The Cloud Cover-up

About seven years ago a friend who works outdoors said there’s something sinister happening in the sky. The white exhaust from high-altitude jets is a government climate-control conspiracy.

My BS meter pegged out and I told him so.

As a child, I spent five years in the Mojave Desert next to a Naval Ordnance Test Station. “Sky-writing” jets and sonic booms were as normal as birds.

I once saw a rocket make a 3D cloud like Elon Musk’s recent display over the West Coast.

I thought it was weird and ran into the house to tell Mom.

She didn’t go outside and look. To her it was nothing. Anything in the sky had to be normal because weird things just didn’t exist.

Now that I’ve moved to Idaho and have time to take outdoor walks every day, I’ve noticed a few things…

  • It’s amazing how many jets leave white trails in the sky.
  • Idaho’s clouds are elongate and granular on sunny days.
  • Jet trails usually widen into a haze.
  • The haze forms clouds when conditions are just right.

Everyone rejects that last item, the same way I did, with no thought, no research, and no observation.

So today (5/3/2018) I took a few pictures to support the point.

They may not convince you, especially if you’re using a small screen, but see what you think.

I snapped these at noon…




I took these at 1:00 PM…







I took these at 7:00 PM…







Can jets make clouds?

If so, does this suggest a climate-control conspiracy?

I’d like to hear your opinion.

Maybe the US Air Force is spending billions to rush high altitude jets from point A to point B for mundane reasons. Maybe all jets make white trails at these high altitudes. Could it be that “condensation trails” and the clouds that seem to form from them are harmless and unavoidable?

I’ve done almost no research on this. A while ago I did stumble across a video of a (supposed) press conference where official-looking men admitted that jet trails contain microscopic aluminum strips.

But for all I know, that whole conference might have been a hoax.

What I know for sure is that I’m ashamed of the way I dismissed my friend’s chemtrail conspiracy theory like I was a professional skeptic. I’m usually better than that.

My smug knee-jerk dismissal reminds me of the majority’s response to the 63 kids who saw something completely earth-shattering one Friday morning at school near the playground.

My favorite quote from that video comes from an adult who was a child when the event took place…

“We’re taught as a society that, oh, only these thing can happen because this is what it has been, but you have to have an open mind. This experience has taught me that.”

To some of us, fringe knowledge, especially in medicine, brings great hope. To others, anything fringe is either incorrect, impractical, immoral, frightening, embarrassing or boring.

To me, the important thing we humans need to learn is to cultivate respect for people and their opinions, from one end of the spectrum to the other…

From the atheist materialists to the Amish.

From the CIA’s UFO men to the inpatients on the local psych ward.

From the far left of TV politics to the far right.

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

13 thoughts on “The Cloud Cover-up

  1. The exhaust gives water vapor in the atmosphere a point of nucleation, forming clouds. Hard to say if it’s just an accident or if something is actually being added or intended with the clouds. Regardless, it’s pretty normal physics for stuff floating in the sky to facilitate cloud formation.

  2. :)

    On CBC Radio in Canada, I heard about efforts to manipulate weather, i.e. rain, that have been in the works for quite a while – particularly as it relates to crops…

    • Thank you for telling me. It seems logical that humans, with our history of trying to control the weather by faith-based means, would continue to try and control it with science and tech, the quasi-faith-based system popular now with scientists and politicians.

      • :)

        Yes…”man plans…and the LORD laughs.” The arrogant who look down their noses can’t see what the humble looking up can: God high above them, smiling broadly.

        p.s. loved your reply (and hadn’t expected it! 😉

  3. Anonymous

    That’s strange. The sky has the same shade of blue where I live. Who’s behind this?
    Is it the CIA?
    Israel (just look at the shade of blue on their flag…)?,
    Donald Trump?
    I’m scared to go outside on sunny days…

    • I wish I knew the truth about this. I have a hard time imagining that it’s all water vapor that stays in the sky. I doubt it’s political. If you can stomach watching both sides of TV politics, you may notice that we’re being manipulated to feel fear and hatred. Take a look at the video in my previous post, “Orwellian News.” It’s clear that we’re being spoon-fed a narrative from some powerful, behind-the-scenes source. I would bet money that both sides of TV politics are controlled by the same small group who want to keep us divided at approximately 50:50 ratio so the appearance of democratic elections can be maintained.

    • You’re more than welcome. When that full movie comes out, I think it will soften the hearts of the remaining skeptics (except for the pros making money with skepticism). That little girl talking about how she was warned that we’re chopping down all the trees and we’ll eventually die from lack of oxygen – she made me wonder if there isn’t something I could do to help prevent the destruction of the rainforests. I should do some research and find out what can be done. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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