Why are we here?

Many years ago, Neil Young wrote something profound and worrisome, “Only love can break your heart.”

But just this morning Ellie, my granddaughter asked, “Why are we here?”

Auntie Teri laughed and said, “That’s the great philosophical question that everyone wants an answer to.”

I blurted out, “I can tell you why we’re here. It’s so we can learn…”

But I hesitated as thoughts rushed through my head. Things like, “We’re here to find out what it’s like to live in a place where God isn’t physically present to influence us… so we can see who we really are. Our souls are from another realm called Reality. Life in this Universe is an E8 simulation that Johanna calls 229 H Street. God is The Great Surfer who lives outside of space and time and misses us when we’re away from home…”

My words, “So we can learn…” hung awkwardly in the air. I was starting to realize I had nothing appropriate to say to someone her age.

Until she rescued me and finished my sentence…

“to love?” She made it look and sound like a genuine question, but it felt to me like an angel’s solemn message.

I said, “Yes,” and grinned the biggest ever, realizing that she knows more about life than I do.

“We’re here to learn to love,” I said firmly, pretending that “love” was the word I was searching for all along.

“For only love can break your heart. What if your world should fall apart?”

No, Neil Young, your world won’t fall apart. Hang tough. Ellie says the whole reason we’re here is to learn to love. And she should know, she’s five years old.

Your pal, Talmage

11 thoughts on “Why are we here?

  1. LOL. You and Ellie are both right. “Love” is the concise way to put it, Ellie put her finger on it because it’s been only five years since she left Reality. You and I have been away for sixty-odd years, and have spent that time figuring out what “love” means, so we end up with a lot more words. And whatever his motivation may have been, John Lennon got it right, too: “All you need is love.”

    “Out of the mouths of babes” (Matt.21:16) . . . and Beatles.

    • It was a pleasure and an honor to be schooled by a five-year-old. Thank you for being so generous and kind.

      “There’s nothing you can do that can’t be done…” I’ve got to go hear that song right now! 🙂

    • Dude! Spira, it’s so great to hear your voice again! I keep looking back at the moment when you were in North America, and I keep wishing I had been healthy (and courageous) enough to drive from Idaho to Southern California to meet you in person. I’ll always regret missing that opportunity. I hope you’re staying inspired with your powerful four-dimensional art.

      • Likewise !! No worries, we may have our chance again . And, it’s not like is the easiest thing in the world, so don’t think about it.
        Take care of yourself and keep on…

  2. Anonymous

    You are right, a five-year old is still “freshly” arrived from the Reality realm – they always know better than we do, unless we, the adults, clumsy as always, have managed to make them forget. And this is why her wisdom is even more “consistent” than your silent philosophic truth, be it from a life-time of vast and deep inquiry. No matter what we do and know, angels always know better.

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