NY Times: UFO Craft Retrieval Admission

The so-called Davis-Wilson document is said to be the most important UFO document of all time.

I spent several weeks gradually listening to an entire 5-hour discussion of the document here. It’s a fifteen-page document written by Eric Davis, PhD, about a meeting he had with Vice Admiral Thomas Willson. You can read it here. I think Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, God rest his soul,  and UFO Guru Steven Greer, MD were also at the meeting, but maybe they were at a preliminary meeting, I’m not clear on this. The meeting took place decades ago and covered a wide range of UFO topics, including Wilson’s failed attempt to get info about a covert project going on at a defense contractor’s hideout, reportedly involving a recovered UFO.

Yesterday I saw an article in the NY Times (here) in which Eric Davis PhD himself, states that he’s aware of retrievals of alien spacecrafts. Here’s the quote from the NY Times article:

Eric W. Davis, an astrophysicist who worked as a subcontractor and then a consultant for the Pentagon U.F.O. program since 2007, said that, in some cases, examination of the materials had so far failed to determine their source and led him to conclude, “We couldn’t make it ourselves.”

The constraints on discussing classified programs — and the ambiguity of information cited in unclassified slides from the briefings — have put officials who have studied U.F.O.s in the position of stating their views without presenting any hard evidence.

Mr. [sic] Davis, who now works for Aerospace Corporation, a defense contractor, said he gave a classified briefing to a Defense Department agency as recently as March about retrievals from “off-world vehicles not made on this earth.”

Mr. Davis said he also gave classified briefings on retrievals of unexplained objects to staff members of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Oct. 21, 2019, and to staff members of the Senate Intelligence Committee two days later.

Committee staff members did not respond to requests for comment on the issue.

So far, I’m hearing crickets from the media. Once again, one of the most paradigm-shattering pieces of information that our Western culture has stumbled upon in modern times will become yesterday’s ignored news.

For what it’s worth, here’s that 5-hour Dolan interview of an anonymous UFO enthusiast who, to me, sounds like a church school principal scolding a freshman skeptic. (Mellow out, dude, whoever you are.)

The lack of media response to the Times article probably stems from the way the editors tucked in Davis’ earth-shaking admission at the end of an otherwise yawn-worthy rehash of yesterday’s UFO news.

For me, UFO crash recovery is undeniable now. I’m 100% convinced that humans have been retro-engineering recovered alien craft for several years, possibly since the 1940s.

If anyone listens to Dolan’s whole 5 hour interview, please let me know. You’ll have my sympathy and admiration. I was spellbound pretty much throughout, but I like long lectures.

The NY POST also mentions Dr. Davis and quotes Senator Rubio:

“We have things flying over our military bases and places where we are conducting military exercises and we don’t know what it is — and it isn’t ours,” Rubio said. “Frankly, that if it’s something from outside this planet — that might actually be better than the fact that we’ve seen some technological leap on behalf of the Chinese or the Russians or some other adversary that allows them to conduct this activity.”

OK, the man’s English ain’t real good, but I like his enthusiasm for this topic. It’s amazing to realize we live in a time when senators talk openly about UFOs and a certain PhD says he’s already got one at the office.

Nothing but love, Earthlings,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

15 thoughts on “NY Times: UFO Craft Retrieval Admission

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  2. Good to know the word is getting out there that there are actual alien crafts appearing here on earth. I hate to say it but I’m not one to listen to a five hour lecture on anything. Maybe I can listen in parts sometime when driving in my car. I do agree with you that we have been using some of their technology from at least the 1940s or maybe before. But all of a sudden we were able to develop many things that were previously not possible. Keep the information flowing.

      • I actually listened to the whole audio and agree with his thinking in so many ways. Most people need to be guided to the UFO theme by baby steps while others of us are ready for the whole truth. With the way our society is being turned upside down these days, why not let them have more of the UFO information. Like Dolan, I fear for our future when unemployment reigns and governmental control takes over our lives. Definitely not something I favor, but it surprises me how many are willing to let this happen. Let the artifacts and bodies be revealed!

        • I agree. I’m a little afraid of how the whole truth might make people feel, though. It would depend on what that truth is, of course. If humanity is considered by ET’s to be nothing more than interesting specimens of primitive life that are useful in laboratory experimentation, it would be a downer of major proportions. But since I “believe” we’re living in some sort of physical simulation that has been programmed and designed by God, I would personally like to know the truth at the inside-simulation level, even if it’s extremely negative and demeaning. Even if Ben Davidson’s micro-nova is literally scheduled for next week. 😉
          Wow, though, that’s impressive that you listened to the whole thing! Five Hours! Kudos, Gypsy Bev!

          • What if we are part of their experiment to find out how life exists under different circumstances? Perhaps they are giving knowledge to those they feel can handle it best. You have to admit that some people seem to have knowledge of things before we actually see them in use here in the United States. Perhaps they are given that knowledge by the ETs. Perhaps God himself is an ET? I have to consider all possibilities until I know the truth.

            • I suspect that God is living, at least in part, with us outside of space and time, outside of a “simulation.” But like you, I have to keep my mind open and consider all possibilities in hopes of learning the truth. Dogmas get us nowhere, it seems.
              I bet you’re right that some individuals can handle (or perhaps tune into?) more knowledge, including experiential knowledge, than other individuals. Maybe certain types of meditation can help, too.

  3. There is always some danger in an encounter with a civilization more technologically advanced than one’s own. It can result in complete demoralizing of the lesser culture, widespread depression and resignation. This has happened a number of times in our history, when colonizing powers encounter indigenous populations. It remains to be seen if the UFO cultures are benign to us–which would be a different spin that what occurred in our history, when pioneers were anything but benign.

    • Excellent points, avwalters. I often try to put myself into the shoes of the insiders who I assume know a lot about some of the aliens whose vehicles I now think they have been retro-engineering for quite a while. And I try to imagine that they are not the black-and-white sociopaths that everyone paints, but instead they have a more human spectrum of motivations, not all unselfish and not all selfish. From this POV, I try to list possible scenarios that would cause a decent person to want to hide what they know about certain ET populations they’ve dealt with. And I ask myself, “What type of Cosmic situation would be so depressingly bad that a decent person might choose to spend billions of dollars trying to hide it forever from the public?”

      It’s no coincidence, I guess, that my kids used to call me, “Worce-case-scenario Dad.” That’s what being a pathologist does to you, at least in my case.

      • I suspect that the mere fact of our technological inferiority would be enough to hide the information–to prevent the kind of demoralized population issues I first mentioned. And also, so the purveyors of stolen technology could reap the benefits and the acclaim.

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