaccine(s).

Since political thinking is black-and-white by nature and has again come to dominate the medical conversation, the vaccines’ negative side effects will not be brought before the public. In politics it always seems better to sweep unwanted things under the rug for the greater political good. 

And I almost sort of get it. I personally hesitate to bring vaccine problems to anyone’s attention because: 

1. I strongly suspect that the long-term negative effects of the vaccines will be much milder than the overall damage done by COVID-19 itself, after all the facts are known, which won’t be for decades.

2. I share the human tendency for “all-or-none” thinking, so I know that when someone reveals an important flaw in something that’s otherwise quite helpful, regular people like me may view the helpful thing as totally unhelpful. This is an example of using political neurons (rather than our few objective neurons) in allowing the perfect to become the enemy of the good, as for example when our academics’ ideal Bolshevik utopia casts a dark shadow over humanity’s imperfect democracies, and they act to eliminate democracy through the indoctrination of children. Rookie mistake, but so very human.

3. Since the possibility of long-term catastrophically negative side effects of the COVID vaccines cannot be completely ruled out for several decades, I may be sadly mistaken in my assumption that the goodness of COVID vaccines will outweigh all negatives in the final analysis. I’ve made an optimistic but quite reasonable decision in taking the COVID vaccine, specifically at my age (66 now).

But as I say, I’m often wrong about important things, so think for yourself about all sides of this discussion, please, as you consider the “uncommon” but significantly negative early COVID vaccine reactions… exactly how “uncommon,” I don’t know. 

But I do know these reactions should be recognized and treated appropriately by the healthcare community. 

Unless it’s been taken down by our medically uneducated but well-woke overlords at YouTube, here’s a fascinating (anecdotal) interview of a healthy young athlete who became chronically ill after a second injection of a COVID vaccine that appears to have likely reached his venous circulation directly upon injection… 

In summary: 

1. The vaccine reaction symptoms, we are told, include postural hypotension, tachycardia, chest pain, weakness, exhaustion after mental or physical exertion, joint pain in areas of old injuries, headache, at least one apparent case of blindness in a young girl, and a number of suicides.

2. Some of these symptoms can last up to 18 months, as far as we now know.

3. The reaction may likely be caused by accidental injection of the vaccine fluid into the (currently ignored) medium-caliber blood vessels that exist somewhat randomly scattered throughout skeletal muscle. (Many MD’s have not cut through a piece of human skeletal muscle since anatomy lab in the first year of med school and have no doubt forgotten, if they ever noticed, the presence of numerous veins and some small arteries within skeletal muscle. These blood vessels have a caliber greater than that of a needle, so injecting directly into them is a physical possibility that would be expected to occur randomly during vaccinations. As a pathologist (retired), I have routinely seen these vessels in the gross room and under the microscope. Someone should do a quantitative study to characterize them in a broad and diverse human population. These small to medium-sized veins and arteries are especially prominent, it seems to me, in the arms of young athletes whose vessels appear to have increased in caliber after years of resistance training.)

4. Healthcare workers need to ALWAYS pull back on the end of the syringe to see if any blood comes back (the “red flash”) from a larger vessel before they inject any intramuscular vaccine or other medication. Please folks, forget the brain-dead dogma that you don’t need this precaution when doing intramuscular vaccine injections! Incidentally, this random, accidental intravenous injection pathway could possibly account for many of the “rare” negative side effects of any other intramuscular vaccines, not merely the COVID vaccines. Think about this, healthcare professional, without listening to your political neurons for once.

5. These vaccine-associated symptoms appear to be lessened by black seed oil, Ivermectin (at least temporarily), and several other over-the-counter items as mentioned in the video above.

6. This vaccine reaction is officially recognized and treated in Singapore, we are told, but still remains largely denied and/or unrecognized in the medical system of the US.

7. In view of the relatively low rate of serious COVID-19 infections in children, it seems reasonable to “allow” parents the right to study the data for themselves and decide whether or not to have their children vaccinated. This seems especially appropriate in the US where addicts (widely considered people with a disease) are free to kill themselves with cigarettes and to donate their life savings to casinos one paycheck at a time.

8. The vaccine reaction is real, but remains politically protected at this time by powerful corporate interests who exert remarkable control over the flow of information in the US. 


Healthful Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

27 thoughts on “COVID Vaccine’s Political Protection…

  1. Hello from the UK

    Thank you very much for this post. The whole vaccination programme is pointless. And the worst of it is that all vaccines ever have been utterly pointless. They have only caused harm and sometimes death if they did anything at all. A whopping great lie and fraud on a global scale.

    Vaccines essentially are neuro-toxins causing various side effects. Most big pharma drugs are these, and again quite useless. They may suppress pain but are toxic for which another drug is supposedly required etc etc. All to make money. The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

    The real issue is vitamin D deficiency due to increased indoor living and working. Big pharma do not want people to know this as they cannot make so much money. thecovidpilot is quite right to highlight the benefits of vitamin D.

    I only woke up to this last year, but better late than never. I put down my research on my website which I set up last year. If you should be interested here is a link to my vaccine post which explains why I changed my mind. There is a link on that page to a Covid 19 summary which contains sub-links to the various other issues.

    Please note I do use humour as necessary on my site to lighten the mood and to help make the points.

    This may also be of use.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

    • Thank you for your in-depth comment. I was heavily indoctrinated (in med school) into the education system/ brainwashing of Big Pharma and to this day have not taken the time to do the research necessary to possibly change my belief that non-mRNA vaccines have done far more good than evil to humanity. Though I suspect there’s a connection between one of the vaccine metals, possibly aluminium (together with the increased number of simultaneous vaccines administered to children), and the huge rise in autism spectrum disorder. The more I learn about mRNA vaccines and COVID-19, the more I worry that I made a mistake in getting vaccinated, though at the moment I’m still hopeful that I made the right choice.
      I too told my readers about the importance of Vitamin D3 in mounting an immune response to the COVIS virus. The mainstream silence on Vitamin D at that time was shocking and probably reflects the true racism of those in power, since people of color need more sunlight than whites for adequate Vitamin D levels.

      Thank you for the links. I will click over and read them soon.
      Stay well,

  2. You know, some people are saying “What’s the big deal? The vaccines are safe and effective. Let’s get on with living.”

    But if you watch the video of Sen. Ron Johnson’s hearing on covid vaccines, you get a different message. There are many people who have suffered ongoing adverse events from the covid vaccines. Here are a few…

    One man testified that his teenage son died from the vaccine.

    A young woman testified that she experiences continuous feelings of electrical shocks from the vaccine.

    A young mother testified that she now has to use a walker to walk due to the covid vaccines.

    A female triathlete now has to use a cane or walker to walk due to vaccine injury.

    An orthopedic surgeon can no longer work due to transverse myelitis from a vaccine injury.

    Are people really so ignorant about what is going on, or do they just not care?

    • I think most people are too busy to read anything. All they have time for is mainstream “news” while eating dinner.
      In my humble opinion, the “known” (largely suppressed) short-term side effects of the vaccines, if taken into account when deciding whether or not to get the vaccine, would cause a reasonable person my age (66) to get the vaccine anyway. But this decision is a life-or-death gamble because we can’t possibly know if there will be fatal long-term negative side effects from these mRNA vaccines. And we can’t know how prevalent any possible delayed side effects might be down the road.
      What I’ve done is to look at the death stats for old guys with kidney problems like me, take the vaccine, cross my fingers and hope to God that the long-term negative side effects will be minimal to zero. But the more I learn, the more I worry that I’ve made the wrong decision. I can’t know for sure as yet. Still, from the limited data I’ve seen up to this point, I would still take the vaccine and insist that the person giving me the shot pull back on the plunger of the syringe to make sure the end of the tiny needle isn’t inside a small vein or artery. Getting this vaccine injected intravenously seems to be a terrible problem right now. Medical people have been taught that no sizable blood vessels exist in skeletal muscle. Many people appear to be suffering from this dogmatic and ignorant mistake.
      Here’s a stat analysis video from Texas showing that the risk of death from not getting the vaccine appears to be relatively huge. But again, no long-term side effects can be studied yet, so it’s all a matter of doing what seems best now and hoping the future doesn’t bring millions upon millions of vaccine-related deaths and illnesses.

      At any rate, I wish the “known” but media-suppressed short-term side effects were widely shared by the drug companies and their pawns in the mainstream media. Everyone deserves to have the info necessary to make informed decisions on all medical matters, especially this life-and-death gamble with COVID and the vaccines.

        • Thanks for linking this interesting article. I agree with its basic conclusion…

          “But with … post-vaccine deaths now reported in the United States and Europe … a fresh look at that vague reassurance [of the brief, small, possibly fraudulent vaccine safety trials] cannot happen soon enough.”

          One thing to keep in mind is that those rushed studies were supposedly designed to look at “safety” not to evaluate the short-term effectiveness of the vaccines. (Current data shows Short-term effectiveness that I don’t currently see any way to deny.) But the long-term negative side effects of the vaccines will remain unknown for years, possibly forever. We can only pray that those of us who are vaccinated will not in a few years die or become chronically debilitated secondary to vascular thrombosis. I think and hope we will be OK, at least relative to our chances of surviving COVID in our advanced years. But I could be wrong. I often am wrong.

          Another thing to realize, for anyone else reading this, is that, unless I’m somehow mistaken, Pfizer is a mainstream-documented criminal organization that falsified its “safety” studies on OxyContin, a drug that they spent millions on to “educate” the MD’s via their drug reps who gave doctors peer-reviewed but horribly flawed and fraudulent “scientific” papers that said their billion-dollar killer, that life-destroying drug OxyContin, was NOT highly addictive or dangerous in any way.

          And now the entire global population must rely on their honesty and benevolence. God help us.

          • There is more to glean from the data.

            16 deaths were the non-covid-death baseline.

            The placebo arm had 2 excess deaths that were covid-related.

            The vaccine arm had 1 excess death that was covid-related and an additional 4 excess deaths from all causes.

            The covid vaccine has a 50% benefit as regards mortality.

            Comparing the two arms, four people died from all causes to prevent one covid-related death.

            The vaccine had 300% increased relative harm over baseline.

            And the FDA STILL hasn’t released the raw data. The FDA is trying to hide it until 2076. They are afraid of people with pitchforks and torches coming for them.

            • I suspect that the numbers are too small to reach statistical significance and this has been the “excuse” or rationalization used internally for keeping them locked away. (Just an educated guess, but statical significance is considered the bedrock of so-called evidence-based medicine.)

              • Incredibly, there was merely handwaving that the cause of death was irrelevant with no supporting evidence. The FDA said nothing about significance and the NEJM article used the wrong figures–the misreporting by Pfizer, not the FDA figures.

                If the numbers aren’t significant, then there’s no basis for an EUA. The FDA is stuck.

  3. I am with you on this and was well aware of the earlier foolishness regarding HIV/AIDS. However, calling the reaction compassion is a mask for character weaknesses, i.e., we make too much money from the China trade to call them out—this is still a problem.

    With HIV/AIDS, we were too compassionate to do the right thing and save lives. Tough love is real love and real courage. Rolling over to avoid responsibility is self-love and cowardice. During the HIV outbreak, our medical community spread panic and confusion to avoid blaming anyone when the vector was clear. I had to tell my quivering Liberal friends that they were not going to get AIDs by picking up the wrong glass at a cocktail party or by sitting in a chair previously occupied by a gay man.

    • Great points!

      Corporations are incapable of experiencing human emotions, including compassion, of course. But I do think that many individuals involved in turning our deadly diseases into political fights are motivated by compassion. I know this is pure speculation on my part.

      Being unafraid to embrace conspiracy theories (since much of human activity is openly conspiratorial (war and the NSA’s routine work, for instance) I know that drug companies and those who own huge portions of their common stock have long conspired to influence physicians through CME (continuing medical education) and free literature from drug reps. The nice folk at Blackrock and Vanguard may well be plotting something nefarious at all times. I wouldn’t doubt it. It’s simply human nature for powerful people to sacrifice the “little people” in the name of their version of a greater good, through war, population reduction or UFO secrecy.

      I fully agree that tough love is an aspect of genuine intelligent love for many, if not all mammals, especially humans.

      I think an important political lesson we could learn from the HIV/AIDS catastrophe would be this: the political left and right desperately need each other’s ideas because neither side is capable of objective, balanced wisdom on its own. Unfortunately, one side (the left) has dominated our culture for so long, they have dragged the other side with them to the point where the political left of the Kennedy era, for instance, would probably be considered part of the “far right” today.

  4. Some docs are routinely running D-dimer and troponin tests whenever they suspect a vaccine injury. Not a lot, but there are a few. More are beginning to question the narrative as they see wildly elevated numbers of young and middle-aged patients with heart and clotting issues with no prior history.

    But why should we need to take the clotshot (being descriptive here, not for rhetorical emphasis) if there are adequate outpatient therapies available? Certainly, there is no benefit to children. And since the vaccines have limited effect, people will need the antiviral therapies in order to avoid hospitalization even if they were vaccinated. Or do you just keep throwing the clotting dice with semiannual boosters?

    Harvey Risch, with his MD and PhD in biostatistics, gives a compelling case for an HCQ cocktail to treat covid. Why not throw some ivermectin and quercetin into the mix, since they have different modes of action? Brian Tyson does that and gets excellent results.

    Here’s the Risch video:

    Now let’s discuss vitamin D, where I have read a lot of the scientific literature:

    Executive summary:

    From the literature, it looks like hospitalized covid patients need to raise their 25OHD levels to 50 ng/ml (125 nM/liter) quickly, and calcifediol is the way to do it. The prescription name for calcifediol is Rayaldee. You can buy the same thing online as Fortaro if you want some at home–and Fortaro is only $25.

    Deep dive follows…

    Low serum levels of the calcifediol form of vitamin D are associated with increased covid mortality. This likely carries over to other diseases, including respiratory diseases like flu. So let’s looks at vitamin D.

    There are two tests for vitamin D analogs: calcitriol level and calcifediol level. Calcitriol level is regulated by the kidneys (where it is converted from calcifediol) and has to do with calcium/phosphate regulation, which isn’t relevant here. The calcifediol test is better known as the 25OHD test. Calcifediol = 25OHD. In the literature, direct supplementation with calcifediol shows a 3x temporal benefit over supplementation with D3, given equivalent weight dosage. And oral bioavailability of calcifediol is superior to D3. And with calcifediol, you don’t have adipose tissue acting as a sink, unlike with D3. Fat sucks up D3 out of the blood while the liver is trying to process D3 into…calcifediol. Serum half life of calcifediol is about a month, whereas the serum half life of D3 is about a day. So why not avoid the D3 middle man?

    Well, it’s good to have D3 in reserve, safely tucked away into your adipose tissue until spring rolls around–all the while during fall and winter your liver is converting D3 into calcifediol and benefiting your immune system. But if you are 75 and in the hospital with covid and low vitamin D–calcifediol, that is–levels, you need a fast acting form of vitamin D. You want something that is immediately available and doesn’t have to be processed by the liver and possibly diverted to your fat cells. You need calcifediol immediately.

    But calcifediol is just a metabolite. Calcitriol is the active form. Shouldn’t we avoid the middle man, per our previous logic, and supplement with calcitriol?

    Here’s the problem with calcitriol supplementation. It’s a hammer that hits everywhere. It hits all immune cells and the parathyroid. You could easily end up with calcium/phosphate problems if you supplement with calcitriol. But that’s far from the only problem. To understand why, we have to look at how the immune system uses calcitriol.

    Some immune cells have calcitriol receptors for turning on immune cell specialization into killer T-cells and memory B-cells. There are other calcitriol receptors in immune cells responsible for turning inflammation off after pathogens have been cleared from the tissue. If you simply raise calcitriol levels everywhere, you will end up with specialized immune cells where you don’t need them and inflammation reduced where you still have an active infection. Oops.

    Immune response is a localized thing. You don’t want calcitriol levels high everywhere–just where the immune system needs them. And calcifediol is perfect for this task because your immune cells are quite capable of converting calcifediol to calcitriol for localized use. So the immune system doesn’t need the kidneys to produce the calcitriol levels that the immune system needs.

    But everyone has calcifediol in their blood serum to some degree. So why do people have immune and inflammation problems? It has to do with calcifediol levels. The immune system will not produce enough calcitriol for signaling if calcifediol levels aren’t high enough. So what are adequate levels? From the literature, it looks like 40-60 ng/ml is what you need. So aim for 50. And there are different units used for calcifediol testing in different countries. Calcifediol has a molecular weight of 400g, so 400g of calcifediol = 1 mole of calcifediol. And 400 ng of calcifediol is 400 nanoMoles of calcifediol. So we’ll convert ng/ml to nM/liter.

    40-60 ng/ml of calcifediol = 100-150 nM/liter of calcifediol

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