UFO Worldview Control, a Vast No-wing Conspiracy

Here’s my favorite UFO historian, Richard Dolan, recounting one of the most well-documented UFO military encounters of all time, the 1976 Tehran UFO incident.

Toward the end of the video, things get interesting as Dolan shows us what the debunkers at Wikipedia have to say about this event.

True to form, Wikipedia struggles to maintain their version of a “scientific” materialist worldview, to the effect that nothing can possibly exist beyond the mundane. Anything that brings us wonder must be reduced to the ordinary, meaningless collisions of particles and energy waves acting in a randomly cruel Universe where nothing could conceivably exist beyond matter and energy. (Yawn.)

Their heads are stuck in the sand, perhaps it’s willful blindness.

Thus they would have us believe that fighter pilots are so invariably dumb they can all mistake Jupiter for a mid-air confrontation. We’re to believe that nothing actually disabled their missle-lunching systems, it was a chance failure common to those jets. The radar records are meaningless, of course, and the existence of multiple witnesses means absolutely nothing to Wikipedia’s keen eye for truth.

Furthermore, the US government’s official records showing that a description of this event reached George Walker Bush, Henry Kissinger and President Gerald Ford carry no weight whatsoever with our self-appointed gatekeepers of worldview truth, the good folk at Wikipedia. Apparently, the entire DOD was so gullible and inept in 1976 that they made a detailed report about absolutely nothing more than a sighting of Jupiter.

It reminds me of the sanitized propaganda that Congress passed to the public after their “extensive” search for UFO truth which myopically excluded events before 2004.

You might think that in view of the US Navy and the DOD telling us that UFOs are real, our Wikipedian truth fairies might revisit their pathetic hack job of debunking the 1976 event in Iran.

But no.

Their transparent thoughts and motivations are all still there, unaltered and waiting for anyone with an open mind to use Wikipedia’s own words as a clue to the larger picture of public worldview control within the US.

And Wikipedia wonders why 98 percent of their viewers don’t send them money to help prop up their mainstream worldview deceptions.

But if they truly need money, why would they continue to debunk everything unusual? Especially the mainstream-conceded UFO reality.

I think it’s because UFO reality truly escaped. It was not universally released by the insiders. So Wikipedia is trying hard along with the rest of the mainstream to maintain a grip on the public’s worldview.

A person’s worldview is the most powerful data filter in existence and it’s readily available for manipulation if you have the means. The world’s materialist overlords do happen to have the means.

I’m theorizing a vast no-wing conspiracy here.

If you control the public’s worldview, you can achieve just about any covert goal.

Here’s a rare glimpse of the elite’s worldview-control system in operation…

William J. Casey (1913-1987) was the Director of the CIA when he made the following statement at his first CIA staff meeting in 1981.

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” — William J. Casey, CIA director, 1981

This quote is uncontested by debunkers, as best I can determine.

I suggest we keep this powerful man’s words in the forefront of our minds as we filter the slow drip of new UFO data through our various tightly-held worldviews, striving to be more open to evidence than claims, especially the claims of Wikipedian-style truth police and other self-appointed truth fairies.

Jupiter Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

29 thoughts on “UFO Worldview Control, a Vast No-wing Conspiracy

  1. You always open my mind to possibilities. I don’t understand Wikipedia hiding information any more than I understand the Smithsonian doing the same thing. Sometimes there is too much evidence that says there is something going on in the universe that hasn’t yet been explained. Sometimes the evidence leads us to understand there was more to 911 than originally thought. We have to keep an open mind and your blog posts help me do that. Thanks!

    • Thank you, Gypsy Bev, for keeping me motivated and thinking about things. I’m reading “In Plain Sight” by Ross Coulthart now. This guy is a famous and well-respected Australian reporter who comes at the UAP/UFO/Alien literature, witnesses and whistleblowers with great professionalism, a huge talent for original research, and excellent writing skill. I have to recommend his book to anyone interested in this subject, and especially to those who are not interested and have written the whole thing off as hogwash. Great read! 🙂

  2. Nailed it! Why bring this topic into the fold now and not in 1947? You’d think if Elizondo was a legit whistle blower he would have “jumped” out of a Bethesda Hospital window by now?

        • I think the tactic is information control, perception control, for example, perhaps changing the traditional reference to UFOs to UAP’s and the Navy focusing on only recent UFO activity, as if the history didn’t exist. They say, “let me tell you a story….” and distract people away from asking deeper questions, e.g. what technologies have they discovered and developed in the black world that they keep from us, while using our tax monies to develop it? Add that to the fact that most people don’t have the time to read and research, but only look at soundbites on the news a short report about UFOs but the fact is most people are just surviving from day-to-day, month-to-month, living off of credit cards, hoping that they can meet all of their payments, feed their kids stressed under the social fragmentation and deaths from Covid.

          • I suspect you’re right, 5lejas5. The UFO evidence became overwhelming as the semi-insiders like Leu and friends were able to put indirect pressure on the true insiders. Now we seem to have a contest between the true gatekeepers and those with less knowledge and power (Leu et al.) who are doing their best to get the truth about the phenomenon out without blowing their NDA’s and landing in jail.

            So the full-but-divided force of the shadow government is probably now in a frantic process of controlling the narrative and probably arguing about where to stop the story. “Do we admit we have this ‘new’ technology already operational? When should we say we first ‘invented’ it? Do we admit it came from ET’s?”

            And their toughest question: “How much of the truth can we let out without landing in prison for what we’ve done?”

            I suspect the highest gatekeepers are likely within the Air Force, the Navy and a select few corporations. I think they have probably been keeping secrets from one another for decades and are only recently realizing the tech/ power imbalance between them, namely that one group, perhaps the Air Force along with one or two associated corporations, are ahead of the others and historically responsible for much, if not all, of the grossly illegal cover-up behaviors (probably including murder).

            This is all speculation and reasonable conspiracy theory. I have no inside information and am likely wrong about most of these things.

            • Yes, we all think along the same lines these days, and I want to make things neat and tidy so I can understand, but I’m afraid it may be quite fragmented with regards to fighting groups. I think there may be some groups of people who control the affairs of our world to their ends who also have bloodlines that supposedly go way back in history. These folks hide their intent from the public via secret societies and pass along the ‘sacred’ or ‘diabolical’ knowledge. I ask myself why John Kennedy openly, in one of his speeches, proposed to get rid of secret societies. There may be evidence in the form of classified info regarding the controlling groups or entities (this world and off-world), that is, unless the CIA (along with the other alphabet agencies) are the executive arms of those groups that appear to work in the background. My speculation only!

              • I get the feeling that our controlling elite functions in the West much the way the Chinese Communist Party operates in China, though with less micro-management capability due to their need for secrecy. I think their so-called “great reset,” as seen from their perspective, is primarily a pathway from secret power to open domination (one-world government, “you will own nothing and be happy,” etc.). This seems to be what they’re openly saying now. I doubt the CCP will bow to the West’s version of totalitarianism, though. They’ve got a pretty sweet deal for themselves in China already.
                Near the end of this video, Coulthart says that, according to his high-ranking military contacts, we are currently in greater danger of nuclear war with China than we ever were with the USSR during the Cold War. I hope he’s wrong, but he’s an honest reporter and a rather remarkable intellect, at least in terms of his memory for details and his use of language (including his broad and fluid vocabulary). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JM3kxeU_oDE

            • I certainly will. One thing I personally attach importance to is that somehow there must be a grand design and it’s a kind of litmus test I use and a presumption for an ethical or spiritual basis as an ultimate purpose.

              • I pray a lot and worry that if/when the disclosure truth comes out and people see a bit of actual human history, they will not only abandon fundamentalism (the belief in infallible books), they will lose their belief in a personal God who probably experiences everything through every one of us, as if he/she/they were us. Although I left my belief in the “infallibility” of the Bible many years ago, it seems obvious to me that praying to a loving, benevolent, (but non-Santa Clause) personal God has improved my life and character a great deal since childhood. I suspect this has happened to many other people. I hope the many truths we learn through disclosure don’t destroy everyone’s personal contact with God.

  3. 5lejas

    For anyone contemplating to research 911, start by reading “Where did the towers go?” It’s lengthly, requires time to digest the information, but it’s in a very accessible format.

  4. 5lejas

    Yes, centralizing the information CIA, coordinated control (media, military, corporation) of the narrative have sewn things up. On the topic of debunking and conspiracies, Ufology, has avoided a key topic. Namely, comparing the field effects from Dr. Judy Wood’s research in, “Where did the towers go?” regarding 911, with known field effects related to UFOs. There is much in common between these two. Richard Dolan, to his credit discussed Wood’s work with Andrew Johnson, but part 2 was subscriber access. Dolan was trying to be open-minded but the topic requires much more depth of discussion. After all, Judy Wood has the perfect scientific background to have researched 911, and she is the only scientist to have produced actual research, rather than speculation. The late Paul Hellyer, upheld her research, as well as John Lear. Steven Greer, when asked by a person in the audience about the relationship between zero point technology, UFOs and 911, Greer appeared almost fearful to discuss it and said there were “bigger fish to fry”. Nick Cook, (Hunt for Zero Point Energy), I think, should have expected to have mentioned it. Clearly, 911 was a major psyop and the connotation, anxiety, and stigma associated with it, immediately shuts down most rational conversation on the topic. We were told by the media what to believe that day, much disinformation was injected into the discussion, and Ufology has pretty much avoided it. People like Jacques Vallee, Eric Davis, and Mr. X should be discussing it. I’ve read here book and listened to her lectures.

    • Fantastic comment. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with the rest of us here.

      Just the fact that the authorities claim to have found an intact ID card from one of the terrorists who supposedly flew one of the planes into a tower should set off a person’s BS alarms. We’re to believe that tons of metal was reduced to free-falling powder in a way that none of us ever witnessed before or since while a plastic card simultaneously floated gently through the flames and landed on the ground, still readable. I’m calling shenanigans.

      I watched Dolan’s analyses of 911 and had my tiny mind opened to the many ways the physical evidence conflicts with the mainstream narrative. I never dreamed I could ever go there until I personally listened to the evidence as presented by a calm intelligent person with decent visual illustrations and totally respectable sources.

      The idea that the “evil” political party (whichever party a person doesn’t like is “evil” nowadays) was behind the apparent deceptions attached to 911 seems unlikely to me.

      I get the sense that our true rulers, the talented folk who silently manipulate governments and own most of Earth’s wealth, are also well acquainted with UFO technology and use it when we regular folk need a nudge back into their totalitarian corral.

      As you well know, Dolan doesn’t rule out the possibility that some of these people who run the show are not entirely human. Wouldn’t it be a shocker if somehow we all discovered that this was the truth!

      Another key topic that Ufology has avoided is the shocking genetic and molecular biologic evidence for intelligent design. It’s a touchy subject because scientific materialists (including 2/3’s of scientists) seem to viscerally hate religion/spirituality, and the ID scientists are mainly Christians in the US right now. But I think there will come a time when mainstream science is forced to acknowledge the clear evidence of intelligent DNA tampering in some of Earth’s living species, such as the duckbill platypus. I could be wrong, though. I often am.

      • 5lejas

        Do you have a link to the “genetic and molecular biologic evidence for intelligent design”?There’s a high likelihood that ETs are running the show, with corporations and the military on the gravy train of new tech using the taxpayers dime. It just shows how tightly controlled UFO-related information is. Also, John Lear recounts that he knew an engineer who owned a company. Under contract from government, he built huge mining equipment that would at least span football fields, and never asked what it was used for. John Lear has maintained for years that there are large mining operations on the moon (so had George Leonard). Amazing how a good number of astronomers said LTP, Lunar Transient Phenomena is not natural (meaning intelligent activity). Michael Salla was the first to speak about the legislation (passed by the US Congress), initiated by certain heavy hitter corporations, involving mining operations off world with no rights for the “future” workers should bad things befall them. Could there be corporations already doing mining off world with slaves? Why would the legislation be passed so far ahead of any apparent ongoing operations? I could be stitching together disparate facts and be wrong.

        • The best book I’ve read on Intelligent Design is “Signature in the Cell” by Stephen Meyer, PhD. In the book, he’s not saying anything about UFO’s or aliens. And even though he is part of a Christian community of ID scientists, in this book he is not claiming that God is the code writer of DNA. (I do believe he makes this theoretical connection in a more recent book which may not be out yet). Personal bias disclosure: although my spiritual beliefs are not dogmatic, I favor the simulation/holodeck worldview in which a benevolent code writer(s) exists whom I consider to be God(s), probably residing outside of our space-time limitations and also possibly within them. While no group of Christians would agree with this worldview as far as I know, I do still consider myself a Christian at heart. I’m also at least 99.9% convinced (sometimes 100%) that some UFOs are “alien” to Earth and possibly somewhat alien to our version of space-time existence in a largely material “Universe.”

          Here’s a non-amazon link to “Signture in the Cell” by Dr. Meyer: https://signatureinthecell.com/

          I really appreciate your wealth of knowledge and will continue to educate myself on things where my ignorance abounds such as the legislation re off-world mining.

          • 5lejas

            The link regarding off world mining: https://exopolitics.org/tag/house-of-representatives/ I know “ignorance abounds” applies to all who go down too many rabbit holes and is a sign of a mature view of life. On a personal level, I happen to be a Bahai and still do my Transcendental Meditation as I can。Like you, I feel left when many scientists speak. In the past, other Bahais frowned on my interest in TM, but I respectfully ignored them, as Bahaullah never specified what type of meditation a person should do. He just said pray and meditate each day. I’m the kind of person who needed a structure, so I pursued TM, and I have found it beneficial for me. However, appropriate to the overall topic of UFOs here, Bahaullah wrote, “Know thou that every fixed star hath its own planets, and every planet its own creatures, whose number no man can compute.” (Gleanings from the Writings of Bahaullah by Shoghi Effendi) Just to be clear, Bahaullah does not elaborate beyond this statement, nor does he, to my knowledge, mention the specific idea of ET’s, but uses the word ‘creatures’. Whenever I go back and read this, I’m always amazed, inspired, and I feel vindicated in my pursuit of this topic. Ever since I had my sighting experience, I’ve gone down rabbit holes to pursue this knowledge, and to many, it seems over the top. I’m driven to do this.

            • I’m on the road all day tomorrow so forgive me if I’m late in responding.
              Regarding Bahaullah, I’m not familiar with this person. Sounds fascinating. I have looked into TM briefly and came away with a favorable impression of this method. I tend to meditate by focusing on breathing slowly most of the time, though I have tried quite a number of other techniques including body scanning. I also pray quite a bit, especially when things go wrong. Thank you for the link to off-world mining. I will check that out with great interest.

          • 5lejas

            Further to the idea of “future” off world mining, I know there is no solid proof that it is going on now, or that corporations are using slave labor, but I still ask the burning question, why they would they (Congress via corporations) have introduced legislation (2015) about off-world mining that disregards the rights of workers, so far ahead of any apparent mining operations. It’s big red flag for me. I can’t fully support Salla’s view as it’s based on ‘insider’ information, nor does he endorse it. The article is informative and important to read.

            • The first part of the article I find fascinating. I had no idea this bill even existed. Thank you for telling me about it! Salla seems to read a lot of negative into it, but I can see how it seems designed to allow corporations to use off-world sweat shops with the same impunity they now enjoy when using sweat shops in developing countries. So I respect his opinion here, definitely. But when it comes to Corey Goode, I have to say, I watched this man’s earliest videos quite a while back and found inconsistencies and illogical circumstances in his story. For example, they fixed his demolished arm perfectly but apparently they couldn’t fix is eyesight, he still wears glasses. I’m calling shenanigans. Also, his body language, facial expressions, and verbal delivery style seemed consistent with the sort of total fabrication I’ve witnessed before, especially with psych patients on the wards when I was in med school. I could be wrong about him, of course. I often am wrong about important things.

              On another subject entirely, you mentioned that you had a sighting! Wow. Congratulations! I’m envious. My son also had a UFO sighting. I would certainly like to hear about yours in great detail if you’re willing to share this personal experience.

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