Stardust and Energy Alone

It’s raining. Thunder shakes the garage windows.

A boy who’s barely “this many” and his eight-year-old sister sit inside a cardboard box that was made to keep scratches off the new fridge while it was searching for a home.

“Rule one,” the girl says, sitting with her knees hugged to her chest. “We’re the only two people in the whole world.”

The boy nods. The whole wide world.

“My name is Energy and you’re Stardust.”

“I want to be Energy,” he says and hopes the box is a spaceship.

She scowls. “My name starts with an E, so I’m Energy.”

“OKay.” Today is lucky. Mostly she does big-kid stuff. “I love you. And everybody in the whole wide world.”

“Pathetic.” She sighs. “I wish you could just grow up.”

Someone opens the door into the garage. “Elizabeth? Matthew? You guys out here?”

Ellie puts a hand over Matt’s mouth.

He holds his breath. Hide-and-seek.

The door shuts with a thwhap. The rain taps fingers on the roof.

Is Mom still in the garage? She always finds you.

“We’re the only two people in the whole world,” Ellie whispers. “Remember that.”

“OK.” He’ll remember.

There’s a wind owl singing off and on. High things Mom can only do. Daddies can’t go that high.

Once there was just Mom and Daddy. No Ellie. No Matt. “But what…”

“No buts! If you want to play with the big kids, you have to follow the rules.”

He will, but… “What if Mom gets mad?”

“You thought that was Mom?” Ellie kind of laughs. But it’s the wrong sound. “You don’t get it. We’re the only two people in the whole freaking world.” She hits both sides of the box at the same time.

Matt tries to copy but can’t reach both sides.

“Ellie, what if…”

“My name is Energy. There’s nothing but Energy and Stardust.”

Matt squints to see her eyes in the gray darkness. A flash of white comes and goes. Thunder throws rain down on the roof.



“Is lightning a crack in the world’s wall?”

“No. We’re on the outside of the world, not the inside. People stick to the outside of things. That’s why.”

The doorbell rings. Grownups and big words are at the front door.

“When Mom comes back, shouldn’t we…”

“She’s not coming back.” Ellie starts crying. Soft and loud like when Daddy left.

Daddy got mad. But he’s coming back someday. Mom even said.

“Mom’s never coming back,” Ellie says.

“Wanna bet? She always finds us.” Mom knows the hiding places. She knows everything.

“That wasn’t Mom.”

“Uh-huh.” It sure was.

He crawls to the end of the box, pushes his way out and runs to the door to prove it. He pulls the cold knob with both hands, twists it and pulls harder.

The heavy door comes open. Doors get easier if you try and try and try.

“Mom, I was hiding in the box.”

The kitchen is empty. He goes inside.

“Mom? Me and Ellie was hiding…”

New chairs fill the living room with strangers.

Matt walks over. They look at him with shut mouths.

“Here’s the little one,” a woman with red hair says. She’s standing beside the new fridge. It’s sideways on a long table in front of the fireplace.

Ellie comes in through the kitchen and stands beside Matt. Her eyes are red.

“You two come up front and sit beside your grandfather,” the lady with Mom’s hair says.

“Where’s Mom?” Matt asks.

The lady looks away.

“She’s gone,” Ellie says.

“When’s she coming back?”

“Tonight,” Ellie says. “After we’re asleep.”

“Then I’m staying up late.”

“That doesn’t work,” Ellie says. “You have to be asleep. She only comes home in dreams.”

M. Talmage Moorehead


9 thoughts on “Stardust and Energy Alone

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    • Ansh, my young friend. I tried to find your site the other day and couldn’t. Quick, tell me your web address so I don’t miss what you’re writing! 🙂 When I clicked on your icon it said something like, “This website has been cancelled.” Talk about sad! That’s how I felt.

      Yes, this story turned sad on me. It kind of went out of control like my poems always do. I started out trying to make a quick logical point and ended up making an emotional one instead. I felt kind of down after I realized where it was going, and almost didn’t post it because I didn’t want to make anyone else sad.

      Then I was thinking maybe I should stick to nonfiction.

      Thanks for your comment. Don’t be sad. You’ve got strong talent and you’re a true worker. You’re going places in this world and the next. 🙂

      • anshgupta1234

        Actually, I deleted my blog because of the school work, but am gonna start again this summer. I have my stories saved up. Also KEEP WRITING THESE STORIES!! I loved this one and would like more.

        • I’m glad you saved your stories! Very wise. It’s good to take school work seriously, but remember to get exercise and sunlight. Also, SLOW, deep breathing for ten to twenty minutes will shunt blood to your prefrontal cortex and help you focus and solve difficult problems in math and physics.
          Thank you Ansh, for your kind encouragement with my stories. It means a lot coming from you.

  3. I love the atmosphere you’ve created!
    Someone commented this at a creation of mine ( which triggered the pair From / To Stardust ) and I am now sharing it with you :

    ” To slough off the tyranny of geography,
    my eyes sink into the Mirror Pool

    My spirit follows.

    Interplanetary feelings well up from the abyss

    Feelings of nothingness

    The indissoluble links with a past where as stardust I voyaged among the stars

    And as stardust I will return.


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