“The Real Anthony Fauci,” a life-saving, eye-opening book, but…

If you want to increase your odds of surviving COVID and its future variants through early COVID treatment, this book reveals a wealth of suppressed peer-reviewed medical literature that explains why and how to proceed intelligently. I’d advice you and your loved ones to buy the digital version ($2.99 at Amazon), read it and click on the footnotes to the shocking number of linked peer-reviewed scientific articles. This book is a jaw-dropping read and will save many lives, perhaps your own, but there’s a bigger problem we also need to face…

I’ll admit it would be nearly impossible to reveal all details present in The Real Anthony Fauci without evoking outrage, but I wish the author, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., had tried to soften the rage a bit because…

Hatred and outrage destroy objectivity by blinding everyone on both sides of every political discussion, and medical science has been highjacked by COVID politics. The shallow, binary, hateful “thinking” of outrage-politics is killing both science and democracy.

Kennedy recognizes the global forces that are using COVID to destroy democracy today, but as best I can tell, he doesn’t understand that their strategy is to “divide and conquer” us all through mutual hatred.

Hating Fauci and wanting to cancel him would play right into the hands of those super-wealthy folk pulling the strings of Western society.

Sure, Dr. Fauci has big problems with his medical judgement, and he has financial conflicts of interest that make him appear as corrupt as a DC politician, but he’s an 80-years-old human being. At this age, it’s probably safe to assume that, like any other similarly aged public figure in DC (present or past), he’s on the short leash of powerful handlers.

As a rule, the global powers of the West don’t show their faces on TV. To be effective they must be as close to unknown as possible because, in their worst nightmare, the voters on both sides see what “the Cabal” is doing and gang up against them at the polls, rendering them toothless. When this nightmare happens, the FDA is no longer controlled by Big Pharma. Objective journalism rises from the dead to replace the corporate media’s control of both political parties. The “above-the-law” global powers within the US military and intelligence services lose power. The fragility of the US democracy now divided by hatred is brought back to emotional health by respectful debates pursuing something greater than a win: the innate wisdom of compromise in a world where conservatives and liberals take turns functioning as the best cure and the worst disease.

Before democracy swept the West, grandiose megalomaniacs needed only one thing, a military capable of beating (or aligning with) other militaries. Nowadays, the world’s deadliest military insists on defending the crumbling remnant of US democracy, so anyone else hell-bent on global conquest needs a sophisticated plan to acquire our military rather than defeat it…

They must first gain control of the media (both sides), divide and blind the people with outrage and hatred, let us duke it out until one side is poised to win, then swoop in with censorship that favors the winners, promising to halt all global catastrophes, grant the winners their dream of safety, and make the promise of easy money to become available only after the political losers have been depicted as subhuman and punished for their evil ways.

After being voted into power, the new world-conquerors will control the US military and the police. Finally they’ll feel safe to rid society of its selfish craving for freedom. With AI’s monitoring speech on all devices and the FED as everyone’s new personal bank, anyone caught discussing freedom or democracy will become electronically defunded and homeless. Standard historical practice at this juncture has been the execution of millions, but this gentler defunding approach will work better in the US where remnants of Christian charity might hamper the traditional Darwinian-materialist slaughter of men, women and children.

If the new leaders have done a credible job infiltrating school systems, no one will doubt their textbook’s historical conclusion that the 18th-century experiment of democracy was a tragic failure. Page turned until the next solar micronova sends our species back into caves.

It makes absolutely NO difference to totalitarian minds which side of US politics takes control. They literally own 99% of the media (on both sides) today and use it expertly to manipulate public opinion through outrage and hatred, maintaining two nearly opposite sets of “facts” along with two entirely opposite spins. With the mind-cancelling magic of group hatred, they can win a war on democracy in one sweeping victory of any party, Republican, Democrat, Independent, whatever. Those details are irrelevant to them.

At the moment, despite the Cabal’s media grip, an occasional bolus of truth can still slip through censorship. Kennedy’s book is a vitally important example.

The only problem with it is that Kennedy still swallows the Cabal’s most useful lie: that political fights in the US are good guys against bad guys.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Each major political party desperately needs the others to achieve anything approaching a wise decision, moreover each party needs the others to prevent the death of democracy itself. If you think about it and maybe meditate on it, you’ll notice that…

The one-party “democracy” that both sides seem to relish is actually totalitarianism disguised as a sweeping victory for the good guys who have finally defeated the evil idiots. If we can all wrap our heads and hearts around this insight, freedom and democracy might survive. Otherwise, one side will “win” the political war, allowing the Cabal to use our military forces to conquer the world and micromanage it with the traditional cruelty of Earthly tyrants throughout the ages.

So for starters, let’s try to interpret Anthony Fauci’s actions in a way that doesn’t encourage us to hate him.

“‘For FDA to issue an EUA (emergency use authorization), there must be no adequate, approved, and available alternative to the candidate product for diagnosing, preventing, or treating the disease or condition. . . .’ — U.S. Food & Drug Administration, Emergency Use Authorization of Medical Products and Related Authorities, (Jan 2017).” — Kennedy Jr., Robert F., The Real Anthony Fauci (pp. 225-226 Kindle Edition).

In view of this, we know that if Fauci holds the common medical opinion (drummed into our heads in medical school) that vaccines are humanity’s greatest medical achievement, then Fauci must think that anything besides vaccines that might diminish COVID-19 is detrimental to humanity because it would cancel the FDA’s historic Emergency Use Authorization for the vaccines.

To Fauchi, anything threatening vaccine use, including open scientific debates, reliable official statistics, early successful COVID treatments, or even natural herd immunity when viewed as a vaccine alternative, would cost human lives. To him, vaccines are obviously far superior to everything else, so nothing can be allowed to interfere with their availability.

Sure, Fauci also has financial conflicts of interests, but I doubt those could be the primary motivations of an 80-year-old MD making over $400,000 a year in salary alone.

We don’t need to painting him as evil.

Fauci made what he “knew” was the only logical choice: to save human lives by obstructing everything that might block the vaccines’ tenuous FDA Emergency Use Authorization. After all, his most trusted mentors and all his MD associates agreed that nothing on Earth comes close to the effectiveness of vaccines. That’s the dogma.

For the sake of the non-hateful, objective rescue of democracy, let’s assume that Fauci continues to this day blocking early COVID treatments mainly because he thinks he’s doing what’s right. Sure he doesn’t mind if he makes a lot of money for doing what he thinks is right, but who does? Let’s not hate him and cancel him. That’s what the people who set him up want from us. The more intolerant and hateful we are, the less we can come together to defend ourselves against the Cabal (the Deep State, global elites, super-wealthy, etc.).

In medical science, opposing views always exist, and for good reason: Sometimes the “stupid” minority is right. When they are, it’s called a scientific breakthrough and represents the fondest hope of every genuine scientist.

Censorship kills science and democracy. If we’re smart, we’ll resist it by rejecting the media’s hatred and outrage, intelligently designed to make us want to silence and destroy the “bad” people.

Buy the book, glimpse the Cabal’s deadly reach, increase your COVID survival odds through peer-reviewed scientific literature that’s been heavily suppressed by people far younger, richer and more powerful than Dr. Fauci.

Democracy love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

8 thoughts on ““The Real Anthony Fauci,” a life-saving, eye-opening book, but…

  1. For me, the Good vs Evil (Angels vs. Devils is more telling) scenario fell apart quickly when I noticed that no one asked the right questions, i.e., those that would bring us to find solutions. And if they did they got banned and denounced. Very reasonable questions and possible solutions to consider—many of which I suspect are mentioned in Kennedy’s book—were dismissed out of hand if they came from the Trump camp. Asked to point to the party that displays wisdom, my finger hovers. Same with courage, honesty, concern for human lives. The social, broadcast and Hollywood media beat the bushes to panic and drive the herd to the voting booth where only one choice will be permitted.

    • Amen, keithakenny!
      It’s interesting that Kennedy refers to the Trump presidency as a “crisis” early in the book, states his liberal political bias, but afterwards bemoans the left for ignoring all the scientific literature he has uncovered.
      It’s always difficult for someone to go against their political bias for the sake of truth, so I congratulate Kennedy for that. Just wish he could have made it less of a hate fest on Fauci. Hate is the weapon that divides us, much more than our various idea biases.

      • Focusing only on Fauci misses the bigger picture, despicably though Fauci may be for all of his dastardly deeds. Fauci would have been dismissed long ago without having political cover provided by Deep State and the Rinocrat party. The Senate and Deep State control the country, primarily. The dismantling of the Epstein business has crippled the Deep State’s ability to obtain leverage against our representatives in the future, so it has to find a new way to obtain leverage.

        Power is grabbed by the powerful from those with less power, the Founders’ intentions of separation of powers notwithstanding. Hence, our citizen rights and powers and the states’ rights are chiseled away by various branches of the federal government, especially by bureaucracies and courts. The Founders put a provision in for a citizen’s Constitutional Convention. That would enable the citizens to have a do-over, which was why the Founders gave us that option. But most people are afraid of exercising this power. If it isn’t done soon, that option may soon be removed.

        The guy at theconservativetreehouse pieces things together very well, with lots of paper trails and solid analysis.

        • I agree the Deep State controls the country. To reverse this situation would require unprecedented agreement across the political divide. The difficulty getting to any bipartisan agreement against the Deep State (as best I can see, anyway) is that the conservatives (like the liberals) want victory more than anything else. If conservatives thought they had nearly full control of the media, the schools, Hollywood and the international corporate world, as the liberals believe they do, the conservatives would be doing everything in their power to “win once and for all” and silencing their political opponents forever. Ironically, the Deep State (or global Cabal) would help the conservatives win “their war,” too, just as they’re behind the liberals now. The Cabal doesn’t care who wins as long as a one-party “democracy” (a.k.a. totalitarianism) emerges.

          The outrage and hatred currently generated by political forces (left and right) is the fundamental problem now, as I see it. It’s not that the ideas of both sides aren’t worthy of discussing, they certainly are. It’s just that something (possibly the Deep State’s media influence on the left and right) has rendered Western society incapable of respectful, rational, productive conversation on anything that’s political.

          So it’s a global catastrophe that COVID was taken out of the hands of rational medical science and given entirely to binary political forces. Binary minds can’t comprehend science, let alone guide it forward. Both sides should be able to read Kennedy’s book and see how the Cabal took over the COVID response. And maybe that knowledge will help both sides to start coming together and voting for specific measures to limit the power of the Cabal. Conservatives alone can’t do it. Liberals, with notable exceptions like Kennedy, don’t want to fight the Cabal because they think liberals largely control the media, education, Hollywood, and corporate culture, when it’s the Deep State/ global Cabal that is actually pulling everyone’s strings. (As best I can tell.)

  2. Gates made $50 billion off of the vaccines. Let that sink in.

    Who made money off of worthless masks? 3M

    The super rich own trillions in assets. Land. Mineral rights. Bonds. Stock. Banks. They get together at Bilderberger functions to plan the operations for the next year. I used to think that this was kooky conspiracy theory. No longer.

    There are three kinds of people–sheep, predators, and shepherds. Many predators are charming, likeable psychopaths whom people shouldn’t trust but generally do trust. The predators turn the sheep against the shepherds.

    • I agree that the conspiracy is entirely real and becoming undeniable to those who read. We’ll probably never know half the details of the Cabal’s organization or even an appropriate name for it.

      I suspect that many of us have some sheep characteristics as well as a bit of shepherd at times.

      It seems to me there may be at least two types of sociopaths, those whose genetics offer them no capacity for empathy and those who learn to limit or silence the natural voice of conscience. I suspect that scientific materialism helps the Cabal add to the ranks of the latter.

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