“Driven from within Private Corporate Aerospace … THE [UFO crash retrievel and retro-engineering] PROGRAM”

I spent all day writing another post, took a break around sundown to watch an episode of “The Durrells” which we love because almost all the characters are thoroughly good people. Then I ran into an interview by Jay of Project Unity with a big-time Australian reporter who quoted Mitt Romney’s CNN comments on the US government’s recent UFO report. The CNN footage is still viewable in the first video below. Probably not for long.

Mitt is a member of the LDS church, a denomination I would join in a heartbeat if only I could believe their version of history. I would join them because they’re some of the most loving people I’ve ever met. (“By their fruits ye shall know them.” – The Nazarene.) I even like their boldly nonconformist Christian worldview doctrines. But alas, I’m incapable of believing the official story of how the LDS Church was founded by direct contact with God. I sincerely wish I could believe that part. Also the existence of infallible books is really tough for me to believe now. I think ancient scriptures are like modern science journals, extremely valuable, but you have to pick and choose what’s true and what’s more likely “truth in gravy shades of development over time.” You really have to think.

With that said, here’s our old pal Mitt in a ridiculously brief interview, typical of mainstream TV:

Years ago in a speech several hours long (I can’t find the video now), Steven Greer, MD made a comment to the effect that the “Mormon World Corporation” (or something close to that wording) knows more about UFOs than just about anyone else. I asked an LDS friend about that, and he said he’d never heard of any such corporation. But he told me that if aliens landed, it wouldn’t damage the LDS beliefs.

Anyway, it seems to me that Mitt Romney is an honest, good man speaking honestly in this interview. And with his religious beliefs, it makes sense that he wouldn’t regard space aliens as a threat. Dr. Greer would be pleased.

Similarly, the Seventh-day Adventist Church (which I belonged to for most of my adult life) believes that there are many other worlds out there with intelligent life, but Earth is the only one that has “fallen into sin” by eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, a Biblical story that they interpret as literal history. So a traditional SDA who thought UFOs were of alien origin would expect them to be benevolent unless they were the craft of “fallen angels” a.k.a. “demons,” in which case they would not exactly be alien because, as the SDA story goes, the fallen angels/demons were confined to Earth after being “cast out of Heaven.”

Sorry, religious beliefs fascinate me in my current state of spiritual flux. And as a scientist, they seem central to the human experience and the future survival of our species.

But while we’re looking at public figures who have weighed in on UFOs, here’s a link to a brief recent video of former President Obama stating his public opinion.

If you appreciated Obama’s candor there, you’ll love the first-ever UFO interview (video below) of Ross Coulthart, a famous (“reasonably well know” in his words) Australian journalist and five-time winner of Australia’s national journalism prize – the Walkley Award – including the highest award, the Gold Walkley.

Not long ago, he began researching a book on UFOs, thinking he would probably come to the conclusion that UFOs are bunk.

It turned out differently. With a remarkable list of inside contacts, Mr. Ross Coulthart became another of the world’s rare highly informed reporters who says he doesn’t believe in UFOs, he knows they’re real.

I hope you find time to listen to the whole interview, but for sure, please don’t miss out on the story that begins at 39:55 minutes into the video. Also, his words about Luis Elizondo near the end should be carefully considered, especially if you’re already part of the UFO community.

“It was told to me that there is a battle going on inside the Pentagon. The US Airforce flatly does not want to cooperate. And I’ve been told by multiple sources that the US Airforce put up obstructions on numerous occasions to the UAP Taskforce. Numerous occasions. They just don’t want to help. And I think at the heart of it, it’s because there is someone in the US Airforce who knows full-well what’s really going on, and they’re shit-scared.” — Ross Coulthart

His upcoming book, In Plain Sight, can be pre-ordered here on Amazon (if you live in the US). (I have no affiliation with Mr. Coulthart, but wish him Godspeed.)

True-story love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

PS. I think this Ross Coulthart interview could bring us all closer to knowing the underlying truths about the UFO reality. The video deserves to go truly viral. Please share it as widely as you can in hopes of creating a UFO-informed public across the globe. And thank you very much if you do that. Government secrets have their rightful place, but this could be a leap forward in humanity’s spiritual and moral evolution. That’s what we need more than anything else right now, it seems to me.

16 thoughts on ““Driven from within Private Corporate Aerospace … THE [UFO crash retrievel and retro-engineering] PROGRAM”

  1. 5lejas

    I think all those studying the UFO reality, who have not, need to read, ”Penetration” by Ingo Swann and “Someone else is on the Moon”, by George Leonard.

    • I’ve been away for three days, so I couldn’t thank you for your comment until this morning. Thank you, 5lejas. I’m reading a book by Ingo Swann now, but it’s not the one you mention. I’ll check it out right away. The one by Leonard is new to me, so I’ll check it out too. Really, thank you very much for suggesting these books. I’m learning a lot from the most verifiably informed sources I can discover. Stay strong, 5lejas.

      • I’m glad you find the books informative. I believe they are key. I wish I had a library filled with the books Leonard references, as well as some Swann mentions. If I’ve overlooked these two books, then quite a few others have as well, so newbies and vets alike will benefit. In Dolan’s recent Alien Psychology discussion, not one mention of ‘psychic’ (taboo still?) related to the topic I wish I was important enough to influence Dolan and Project Unity discussion towards revisiting the books I’ve mentioned. I think Jay may be more open to the psychic bit than Dolan? I wish I could ask Dolan why no mention of psychic and the struggle of parapsychology to become mainstream.Swann answers my questions as to the why part. Just as UFO have been continued to be investigated, I believe there are active RV teams or special psychics who do surveillance on ET’s in this world. but it’s a very deep program.

      • 5lejas

        If I had 100+ dollars to spare, I would try to buy the hardback of Leonard’s but it’s more rare. Related to these 2 books, Karl Wolfe’s 2001 National Press Club testimony seems to confirm that there are huge moon bases on the dark side.

      • 5lejas

        I will be interested in reading your thoughts on the matter, especially regarding ETs and psychics in this world and the two groups that don’t want us to develop these abilities, elites and ETs (on the Moon).

        • Thank you. I’ll see if something occurs to me along the way that I can write about with some degree of certainty at this stage of my long but gradual journey into the UFO literature. It’s a fascinating book. I’m so glad to be reading it!

          • In line with Ingo Swann’s experiences with psychics, Dr. David Jacobs mentions alien hybrids walking amongst us who look absolutely like us but have far superior psychic powers. Dr. Jacobs states that they can essentially control our thinking and perception if they choose. Now, my thoughts on this are, if hybrid ETs are here with us, as Swann surmised, they have access to all the elite’s secrets. How could the elites protect themselves from ET getting their information? There has to be a trained psychic corp or some of the ET’s or hybrids are employed by elites to protect vital information, or some group of ETs are running everything here in the background. If ETs have turned our launch functions on and off at missile silos, come within viewing distance of secure presidential locations etc., then they can access anything they want. it would be a good interview to try to find psychics who have witnessed ET’s living here on earth who are not afraid to discuss it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=msvaEFZ1kZU

            • I suspect that the human Cabal includes the owners of the FED, Black Rock, and Vanguard, and that they are cooperating with some versoin of higher intelligence. Whether the higher intelligence is ET, ancient advanced humans, or one of the many other options probably doesn’t matter as much as their agenda for humanity. I’m starting to wonder if the current political push away from democracy and toward a top-down radically controlling world government might stem from the existence of a collective identy among those at the top, whether ET’s or humans with ESP. It’s hard to believe the “reset” agenda we see in motion now in the US is all coming from political hatred between the two major parties.

  2. Excellent interview of sections I watched. But there is always way too much background information for me. I know it is important to set the stage for newcomers, but I’ve been down this road many times and would like just the facts. I don’t need to be told again and again that this is not accepted by the general public. Romney and Obama skirted the issue as usual in my opinion.

    I did like his report on the man who actually went underground at Wright – Patterson and saw bonding techniques that were beyond our science here on earth. It was good to hear that he was told of the UFO retrieval program so I’m imaging that was what he was seeing at Wright-Patterson. I’ve heard many times that objects from Roswell were taken in part to Wright-Patterson. It interests me since that is in my home state. I just watched a YouTube about a man working with reverse engineering and he was being under careful watch by the government. It seems someone has to be on their death bed before they are brave enough to say anything. Otherwise, they would still be on their deathbed and not quite ready for it.

    Someday when I have more time, I’d like to listen to this entire video. Thanks for keeping UFO information alive on the internet.

    • I feel the same way. Someone who has been reading UFO history for a while must suffer through the same old stuff again and again before finding anything that feels significant. In these situations, I try to put myself in the mind of a newbie and imagine I’m hearing this old story for the first time. Also, when I find someone who the public might consider highly credible, like this award-winning journalist from Australia, it adds a little thrill to the old stories. In this guy’s case, the way he was able to contact insiders seemed fascinating, apart from the story details. It’s as if some people have a superpower or something. I’m such an introvert, it amazes me to see these people in action. Next lifetime, I’m coming back as an extrovert. 😉

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