The COVID War on Democracy and Thought

The most qualified man on the planet to discuss mRNA vaccines, an MD research scientist with no financial conflict of interest and a background that includes inventing the mRNA technology that became foundational to modern mRNA vaccines has been silenced. The puppet masters behind Twitter have cancelled his account, motivating him to move on to as the rest of the intelligent world should do. is a Twitter alternative that claims to be “a brand new social media platform founded on the principles of free speech, independent thought and rejecting political censorship and ‘cancel culture.'”

Dr. Robert Malone is either protecting lives by providing the public with lawful informed consent for COVID mRNA vaccines, or else he’s encouraging dangerous “vaccine hesitancy” by giving lawful informed consent to the public.

Either way, this man’s highly informed message is not merely about health and COVID survival.

It’s also about a few anonymous wealthy folk with controlling interests in big Pharma, big Media, and big Tech (BlackRock and Vanguard funds) who are trampling democracy.

None of us knows the long-term risks of mRNA vaccines. By taking the vaccine, I’ve personally made a bet that its long-term risks will be less than the great risks of catching COVID-19 at my age (66 years) with my kidney disease (polycystic). But I could lose this bet because I’m often wrong about important things. So are you, if you’re honest.

Those who claim to know the long-term relative risks of mRNA COVID vaccines must have a time machine. If not, they’re just expressing irrational confidence in badly gathered short-term data produced by corporations with a conflict of financial interest. I wish this weren’t the case, but some FDA leaders appear to share financial incentives with Big Pharma.

Time will reveal the long-term risks of mRNA vaccines, assuming the data is eventually collected and published–a brave assumption.

I hope I win my vaccine gamble because my life may depend on it. But silencing qualified physicians on Twitter and YouTube won’t help me find early treatment, make informed decisions on multiple additional vaccinations, or help me give good informed vaccine advice to my kids and grandkids. We need both sides of the argument in detail to make these decisions. Mainstream soundbites won’t do.

For now, this video gives a clear picture of how global totalitarian forces are using COVID-19 to kill democracy, replace the rule of law with the dictates of power, and eliminate rational thought from the discussion.

My advice? Leave Twitter. Send them the only message a corporation understands. Vote with your feet. Now.

This is no longer a conspiracy theory, it’s either a genuine conspiracy or a “conspiracy” of stupidity within the medical sciences.

Click here for the full video which is a 3-hour Joe Rogan interview on Spotify. I haven’t found a way to speed up Spotify videos, so…

If you don’t have time, below is the YouTube extract relevant to the anti-democracy discussion. It touches upon “mass formation psychosis,” an unfortunate term that gives debunkers an easy target, allowing them to avoid specifics while dismissing the whole discussion in broad emotional strokes. This is the way mainstream pseudoscience dismisses people like Stephen Meyer, PhD without facing anything specific he says about Intelligent Design. I hope we won’t fall for this lazy non-argument tactic in COVID-related debates.

There is evidence now that the Omicron variant arose within a population of mice. You may remember claims that the original “Wuhan virus” also showed evidence of having evolved in the bodies of mice. It was stated that this mouse connection implied that the Wuhan virus came from the Wuhan laboratory, rather than from wild bats.

What if someone were to connect all the available dots?

Despite the public’s sand-buried heads on the UFO issue, we now have official statements that UFOs/UAPs are physical craft using technology that defies the mainstream’s “known” laws of physics. For the moment, let’s imagine that the DOD, the US Navy, and the New York Times have told us the truth about UFOs. They’re advanced physical craft. Someone currently on Earth operates a remarkably advanced transportation technology.

Ordinary mainstream scientists can take a virus and alter it in ways that make it more dangerous to humans. This practice is called “gain of function” research and has been justified by some as a means of anticipating future viral pandemics and preparing vaccines ahead of time. Nobody would ever be interested in making viral bioweapons, right? (Swampland in Florida, please.)

Since mainstream human science can do this, it would seem likely that those who design, build and operate the world’s UFOs today are probably also able to manipulate viruses in remarkably advanced ways.

The Omicron variant has rapidly and invisibly undergone a mutation rate of 3.3 times the natural mutation rate within its human hosts. Omicron will likely benefit the human population by giving us a virus that is rarely if ever lethal, but is far more easily spread from one person to the next. This means that a “lucky” selection of 27 spike-protein coding mutations over 18 months seems poised now to provide herd immunity to the entire population of Earth. This will likely end the pandemic.

As with the silenced arguments of Intelligent Design scientists by the materialist mainstream gatekeepers, the public is expected to believe that all 27 of Omicron’s brilliantly beneficial mutations were random. No intelligent guidance could possibly have been involved. Certainly not God’s kindness. The quasi-religious pseudoscience called “scientific materialism” has ruled God out as a public explanation of anything these days. It’s as if a meaningful universe disgusts them.

But what do these materialists think about UFOs and the mysterious operators behind them? Are such mainstream DOD realities still “spaghetti monsters” to scientific materialists?

Why would they doubt the mainstream’s declaration that UFOs are physical craft when they follow the same mainstream’s dogmas to the letter on each and every COVID argument they help to squelch?

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction because it doesn’t have to seem believable or follow preconceived worldviews.

Here’s hoping that aliens have landed and love us dearly.

mRNA love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

41 thoughts on “The COVID War on Democracy and Thought

  1. dolphinwrite

    Have you noticed, in the blogging world, if you write an emotional article, devoid of real information, but how you got the vaccine and helped others to do so, you’ll get a thousand “hits”? But if you provide real information, 3 or 4 hits and some comments? This tells me those who truly tihnk for themselves rarely blog, so we’re a rare breed. Those who don’t think for themselves, follow progressive (which means filled with error) and marxist dogma, fill the pages. As such, we continue to share, hoping more people who think for themselves write and share real information.

    • Thank you for your kind words of encouragement.
      I tend to offend many identifiable groups: the “scientific” materialists (“pseudoscientific” would be a better term), the political left and the political right, the Christian mainstream (whom I deeply respect), those who trust the mainstream media (left and right), the super-wealthy, the politically correct, and anyone who can’t admit that he or she is often wrong about important things. And I’m holding back. Of course I’ve got few readers. Fortunately I don’t need more than a few to feel good about blogging.
      You know, it’s ironic how our scientific priests tell us that the universe is amoral, but society tells us that discussing certain scientific observations is an unpardonable sin. And we wonder why young people are moving into the metaverse.

      • 5lejas

        I really begin to think that this breakdown in communication, this polarization, is the outcome of subconscious and conscious manipulation of populations in many parts of the world. I have mentioned before that DARPA funded ongoing research at Arizona State Uni in disrupting/inducing narratives in populations. The study was leaked by someone around 2013. Monies are only allocated for research based on reproduceable outcomes. For many years now, there has been an advertising-Intel-military connected research on how to control populations to the benefit of these three groups. The system they have is now perfecting itself because they feed the outcomes into programming AI and big data capabilities. However, the flaw, as it were, in their system is that some cannot be programmed so easily, but they still are easily tipping the scale of social disruption because of the 2 percent rule.

        • 5lejas, I think you’re probably 100% right because this current level of ubiquitous mutual disdain across the political aisle seems unnatural, unlike anything I’ve seen beyond of a few individuals with a mix of chronic hostility, big egos and rage-control issues. Also logic seems lost in the world today.
          I’ll see if I can find that leaked research report from DARPA in 2013, it sounds fascinating. Thank you.

          • Note: The pdf.doc titled, ‘Toward Narrative Disruptors and Inductors: Mapping the Narrative Comprehension Network and its Persuasive Effects’ was removed from SCRIBD at the request of Arizona State University. There could be legal reasons why the ASU requested it be removed or reasons related to the idea that they don’t want it broadcast so widely as it was there to download. to avoid possible legaI reasons, I won’t post links on your site.

    • Have you had this experience? I told my friend that I listened to Dr. Malone’s talk and he told me that he doesn’t listen to political podcasts that spread disinformation, like Joe Rogan. Dr. Malone is mentioned on but I was wondering if the fact that the search function is ‘powered by Google’ would show all the links. Of course, the one link that came up there was negative about Dr. Malone, which I have not followed up on, as of this writing. And open letters such as this one my friend sent, are difficult to follow up on when it comes to details. One important question. The media is calling into question Malone’s accomplishments-the 9 mRNA vaccine patents. If we have to do a patent search, it costs money. Where can we determine, for ourselves, if his claims are true?

      • This looks like a helpful link:

        The second one on the list sounds directly relevant. Quoting now…

        DNA vaccines for eliciting a mucosal immune response
        Patent number: 6110898
        Abstract: The invention consists of a method for inducing production of a mucosal immune response in a host by administration of an antigen-encoding polynucleotide preparation, comprising DNA or RNA encoding an antigenic epitope to a mucosal inductor site in the mucosal tissue of the host. Naked DNA may be administered directly to mucosa, for instance in saline drops, or in a recombinant gene expression vector. Preferably, the recombinant gene expression vectors are not capable of replication or dissemination. The invention also includes the use of live viral vaccines wherein the viruses include immunostimulatory polynucleotides of the invention. According to a preferred method of the invention, a target protein antigen is administered through its expression by a recombinant gene expression vector.
        Type: Grant
        Filed: May 23, 1997
        Date of Patent: August 29, 2000
        Assignee: University of Maryland, Baltimore
        Inventors: Robert W. Malone, Jill G. Malone

        A person would probably need some mRNA technical background to read these patent descriptions and understand that they were foundational to the current mRNA technology. As always, there would be a scientist somewhere who would quibble for some reason. That’s the rule in science, someone always disagrees. And sometimes the minority opinion is right, so it’s a mistake to ever silence a scientist. Not even one.

        The mainstream media is comprised of binary thinkers who already “know” the answer they want. Objectivity means less than nothing to them. Both sides of the political aisle suffer from this abandonment of rational objectivity.

  2. One thing that shows that money is pushing vaccines–the push to vaccinate children has no scientific support. The risk/benefit to children does not justify giving them covid vaccines. Children are more at risk from covid vaccines than from covid.

    Qui bono? Let the buyer beware.

  3. Thanks for your help. I just watched the video with the pathology slide presentation:
    The study included only 17 autopsies. I’d guess this would be too few for statistical significance, but it’s certainly a start.
    The most potentially convincing microscopic slide (to me) was the one with the spindle-shaped endothelial cells lying loose within the lumen of a small blood vessel. I’ve seen this appearance on autopsies of infants many times, however. Rightly or wrongly, it has often been interpreted as a post-mortem artifact called “autolysis,” which means nonspecific disintegration and decay of dead cells occurring AFTER the death of the patient. I’m not saying that this is clearly autolysis in this case, but I would imagine that many pathologists would at least initially consider the possibility of a post-mortem autolysis interpretation. I think that the microscopic findings in the heart and liver would probably be considered non-specific chronic inflammation by most pathologists, but I might be wrong because I’m extremely limited in my examination of the cases: it’s really difficult to get a clear picture of what’s going on in an organ system from a single photomicrograph taken from a much larger glass slide. I’m also limited by having made no gross examination of the organs, and having no access to the clinical history of each patient (other than the fact that each patient received an mRNA vaccine). So I’m in the dark with everything I’m saying about the pathology slides, including this: The changes in the thyroid appear to be advanced chronic inflammatory disease that has resulted in fibrosis. Most pathologists would probably consider this a thyroid disease process that had been ongoing for years prior to the autopsy. The pathophysiology proposed as resulting from the mRNA vaccines seems logical to me, though I’m no expert on historical mRNA technology effects.
    The attack on Dr. Malone seems strange to me since he’s on the same side of the overall argument. I suspect we all find ourselves (in retrospect) having been wrong about many important things when we reach our 60’s and look back.
    Thank you for pointing me to this important discussion.
    Where do I find your latest post on coroners missing vaccine deaths?

    • Here’s my link:

      I basically fleshed out Burkhardt’s laconic comments, if I understood them correctly.

      Indeed, I can see how pathologists might interpret the slides. The comments in Burkhardt’s document for pathologists are essential. In my post, I link to Burkhardt’s document for coroners/pathologists to help them understand the issues from his perspective. Perhaps he is wrong, but he has quite a bit of weight in the German pathology community and his ideas need discussion. Schirmacher and Lang support Burkhardt, and their opinions are also weighty.

      It’s important to understand that detecting covid vaccine deaths is a new thing and not well-understood in the pathology community. It would not be surprising to discover that pathologists/coroners have been missing a lot of covid vaccine deaths because they didn’t know what to look for.

      If the numbers for all-cause mortality from the 6 month Pfizer covid vaccine safety study and the FDA document combined showing no all-cause mortality benefit from the Pfizer covid vaccine are correct, then instances of covid vaccine deaths must have been missed by those reporting cause of death, because the numbers reported by the CDC (zero) don’t line up with the Pfizer covid vaccine 6 month safety data (21 per 22,000, or 0.09% all cause mortality).

      Since the CEO of OneAmerica Life Insurance Company reported that working age deaths are up 40% in Indiana, then that massive increase must come from somewhere and covid vaccines are a likely candidate for at least part of the increase. A 40% increase is a 12 sigma event, per Matt Crawford, a statistician–extremely unlikely to merely be due to random chance.

      • For some strange reason, the link you gave me takes me to a list of my own wordpress domains, all but one of which I abandoned years ago. Very strange.

        As I understand it, hospitals have a financial incentive to ascribe deaths to COVID but not to COVID vaccines.

        In the US, most pathologists make a living doing surgical pathology, not autopsy pathology. So you’re probably right that most practicing pathologists might not know the latest techniques for documenting COVID, even if the CDC recommends legitimate guidelines. Most pathologists’ lives revolve around a pile of surgical pathology slides from which diagnoses must be made for living patients as fast and accurately as possible. This requires hours of scope work. Autopsies are a side issue that most pathologists try to avoid as much as possible, if they’re being honest. As a pathologist rises in the pecking order within a group, she/he tends to do less and less autopsy work. At the same time, most pathologist will tell you that autopsy pathology is the backbone of quality patient care. Actions speak louder than words, I think.

        That data you mentioned from India is sobering and deserves a great deal of careful attention. I would guess that lockdown-related bankruptcies, job losses, and starvation might also factor in. I agree it’s not a random variation.
        Thank you for your fascinating comments and help.
        Take care.

  4. “Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction because it doesn’t have to seem believable or follow preconceived worldviews.” : if that isn’t an epimythium, I don’t know what is!

    Extremely well said -no doubt, a post most difficult to write.

    • Hi Spira, Thank you! 🙂
      Yes, this topic always gives me pause because of the potential for future unimagined long-term negative side-effects of mRNA vaccines. Who knows what might show up eventually and reverse the current positive mainstream vaccine statistics?

      Also this subject is tough to be objective about because both sides seem highly emotional and politically influenced.

      For example, I’m reading “The Real Anthony Fauci,” by Kennedy now.

      Although it’s a fascinating and often shocking must-read (I recommend it highly), I’m disappointed that Kennedy taints his gripping message with a knee-jerk political slam at the outset, referring to the Trump presidency as the “Trump crisis,” as if Kennedy’s political bias should be assumed superior, and anyone who likes Trump is inferior to the rest of society.

      This binary tribal “thinking” goes both ways, unfortunately, and poisons everyone. We must all refuse it if we want to save democracy.

      Totalitarianism needs to divide and conquer because it’s always a small number of rulers controlling a large number of people. They need half of the public to first give them power, then they need the military and the police to back them, then surprise! They show brutal intentions, book burning and killing all who read and think for themselves. True democracy doesn’t do that, but it’s a rare and fragile form of government, at least on this planet.

      In reality, both sides of US politics are being dragged by the hair into global totalitarianism. Few on either side like it when they finally see it. Both sides desperately need each other’s help to save democracy, but few on either side can fathom the the possibility that those “fools” on the other side might NOT be 100% wrong, ignorant, and evil all the time.

      Liberalism and Conservatism (or whatever the popular divisions) are each sometimes the cure and sometimes the disease. Knowing or at least believing this is essential to a working democracy.

      It’s the media and the political leaders here that hide this truth, maintaining the political hatred they’ve designed to “win” their little political war while killing democracy and losing everyone’s freedom.

      PS… Looks like my link to Kennedy’s book didn’t work. Anyway, it’s on Amazon for $2.99, digital version.

  5. 5lejas

    There is also perhaps another twist to this. China uses the Vero Cell or inactivated vaccines. It seems that the Chinese study published in Lancet showed a strong immune response to it in young children. Is there data available that shows the differences between the Covid-19 Vero Cell type, as used in China and other parts of the world and the Covid-19 live vaccines?

    • Hi 5lejas,
      When you say the “live” vaccines, I’m assuming you mean the mRNA vaccines. These mRNA vaccines are not live or dead virus particles, they are altered pieces of cell-language information (pieces of messenger-type ribonucleic acid) that the cells understand and use to produce a “spike protein” that’s not exactly same as the wild spike protein found in the “live” virus. The mRNA vaccine’s “spike protein” information has been modified to make the resulting “spike protein” incapable of poking through the cell membrane. (So we’re told. I’m no virologist.)

      Rhonda Patrick describes it on this video at the 20 minute mark. I love her dearly and trust her judgement, but nobody’s infallible.

      All of the other viral proteins that are necessary to a functional SARS-Cov-2 virus, enabling it to infect a human cell and cause the cell to make more “live” (or replication-inducing) viruses are NOT present in the mRNA vaccines. This is one reason why many “experts” are convinced that the mRNA vaccines will likely prove to be safer than the disease in the long run, even though we have no way of knowing this for sure now.

      I’m not aware of any reliable stats that can be used to compare mRNA vaccine outcomes with Vero Cell inactivated vaccines. Sorry. That’s an important question. I’ll look for an answer.

      If anyone else reading this knows where to find good statistics on this, please post a link here. Thank you. 🙂

      • Thank you for updating my understanding of this mRNA type of vax. I live in China so I’ve got the first shot recently and I’m due for the second. Our son has had his shots, both mine and his being the Vero Cell type. Interesting fact that the Chinese government has administered Vero Cell here, while a good part of the world receives the mRNA types.If I’m wondering about this difference, I’m sure a whole lot of virologists would ultimately like to know.

        • Yes, I’m sure you’re right. High quality data of every type is lacking in COVID discussions. As an adult in my 60’s, if I’d had a choice I would have preferred the Vero Cell type vaccine over the mRNA type.
          Healthy children are at very low risk of serious illness from COVID. One paper indicates that male children are at greater risk of myocarditis from the mRNA vaccines than they are from COVID. Another paper contradicted that conclusion. It’s tough to know the scientific truth about COVID.

  6. 5lejas

    Someone with the expertise of Dr. Malone being silenced on Twitter, seems to point to gatekeepers trying to control the narrative. They can’t have the truth destroy the narrative, as there’s too much money behind it.

      • So, those guys inspired my latest post about coroners missing covid vaccine deaths and why. Burkhardt provided a document containing things for pathologists to look for when a covid vaccination is a possible cause of death.

          • So, are you saying that this should be viewed as guidance from the CDC on how to autopsy suspected covid vaccine deaths? That would be admitting that the two have a mechanism in common–the toxic spike protein. I don’t think that that fits with the CDC narrative.

            Did you have time to look at Burkhardt’s recommendations about how to autopsy when covid vaccines are the suspected cause of death which I linked in my post?

            • As best I can tell, these are the CDC’s autopsy guidelines for COVID. I doubt anyone can fake a “” URL, but I’m no tech expert.
              I have not yet read Dr. Burkhardt’s recommendations. I’ll try to get to them when I’m not so busy being lazy and distractible. (lol) I’ll bet they’re excellent recommendations. I’m a retired pathologist, by the way, so I’m not a practicing physician anymore.

              I’m reading, “The Real Anthony Fauci,” by Kennedy now. What an eye-opener. You’ve probably read it, but if not, I highly recommend it. It’s only $2.99 in digital form on Amazon. The first shocker for me was that Fauci is 80 years old. I had no idea.

              To me, COVID-19, as horrible as it is, is not the greatest threat to humanity now. Instead, it’s the sudden death of democracy we’re experiencing at the hands of a few extremely wealthy groups of “investors” who are using COVID as a weapon of fear. I wish Kennedy’s book were more politically neutral so it would reach more readers. I also wish it could be made into a gripping movie so it might reach the majority of Americans who seem to avoid reading books at all costs.

              • I agree that there is a threat to the US form of government, but I’m slowly beginning to accept the idea that the covid vaccine is part of a conspiracy to depopulate the earth down to 1 billion or so people as part of the plan to install an oligarchy. I will post about how I see the covid vaccines as a trap, sometime soon.

                • If I were a hyper-wealthy “investor” planning to conspire with my peers in radical population reduction for my “higher cause,” the first thing I’d do would be to invent a term that made anyone sound foolish who opposed me. I’d invent the term “conspiracy theory” and have all my TV mouthpieces use it as an emotional pejorative on both sides of the political aisle.

                • James W. Douglass, in his book, ‘JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters’, mentions that when JFK sent RFK to talk to Russia’s ambassador about the the armed missiles in Cuba, and the then active naval blockade, he (John Kennedy) basically was messaging Khrushchev that there will likely be a coup in the US as most of the joint chiefs, the CIA and other important people thought Kennedy was a traitor. Many joint chiefs believed a nuclear strike was doable. Because Kennedy and Khrushchev had been exchanging letters via emissaries, Khrushchev had come to trust our president. According to Douglass, this relationship was key to Khrushchev withdrawing the missiles. He was to realize some near future benefits form this private agreement between him and President Kennedy. Khrushchev paid for this softening of his stance towards Kennedy by the hardliners on his side. This event shows how Democracy was under threat from Kennedy forward because never again would the gatekeepers of our world have a real president but merely puppets with the semblance of ruling Americans.

                  • Over the years, I’ve also gotten the impression that Kennedy was our last genuine President.
                    I think the plans for overthrow of US democracy probably began with Project Paperclip bringing a thousand-plus Nazis to America from Germany after the war and giving them positions of power within the secret services and NASA. Their great contributions to science are public knowledge. Their contributions to the mindset and morality of the leaders of our intelligence agencies is probably also significant but anti-democratic.

                    • 5lejas

                      Yes, the plan was well thought out, perhaps even prior to the wars end by the melding of purposes of like minded racists on both sides of the Atlantic-anyone who wasn’t Aryan (haha) must go. Patton, as it turned out, was racist to the core and the Huntington library held evidence of this in their archives until they were called out about 10 years ago.

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