Nonlocal Love on Earth

When John Lennon approached the end of, “All You Need Is Love,” he burst into the chorus of another great Beatles song, “She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

When I heard this years ago, it seemed to derail his message of humanity’s desperate need of a higher love.

We carefully distinguish between romantic love and all the other loves, but could this be inaccurate or even misguided?

How might things look from the perspective of The Cosmic DNA Coder?

Imagine he’s putting together a new reality, a “simulation” where people can go to learn to love in an environment where anger, fear, pain and hunger make it difficult.

If love requires a minimum of two, he might divide the players into males and females, a novelty in his realm, no doubt. He invents procreation with a physical and emotional climax of love that begins gestation, allowing another player to enter the Love-Challenge environment.

In the Challenge, some individuals become technically advanced and tamper with the original DNA codes, splicing amalgamations such as the duck-billed platypus, and wreaking havoc on God’s ideal coding for procreation through love. Loveless perversions spring forth, but love’s key elements survive on some planets.

In these lucky worlds, falling into romantic love remains the most powerful, meaningful and ubiquitous form of love, rivaling even the love of parents for their children and grandchildren.

On the luckiest of planets like Earth, the distinction between platonic and romantic love begins to seem arbitrary. Couples grow old, procreation leaves the picture, and yet love continues to grow and deepen.

Despite the Earthling’s lifelong struggle for food and shelter, some of them adopt other species and discover what they believe is the purest form of platonic love.

God smiles with interest and appreciates even their dreams…

Last night I awoke from a recurring nightmare. I had lost Halo, my little black labrador retriever while the rest of our family was on vacation.

The loss of my gentle little dog was shattering. I imagined her shivering alone, hungry and confused in a dog shelter awaiting a death sentence and wondering what in the world she could have done wrong to make Daddy leave her.

I didn’t know where I’d lost her or how. I had only vague recollections of taking her with me, but where? It seemed I was losing my memory like both of my parents did years ago.

I said something like a prayer, but not to God. It was to Halo, trying to reach her through the ether and tell her I still loved her. I asked her to forgive me for being such a fool and losing track of her. I said I was so, so sorry and cried for her forgiveness until the anguish woke me up.

When my eyes popped open, I knew she was OK. I remembered putting her to bed that night and playing in the backyard with her and two of my grandkids that afternoon.

The flood of relief was beyond wonderful! I smiled at the darkness in the room and thanked God, remembering a time years ago when a similar dream about my son had shaken me to the core.

Eventually I got back to sleep, knowing that one of the most loving beings I’ve ever met was safely sleeping downstairs on her little bed with the brand new Naugahyde cover Sandi finished sewing onto it that afternoon.

And that’s platonic love, not romantic, not parental? Does love really need any qualifiers?

In God’s eyes, I doubt there’s a black-and-white distinction between romantic love and all the other forms we think we’ve identified. In my heart they all feel equally transcendent and sacred.

I wonder if John Lennon saw beyond the distinctions we make in the way we love.

“Because she loves you.
And you know that can’t be bad.”

Nonlocal love,


3 thoughts on “Nonlocal Love on Earth

  1. You made my day. Thank you.

    God Dog On My Door

    Be one-souled with man.
    A happy little dog
    next door,
    give this to him.
    I am places at once.
    Do you reach
    by your vivid picture?
    Advanced one key setting:
    accountability test.
    Advanced one key selfie.
    What do we ride to attention?
    Go, almost giant.
    Lucy sits in the limelight.
    Her human eyes don’t show,
    and I handle Lucy
    in the ways of dog.
    Leelow ate her reality.
    She opened her eyes to sight,
    but it was a pale glimmer of thought’s mood.
    I know she’s there I said.
    Lisa baked in being’s oven
    a giant figure of self,
    teeming with the universe.
    She grasped its significance:
    a lonely shell she is she said.
    The pain of being hurt her arm.
    She lay in pools of purpose longing.
    I console her with my love.

    Do you know your dog’s secret consciousness?
    We are fooled by mass and shape.
    They come not as strangers into our home.
    They have meaning in the universe.
    They are a step in evolution’s curve,
    and they are one step next to man.
    I bark at your city lights.
    We would have trouble with them.
    keep them off the streets;
    we guide them in their ways;
    they are not figures without us
    if they live in humanity’s house.
    You would hold them down slowly,
    those canines on the street.
    Feed them, wash their wounds,
    and take them away from reproduce.
    You look at its purpose walk.
    That stray with me comes home.
    A great big dog job –
    are they handled right?
    You have a slave there employee?
    It’s the love that measures.
    You know that’s what they need from us.
    We are figures for the divine for them.
    It’s wired into the system:
    you have a dog face in the mirror of their eyes.
    Hold this one close.

  2. It’s not so much all the love is this and not that or maybe it is this or who cares what it is as long as it’s love (or the connect the dots materialism you seem to always have to include for that matter) that I’m commenting on but the raw experience of your love for your dog and the dream you had, similar to ones I have about Lisa Joy Rottweiler. They are such wonderful creatures dogs, what a thought in God’s mind to give us such a companion, such a teacher about love. I’m reminded of a poem of mine, but they seem to be worth less to people the more I show them.

    • Your poems are never worthless, Donny. Keep writing them and sharing them here.
      I’ll try to lighten up on expressing my resentment for the mind-virus, materialism. It won’t be easy because I’ve seen the way it rapes children in government schools, destroys their lives and steals science, perverting it into a religion of hopeless, solitary, random existence without free will, meaning or accountability. But this resentment of mine is throwing me off balance. You’re so right. Thank you for pointing this out to me and showing me where this post went right. 🙂 I appreciate your help and encouragement.

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