Orwellian News – Unbelievable!

This video illustrates the real danger to democracy.

It’s not fake news, it’s the near-monopoly power held by someone high on the food chain.

The danger isn’t that the wrong political party or the wrong religion or the wrong scientists have gained a near-monopoly on information dissemination. It wouldn’t matter which group held monopoly power. No one should.

Monopoly kills diversity through genocide, tyranny, and the well-intentioned strip-mining of the human soul.

Killing diversity of thought by squelching “dangerous fake news” would be an equal mistake no matter whose side held this kind of power.

The current near-monopoly is doing all it can to make the free exchange of ideas impossible by molding public opinion in favor of Congressional laws to censor the internet.

“Ban fake news.”

Trust me, both sides of the political aisle consider much of the other side’s facts to be completely fake. And this is everyone’s honest and most sincerely objective opinion.

The “wrong” side is not peopled by evil idiots. It only seems that way because humans are prone to black-and-white thinking.

Most of us live in one of two political information bubbles. Similar splits exist in science, medicine, and religion.

Don’t be a pawn. Don’t let the talking heads on either side of any issue make you hate people, or consider them less valuable than you are.

Silencing diversity is self-defeating. No cause on Earth can justify it. Not the “one right” religion, not the “scientifically enlightened” absence of spirituality, and not political dogma.

The big guns of our culture are afraid of the diversity of thought we now see on the internet. Their aim is to homogenize it to death.

So if you have any fringe or divergent ideas about anything, put them out there on your blog and on your YouTube channel as soon as possible, while you still can.

Make DVD’s of your favorite videos and Ted Talks to show to your grandchildren. Our great-grandchildren will marvel at the free speech we once had on the ancient Internet.

We live in unprecedented times when an average person can affect the thinking of an entire culture. Nothing quite like this has ever happened before in recorded history. It won’t last long IF we let the promoters of black-and-white thinking rule us.

Get your message out while you can.

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD


10 thoughts on “Orwellian News – Unbelievable!

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  2. After watching “Century of the Self” on BBC, and being partially through Herman & Chomsky’s “Manufacturing of Consent”, I’m in consternation – I don’t think as a general population we really understand the impact of the aggregation of media sources into the hands of fewer and fewer controllers. Even understanding the basis of confirmation bias doesn’t really help one to clear the tendrils or direction of sway. When one has to search MANY outlets on a story to get a more rounded picture of what the facts are and then apply critical thinking (who benefits, what’s at stake, why would perspectives be so diametrically opposed, etc.) it can be exhausting! And most people simply don’t do that – who has the time?!?

    An older person asked me my thoughts on the possible disruption from apparent external sources during the last election cycle. Because we didn’t have all the facts (some of which are still classified) and all forms of media (news, internet, social networks) were overflowing with ‘theories’ , I stated that my belief was not that it was to possibly favor a particular person, but to sow discord and distrust among the American population, to pit us against ourselves, our institutions, our understanding of what we think we are as a nation. While I will decline from commenting on the actual results of said election, I will say that I believe my thoughts on those activities have come to fruition and that the level of distrust in this country – aganst others with differing views – is simply incredible in the span of a very short time. I find the affliction present on both ‘sides’ of the discussion, leaving me as a middlin’ person who tries to find compromise and common ground, rarely able to even have a calm discussion on ANY item with anyone.

    That we have powerful weath accumulators in equal amounts investing in and contributing to, and profiting from, the presentation of information (think tanks, PACs, foundations, etc.) as benign (sarcasm here) influencers only seems to bother people if it is the perceived ‘other’ the money supports and they give scant attention to the fact that there are bottomless money pits contributing in all directions, which should give us all pause.

    I don’t incline towards conspiracy theories, but literally millions and millions of people do, and sincerely. Many people seem to have devolved into a total us vs them mentality, if you look at the loudest voices and peer into the far corners of each side. I only hope that there are more middle grounders like myself that are about and just quiet, than there are of the farther levers on each side and that somehow the discussion can return to a level of what is best for all of our citizens, and those that clamor to join our ranks.

    • I agree wholeheartedly with you. What amazing insight.

      I do, however, think conspiracy theories are often realistic and worthwhile, and probably should involve more than the FED, the few companies that control the media, the international banking system, the oil cartel, the drug cartels, the publicly identifiable “secret” societies that President Kennedy hated, and the untouchable info some believe to be sitting in the Vatican Library.

      In addition to rationally considering those conspiracy theories, I’m open to broader ones involving a recent breakaway advanced civilization (like the “military-industrial complex” that President Eisenhower tried to warn us about), or an ancient advanced human breakaway civilization that’s possibly still living somewhere on Earth, and/or some sort of positive or negative influence coming to us from whomever is in charge of all the UFO’s that seem to be no longer a deniable phenomenon. The possible existence of space aliens (who aren’t stranded on their home planets) needs to be rationally considered, not pushed aside by the fearful assumption that anyone would be crazy to consider such impossible things.

      I think that closing off any worldview theories, regardless of whether they involve conspiracy, is a flawed emotional decision that most of us make because we fear the ridicule of others in society. And it’s rational to fear that. Even mentioning conspiracy theories tends to undermine a person’s status in almost everyone’s mind.

      So be it.

      It seems to me that if a person is devoted to objectivity, she’s got to analyze everything, not just the safe ideas.

      And if you’re a scientist, you know that most big breakthroughs come from examining outlier ideas and phenomena, looking for exceptions to accepted “rules” and exploring observations and ideas that don’t fit the current paradigm.

      Having said that, I think that the most helpful guiding principle for humankind is to refuse to hate people for any reason at all, even the sociopaths that somehow seem to dominate politics and migrate to positions of tyrannical power around the world.

      “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,” seems to be the best, if not the only hope that the human species has of surviving our WMD’s, especially the nukes and our exploding genetic knowledge and technology relevant to biological warfare.

      Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! You should possibly copy and paste it onto your own blog as a post. It’s outstanding in every way, and the world desperately needs to hear from you.

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  4. I share your alarm, Dr. Talmage, however you appear to have overlooked one key element in this complex equation: human intelligence. Yes, a large number of Americans displayed a lack of intelligence in two ways, first those who failed to vote, and second, that 25 percent of the eligible electorate who voted for Trump. However, his track record is very likely to encourage more to vote next time and also make clear to many who supported him the error of their ways.

    • Point well taken on human intelligence.

      I’m deliberately trying to divorce this issue from politics, however, because I think it’s infinitely more important. I hope I’m wrong, but I think the nice folks who dictate word-for-word to the media are the ones who usually elect our presidents. I’m hoping against historical norms that enough of us will see the nature of modern information control and resist the black-and-white hateful thinking that’s being thrust upon us from above.

      Without a diversity of data inputs and diverse interpretations, human intelligence has little to work with in making wise decisions. If doctors, for instance, tell the public that smoking is good for your health, the public will believe it, as they did for decades prior to the 1960’s while diverse data and opinions were squelched.

    • Hopefully people are starting to see the way our information is being manipulated by the powerful. If so, perhaps they will reject the black-and-white political thinking of our media “handlers” as well as the hatred of thought diversity that it engenders.

      Much love to you and yours,

      • They sure do; there is a widely-spread awakening happening right now, but which is happening faster, people’s awareness or the murky activity of media “handlers”, this, we cannot know.
        Thank you, please have my heartfelt wishes for you and your family

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