The End of UFO Disclosure?

My absolute favorite ufologist, Richard Dolan, seems to feel pessimistic about the possibility of the public ever being officially informed by the US shadow government of the presence of an other-worldly intelligence here on Earth.

Richard hasn’t put out his usual amount of UFO video material in the last few months, which worries me a little. I worry that his beautiful wife, Tracey, might for some unknown reason leave him.

You have to understand, I’ve been writing fiction for too long and have developed a running suspicion that when any character’s plot seems to be making them wonderfully happy, and Richard Dolan’s life has been looking absolutely wonderful since he married Tracy, there’s always a writer lurking behind the scenes, setting things up for a letdown.

So I literally pray for Richard Dolan and Tracey, hoping that my heartfelt, if neurotic concern will influence God and the Universe to keep their love alive forever. And I think that will happen.

But as for genuine disclosure? After watching this video lecture by Michael Schratt (below), I think Richard has good reason to doubt full disclosure is coming.

Let’s assume for discussion that the government is hiding physical aliens. For that to be true, there must be at least one thing that the aliens and the shadow government agree upon: the secrecy. Otherwise, one side or the other would expose the truth in a day or two.

So let’s say there are aliens conspiring with the shadow government to keep their presence secret. Eventually, some of these humans would see the benefits of allowing a bit of advanced technology out into the public arena. For instance, a clean energy source would help us avoid the far-reaching ecologic damage our species is currently inflicting upon the planet.

So how would the shadow government get this technology out to the public without admitting it came from aliens? Simple. They would tell us “the whole truth” about all the UFOs everyone has ever seen…

“These things are black budget aerospace technology that previous generations in their stupidity (not us) foolishly kept secret. But once the old guard retired and died, and we inherited their secret mess, we came clean for the sake of the planet. No, we’re not heros, we just did what anyone else would have done in our place.”

And here’s the video that comes close to setting that up.

(It starts out interesting, then gets boring with the declassified black budget craft. Then it picks up again at minute 37 when the speaker, Michael Schratt, makes a convincing case for a certain well-documented UFO sighting in the US being actually a man-made craft with antigravity tech (electrogravitics).

I doubt that a partial disclosure would satisfy the UFO community, but I’m sure an official “UFOs-are-us” story would satisfy that portion of the public who subject themselves to mainstream TV brainwashing.

And on the positive side, not knowing the whole truth would allow those of us who naturally love enigmas to maintain a sense of ongoing wonder and awe when we look at the stars.

If I were to say something bold and probably a bit inappropriate to my favorite and most-respected UFOlogist, Richard Dolan, it would be this: Please sir, for the sake of joy, take up meditation, markedly limit your carbohydrate intake, do circadian eating and intermittent fasting, exercise regularly, do whatever it takes to get good sleep every night, and make every relevant effort to be a genuinely happy person in the face of frustration. The success of your business and even your marriage depends profoundly upon your own happiness.

Love and hope for genuine disclosure,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

Disclaimer: Richard, always check with your healthcare provider before making any lifestyle or dietary changes. But find a functional medicine doctor first.

10 thoughts on “The End of UFO Disclosure?

    • Looks like the video was deleted, probably by our infinitely wise overlords at YouTube. 😉 Richard is still contributing significantly to the UFO field. You can find his free stuff on YouTube and at his website Also there is extra content available for a small fee on his website. He’s having an online conference later this month, but it’s a bit expensive. Recently he and his wife have separated (not divorced) and he seems depressed, though he’s hiding it well. I’ve been praying for his marriage to survive long before they separated. Something about their online interactions worried me.

        • Same here. In a political revolution such as the one I sense is coming upon us, the first task is to suppress ideas that fall outside of the political agenda of the single “party” that’s taking full control. People have a difficult time seeing that liberals and conservatives desperately need one another in order to pursue a path of wisdom as opposed to the route of self-destruction, but monopoly is the enemy of balance and balance is to some degree the equivalent of goodness. A one-party system like they have in China is what we seem to be heading towards. Unfortunately, both liberals and conservatives seem to want it these days. We’re making a huge mistake, as best I can tell.

          • I totally agree with you. We seem to be headed toward self-destruction. While I can try to take care of my health and well-being, the forces out there don’t seem to want to give me that choice. So far I have been fine, but looking down the road I fear their control. The 5G especially scares me right now as it appears to have the ability to control our physical and mental beings. And it will be as close as our computer and cellphone. For now, I’m trying to enjoy one day at a time as much as possible as that could end at any moment.

            • Totally. “One day at a time, one moment at a time.” I find that instead of praying the way I have all my life, that is, begging God to help me and others in specific ways that are focused on a problems in hopes of God fixing things, lately I’ve been asking God to send my love to specific people, asking God to amplify my focused contribution to the invisible field of conscious lovingkindness (a field that I sense exists). It seems that somehow this type of prayer/meditation helps people in accordance with wisdom beyond human judgement. Also, this sort of meditative feeling of sending my love to another person nonlocally through a “field of loving consciousness” undoubtedly myelinates a set of neuronal connections (axons and dendrites) in my brain that increases my capacity for love and lovingkindness (loving actions/behaviors/deeds/words/expressions). I need that. Learning how to love is probably related to happiness and, according to my little granddaughter, learning to love is the “reason we’re here,” the beyond-cosmic purpose of conscious existence in the physical realm. “Neurons that fire together wire together.” As you know, “lovingkindness meditation” exists in the Buddhist realm apart from a belief in God. This is where I came upon the idea before adjusting it to include God directly by making it a prayer: “Please send my love to…” And then focusing a loving feeling towards that person. “Many roads lead up the same mountain.” Hang tough, Gypsy Bev, and enjoy the spring season.

              • Earlier today I had a friend send an email that they were going to choose one person each week to pray for – not telling them just sending a prayer for love and happiness their way. They were suggesting that we all do this. Then along you come with a similar idea. I often go to sleep at night in meditation and prayer for various friends but since your granddaughter is leading us down this pathway of love for one another, I’ll try to be more dedicated to sharing those loving prayers. I’m so thankful to have met knowledgeable people like you in so many areas of life through WordPress. Sending you and your family love.

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