Imagine there’s no hatred…

I haven’t heard anything about Yeonmi Park for a while, the girl who escaped North Korea at age 13 by being sold into sex slavery in China. She says she’s thankful it happened, despite the abuse she suffered and the struggle to survive in China. She tells us that if she had stayed in North Korea, she would have starved to death. The woman who sold Yeonmi to the Chinese sex slave industry also sold her own children to China hoping that this would save them from starvation. The North Korean government murdered her when they found out.

Last night I sat and watched Yeonmi’s new video interview, conducted by a scientist who grew up in the USSR. I like this guy because he doesn’t sound too bright until you read a list of his scientific accomplishments, then you realize he’s probably one of the smartest people you’ll ever encounter.

In the interview, I heard Yeonmi crying as she tried to describe the suffering, starvation and literal cannibalism going on right now in North Korea. I had no idea this was happening, did you?

She describes her initial shock and ongoing remorse over the way the “free” world ignores N. Korea’s modern holocaust, the literal genocide of North Korean people by their morally vacuous leader, Kim Jong-un, a well-nourished man who would rather see his people starve by the millions than accept aid from the West.

Yeonmi describes how every manifestation of love is illegal in North Korea. That’s right, illegal. There is one exception, of course, everyone is allowed to love their “dear leader.” In fact every citizen is programmed from birth to love the one true “god,” Kim Jong-un. They believe he can read their minds, literally.

Yeonmi explains how North Korea’s systematic mind control centers around banning words like “romance.” That sounds familiar. I wonder if the term “romance” will soon become as dangerous in the West as reminding the Woke movement that they’re a group of overtly racist whiteophobes.

Yeonmi’s experience explains the mechanisms by which humans are controllable through isolation and language management. The Royal founders of North Korea cancelled words exactly the way the Woke crowd is doing now in the US. After one generation, everyone in the cultural bubble of North Korea forgot not only the banned words, but also the very concepts that the words carried–things like romantic love, personal freedom, and normal human empathy. Is this were the Woke movement is taking us?

Modern life in North Korea sounds like Science Fiction, but it’s undeniable reality. Meanwhile the woke movement has ascended to power in the West through thought control, word cancellation, and the ban of rational discussion and free speech in the universities and Big Media.

I was surprised to discover that some people online actually support North Korean genocide. They level character assignation against Yeonmi Park. It’s hard to believe. I wonder who these trolls are, really.

The cold silence of our money-hungry media keeps the West ignorant of North Korean starvation. Anything that might hamper the carefully designed and promoted political division, frustration and hatred here must be avoided because harmony would interrupt the media’s cash flow. Things they must avoid include all issues that people agree upon and might rally behind, such as: stopping genocide, reporting the vast evidence of intelligent “off-world” beings operating UFOs, getting clean water to children who have never seen it, and stopping the FED from widening the wealth gap in the US.

When people agree on things, they don’t stay glued to the TV. They get out into the 3D world and try to improve it. Therefore public agreement is the enemy of Big Media. Anger and irritation bring in the eyeballs and the advertising dollars. Certain emotions were shown to be addictive in electrode brain stimulation data from long ago.

The Pleasure Shock by Lone Frank (page 88), a historical medical documentary book, describes a patient with 17 electrodes in his head and the control button in his hands. He found a spot in his brain that eliminated “bad thoughts” and gave him a “wonderful feeling” with “sexual undertones.” You might think this patient would stimulate that part of his brain more often than any other area, but no. Apparently certain other feelings are more addictive than pleasure.

He preferred to stimulate himself with a combination of three other electrodes: one that made him feel “very irritated and peeved” along with two that were called, “reward areas.”

This is how the media makes money, they keep us irritated and peeved at the “dangerous idiots” on the other side of every issue reported. Any topic that unites viewers across political, cultural, or economic divides must be avoided like poison by Big News Media, Inc.

“Irritated and peeved” is just how I feel when I’m stupid enough to pause in front of a political TV “news” report and listen for a few minutes. It makes no difference which “morally and intellectually superior” side of the political aisle is blabbing hate and outrage, the result is the same in my head: irritation with a simultaneous tweak of a “reward area” telling me how much smarter and morally superior I must be than these immoral, short-sighted, selfish, ignorant people on the other side of whatever argument is playing on any of the 24/7 “news” outlets.

When I was 32 and in Pathology residency, which was the first paying job of my life, one of the Path chiefs tried to explain a new meme he said was attached to the counterculture music of the 1960s: “the media is the message.”

It didn’t make sense to me until decades later when I realized how the TV media was changing me and everyone I knew, dividing us into two controllable groups that despised each other at a visceral level: “the emotion is the message.”

Tobin Smith has a one-sided, but important book on media manipulation. He’s an investment guru whom I personally witnessed calling the stock market bottom in real time after the 2000 tech crash. And years later, I sat on my hands and watched him call the exact market bottom after the 2008 near-depression crash. I was too afraid to jump back into stocks at the time. Tobin Smith recently called the 2020 bottom, I’m told, though I wasn’t personally there to witness it.

Tobin: “Americans don’t understand how the media is manipulating us through tribal hate media” using specific “causes” to create “a desired behavior and identity.” It’s all “Propaganda. The reason why it works is because it gets people to hate.”

Having worked for Fox News for 14 years (and never for MSNBC, CNN, etc.) Tobin Smith is able to bring detailed, personal eye-witness evidence against one side (only) of the control-by-hate media machine.

But in a TV interview, a reporter with a vanishingly rare quality I call objectivity asked Mr. Smith, “Could you not apply that same formula to almost every news media network…?”

Tobin extended his analysis only to MSNBC’s use of Trump-hate “ego gratification.” He didn’t admit that the same hate tactics are used by all other media outlets whether right-biased or left-biased, whether on TV, radio, big internet or print-based. In some cases the left’s bias is more subtle than the right-bias on Fox News, but that’s because the left can afford to be subtle while it still has a near monopoly on mainstream media. It’s just a fact, one side isn’t more necessary to balance and wisdom than the other.

Mr. Smith said that conservatives have more fear than liberals according to “scientific evidence,” and are therefore more easily manipulated. Maybe so, I but I doubt these blanket statements. Either way, it misses the point that we’re all being manipulated to hate each other. We’re all together in a sinking ship of blame, denial and addictive irritation/hatred. Neither side of mainstream “news” tells all the facts or all the lies. Neither side is objective. Neither side can afford to lose money by calling out genocide or rallying human compassion against any other form of human suffering.

Compassion is less addictive than hatred, less mesmerizing and therefore a less-profitable business model for every major “news” corporation.

Almost no public figures in the US believe that their own political party has been transformed into a cult of hatred, but it’s true for both sides.

We all need to escape the grip.

Few if any elected officials would be willing to admit that silent manipulation controls all the mainstream “news” outlets, conservative and liberal. To politicians, censorship should be promoted as long as their opponents are the ones targeted.

Like Woke racism, nothing’s wrong as long as the white devils are the target of bigotry.

I’ve tried to stay out of politics because I see that the left and the right need each other to survive, but there are things happening now that signal an end of democracy. Censorship of free speech by the Woke movement’s abortion of rational thought have taken over higher education. Critical race theory has body-snatched corporate America. If we remain passive and silent to the march of racism, Woke or otherwise, we will all fall together into the gravity well of totalitarianism, possibly some form of Marxism, but who knows what sort of nightmare-government will replace democracy in the West? Maybe it will be a continuation of “crony capitalism” and the gradual vanishing of real democracy. Representative government is only barely visible now on clear days.

Yeonmi Park has a valuable perspective on the loss of words, free speech and rational thought. She tells us that when your government outlaws the word “romance,” it’s not just that word that’s lost. The whole concept and experience of romantic love vanishes from the culture. The same is true of empathy, personal freedom, privacy, and rational thought.

Please listen to Yeonmi now as she tries to open our eyes to a broader perspective of life on Earth…

I watched the Olympic opening ceremony last night and got a little misty-eyed when they sang John Lennon’s song, “Imagine.” I guess I’m a dreamer, too, though I feel certain that a benevolent God exists above and beyond human religion and anti-religion.

Maybe try this… Listen to Imagine, and try to imagine that your precious political views don’t define you as a person, let alone as a person of moral and/or intellectual superiority.

“It’s easy if you try.”

Imagine that your political “knowledge” is based on a combination of half-truths, lies, cover-ups, and denials that you will never see if you stay in your current comfortable political bubble. It doesn’t matter which side of the political fence you’re on, you’re hearing misinformation and believing it. Just try to imagine for a moment that I’m right about this.

“I wonder if you can.”

Imagine a world where everyone is interested in learning from the insightful, intelligent, morally responsible people on the other side of the political aisle.

Imagine that hateful binary political thinking is the true enemy of humanity, not the people of the other political party. You need those people to help you think of things that don’t naturally come to mind for you, to help you feel things that you don’t tend to feel.

Imagine that this humble-voiced young woman, Yeonmi Park, would like to guide us all into a lasting, rational, and compassionate future as one single race of human beings.

Nonlocal Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

10 thoughts on “Imagine there’s no hatred…

  1. Wow! What a gripping post that tells things like they are. It’s a shame that people do not know the life of those in North Korea. The things they eliminated from their land are the same things we are experiencing here. I find it hard to believe that compassion can win over this crazy influx of so many unacceptable ideas. We need to have hope but that’s difficult when you see the country turning into a socialist like society. The sad thing for me is that so many people find it acceptable. They want everything handed to them but don’t realize where it is leading. Keep on spreading the truth.

    • Thank you for the kind encouragement, Gypsy Bev.

      I can easily understand why young people now think they prefer socialism or even communism to the monopoly-controlled version of democracy we have in the US today. Since the corporations exert much more influence over DC than the citizens, we have arrived at a place where the top 1 percent own more material wealth than the bottom 60%, last I heard. Darwinian morality has taught many big business people that cheating is what the Universe expects of us, so long as we don’t get caught and punished. This lack of trust and trustworthiness has nearly ruined democracy for the young people of today. If only the upcoming “reset” could cause the renewal of real democracy that’s founded upon trust and trustworthiness. But it looks like the “reset” will probably take us toward Marxism and the typical Darwinian racism that has accompanied the Marxists’ anti-spiritual bias in the past, with white folks becoming the “justly extinguishable” group this time around.

      I hope that governments around the world are soon forced to admit the existence of extra-terrestrial beings in contact with Earth before the “reset” happens. I suspect that undeniable knowledge of the Others would give the entire human race a broader perspective on spirituality and honesty that would head off the current wave of woke racism, non-woke racism, and all our planned violence. Time will tell, I guess. 🙂

  2. dolphinwrite

    Something I’ve watched, noticing from time to time. A little thing called resentment. It’s like a little imp, a brat on steroids, though small, and likes to point out the wrongs in others, not out of discernment. Many, I believe, many, if not most or nearly all, experience this and gives the “feeler” the feeling of importance or awareness, though false, “helping” a person to feel better for awhile, but guilty inside so they have to keep on resenting and pointing out problems in others and in the world. There are people who can point out wrongs and not be wrong themselves, but they do this out of discernment, no thought for themselves, I believe. All the best.

    • I think you’re right, dolphinwrite. I hope to rise above my ego and act out of love and compassion all the time, rather than just intermittently. I think becoming this kind of person is probably one of the big reasons I decided to enter the simulation we call the Universe, a.k.a. 229 H Street (inside joke). Thank you for such an insightful comment. I hope everyone reads it, even though I need it most. 🙂

      • dolphinwrite

        Yeah. It would be good if all of us could be patient and thoughtful, even with all the difficulties we face daily. I remember a really good thought from a good friend: He said: If we all thought for ourselves, never giving into resentments, all the leaders of the world would wage war and no one would come.

  3. What I find interesting is that whether its NOKO or Cuba the U.S. punishes the people to get back at the leader, yet it never hurts the leaders or drives them from power.

  4. dolphinwrite

    I agree with some, disagree with others, and some of the writing indicates, to me, anger. I remember once telling another, who wanted world peace, how can we have world peace if we don’t get along with our siblings, the neighbor, and others we disagree?

    • Excellent point. Thanks for the constructive criticism. I’ll try to do better next time, but honestly…
      As much as I’ve been programed to think that anger is always wrong, I have to admit it isn’t a morally binary emotion (as in always bad, always inappropriate, immoral, or hurtful regardless of the context). Sometimes anger is appropriate and valuable, as long as it doesn’t cloud a person’s reason.
      And anger is different for different people, it seems. For those with hairtrigger tempers, it’s wise to avoid it as much as possible. For those of us who’ve been abused by quick tempered sibs and parents, it’s easy to feel that anger is always evil. This is me. To this day, I feel guilty when I express the slightly anger, even if my anger has prevented a serious car accident or prevented me from sitting quietly like the introvert I am while someone I love is making a self-destructive life decision. (Long story. :))
      When writing about woke racism, I have a difficult time keeping anger and outrage out of the work because I feel like I’m trying to protect my grandkids from a life of shame and abuse based on their skin color and delivered by a Woke-racist US government. (I sense we will have this Woke racist government soon.)
      And when I think of Yeonmi Park being starved by N. Korea’s “dear leader”
      and sexually abused in China at age 13, anger is probably more appropriate than feeling nothing but love for the abusers. Apathy towards modern genocide and the sex slave trade is arguably far worse than expressing reasoned anger on the subjects.
      The fact that anger and outrage are the tools that the media uses to keep us focused and divided on smaller issues doesn’t mean that anger is always to be avoided. Hating people is what we need to avoid. Thinking we’re always right is the real human poison. Rather than avoiding all anger, I think we should avoid the media’s manipulative use of anger for dividing and controlling the public along political lines of hatred and loathing.
      When my kids were young, I wish I had understood how anger can be an expression of love. Only now that I’m a grandparent am I able to admit this difficult truth to myself. Of course, I have a lot to learn about hyper-complex things like parenting, human emotion and standing one’s ground with balance. Thanks for your help.
      Cheers. 🙂

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