First-principle thinking on Bitcoin and Banks

Drawing from the video below, consider this:

If you parked your car at a fancy restaurant, gave your keys to the valet, went in for dinner and the restaurant went bankrupt while you finished your Tiramisu, you could still legally step outside, grab your car keys and drive home. The vehicle was your property the whole time you were eating, even though you gave the keys to the valet. Common sense prevails in this situation because elites don’t enrich themselves by complicating it. But…

The opposite is true at your bank and in your brokerage account. Your property rights in these arenas are NOT respected because slick predators have greased the wheels of Congress for a long time and have gained the legal right to take your money, your stocks and your bonds and use them as if they owned them. They can lend them out, leverage them, create derivatives from them and use them for collateral in their own investing and horse trading. When they go bankrupt, you can’t legally grab your car keys and drive off with what you thought was your property (your money, stocks and bonds). Heck no. You gave them ownership. They robbed you with a fountain pen as Bob Dylan called it years ago when he left New York.

Common sense and fairness mean nothing to corporate and institutional thieves because they “own” Congress through huge campaign donations and their revolving-door job policy for retired lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle, senators and congresspersons who created laws for them during their DC “public-service” careers.

The unfair, illogical practice of legal hypothetical ownership ought to have a name that people can remember, but no, it’s called hypothecation. The term seems to derive from the notion that an institution that borrows an asset (i.e. “holds” your money or your stocks for you) actually takes “hypothetical” (imaginary but legal) ownership of the thing they borrowed from you. If they go belly up, they don’t owe you a thing. All that stuff they lost was legally their own property. Your assets became legally theirs to lose when you signed below the fine print.

And you probably had no idea you were making a loan at all, let alone a stupid loan that gave them legal ownership of your property.

Truth is stranger than fiction, again and again. Red pills all around.

It’s as if you gave your keys to the valet and signed a document you didn’t have time to read or the vocabulary to understand and BOOM, the valet owned your car in hypothetical but legally binding terms. And that young kid can now go out and drive your Bentley, trade it, sell it, lend it to someone, or smash it into a brick wall and it’s all cool in court because you signed your name to the IOU below the strange word hypothecation.

Let’s forget the word hypothecation, then. It’s too much like the term UAP (unidentified aerial phenomenon), it was created to hide the truth.

Instead, let’s call it “H” (like heroin, close to pure evil).

As the video below explains, H happens like this: I borrow a candy bar from you and give you an IOU, then I loan the candy bar out to someone else who loans it out to someone else…. This goes on until your candy bar has been loaned out many times, creating the false impression that there are dozens of new candy bars in existence now, not just the one. This false impression of many new candy bars tends to lower the value (or price) of real candy bars via the market forces of supply and demand. (Banks do this with the dollars you “loan” them, reducing the buying power of real dollars, i.e. causing inflation.) At some point in the candy bar borrowing market, someone eats the candy bar and it’s gone forever. All the IOU’s are suddenly worthless. Everybody in the trail of debt (multiple IOU’s) has just experienced the legalized theft of their candy bar, made possible by the evil and absurd legality of H (hypothetical ownership).

Incidentally, the “person” who finally ate the stale candy bar will probably be the only one who gets bailed out by us tax payers because he/she/it will be considered “too big to fail” by DC lawmakers who are too busy raising campaign funds to sit down, read a book and educate themselves on money and macroeconomics. These people are not dumb, they’re just busy, dishonest materialists and variably “owned” by the heartless money machines we call giant corporations. And as you know, we’re talking about the “ownership” of all DC Democrats and Republicans, including your favorite, the cute ones and the ugly, tough, no-nonsense ones alike. Statistics might argue that there must be a good politician somewhere in DC. Fine, but it’s not apt to be the ones you and I keep voting back into office decade after decade as both sides continue to spend our grandchildren into poverty and lethal debt.

We should vote them ALL out at once. Both sides and soon. Then work together across the aisle with loving respect for all political ideas and opponents on both sides.

Here’s a video interview of a brilliant woman, Caitlin Long, the Founder & CEO of Custodia Bank, a next-generation Bank designed for a different world in which Bitcoin and it’s rapidly maturing Lightning Network will hopefully save us from our tradition of legalized theft through H (hypothetical ownership). Caitlin Long, by the way, predicted the fall of FTX way back in 2018, but she’s not a prophet, she an objective thinker who understands money better than the rest of us. Ya really gotta hear this woman explain things! Wow.

There are many people who just naturally tend to see the foundational causes of humanity’s big problems. They’re first-principal thinkers. They understand both the forest and the trees. This gives them an enviable talent for true objectivity in evaluating problems and pinpointing root causes.

Just as Elon Musk does this with technology and Ivor Cummins with Type 2 Diabetes and atherosclerotic heart disease, Caitlin Long is doing it now with Bitcoin, Banking and the problems created by fiat currencies.

She’s a new person on my radar, so check her out for yourself. Maybe I’m overly impressed or star-struck, but I doubt it after listening to her interview above.

Common Sense Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

The only way a Central Bank Digital Currency can happen in the US is by turning Democrats against democracy

Imagine you’re a powerful, wealthy insider, a person with global connections in high places, a person that the World Economic Forum (WEF) would classify as a “stakeholder,” deserving status and economic advantages such as ownership of real estate.

You believe that democracy and capitalism are one-and-the-same, both have failed, and you want to end democracy in the US in a peaceful revolution that avoids civil war.

After all, you and your friends are convinced that the average person is too dumb to govern themselves. The masses need an elite class to step up and save the world with benevolent top-down control of everyone’s opinions and spending behaviors.

Like anyone who reads nonfiction, you realize how easy it would be to usher in a top-down government similar to China’s if you and your banker friends could micromanage each individual’s money with a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

With that flexible tool, you could bankrupt evil corporations by instantly enforcing tax regulations designed to take down dangerous niches of capitalism, starting with those upstart platforms that allow free speech. They have to go, because the average person is not smart enough for unprotected thinking. Your banker friends agree.

And with the micromanaging power of a CBD Currency, your elite class could gently herd the holdout pro-democracy folks away from their failed sacred-cow system, starting with a stoke of a computer key that prescribes the medicine of negative interest rates upon all (central) bank accounts with low “social scores.”

Looking globally, you notice that the Central Bank Digital Currency in China is already taking root, but here in the US we’ll teach the Chinese Communist Party a thing or two. We won’t have any public protests, bank holidays, or crashing real estate and stock markets. Business cycles will become a footnote in history books. Just imagine…

With everyone’s “social scores” reflecting their purchasing patterns, online interests, and the words they’ve read and written, Central Bank Owners will be able to tailor financial rewards and punishments in a fair and efficient way. When the economy gets too hot and inflation fears arise, you will be able to instantly reward personal saving at the individual and corporate levels, cooling things down. When the economy slumps, you’ll be able to reward spending on just the right things to avoid recession. It will be a modern monetary theory wet-dream utopia.

Eventually people will realize that they don’t need to own things in order to be happy. You and your wealthy friends have already learned this sad lesson the hard way, by actually owning everything money can buy and still feeling miserable.

But this current opportunity to save the masses from themselves with CBD Currency and the re-emergence of rational top-down government in the West has been like a shot of B12 in the buttocks. You have new energy, a higher purpose, and an opportunity to implement a life-affirming revolution-without-blood.

Fortunately your friends have years of experience in manipulating voting patterns in the US by increasing political polarization and hatred via mainstream TV “programming” designed from the top down to control both political parties. The magic of “molding public opinion” has taught you one thing for sure…

If you want to kill an idea, attach it to one of the two main political parties. It doesn’t matter which one. You can flip a coin.

So try and imagine that all the above reflects your thinking. Now take an unpleasant and brief listen to as much of the video (linked here in orange) as you can tolerate.

Apparently the coin came up tales at the WEF, and someone must have decided to attach the love of freedom and democracy to the Republican Party and somehow NOT to the party that incorporated the word democracy into their name.

I can just hear some elite bankster chuckling, “Let’s have those Republican fellows be the ones who want to save democracy. The irony will absolutely slay our comrades.”

Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if the man, James G. Rickards, in this video (linked in orange above) is exactly who he says he is, a hugely connected insider. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s sincere and may even believe he’s selling (for $49) a newsletter that will preserve a person’s financial freedom after the CBD Currency becomes a reality of top-down control by WEF graduates who have become US Politicians. As best I can tell, Mr. Rickards is right about a great many things, and perhaps his newsletter is worth something, but…

Even if he’s sincere and correct about every alarming thing he says will happen soon in the US, he’s playing right into the hands of the World Economic Forum’s agenda by promoting the absurd lie that Republicans love democracy more than Democrats.

That lie, that deliberate misinformation, is the primary brainwashing tool that the WEF et. al use in the USA to stop half the population from noticing what the WEF is openly promoting: their agenda of Central Bank Digital Currency and totalitarianism. It’s not a conspiracy theory despite what the Wikipedia says. Here’s how the WEF founder, Schwab, sums up the WEF agenda…

“You will own nothing and you will be happy.” – Klaus Schwab

The only way the WEF can hide what they’re openly doing is by attaching the idea of loving democracy to one party, especially at a time like this when anything one party likes or wants, the other automatically hates or dismisses.

We’ve become like chronically dysfunctional siblings…

“You like blue? Fine, I hate blue.”

“Well, I hate you.”

“I hate you, too.”

“Mom! Cloe stuck her tongue out at me again!”

Here’s another right-wing voice helping the WEF accomplish their political goals by foolishly promoting the WEF’s misinformation (calculated lie) that liberal voters don’t love democracy as much as conservative voters…

The lie that only conservatives love democracy makes things easy for the World Economic Forum because the stage has already been set for liberal minds to emotionally reject anything labeled “right wing conspiracy theory.”

Everybody and their dog “knows” that all conspiracy theories are inherently false, even the ones where the conspirators openly discus their plans on video the way the World Economic Forum is now doing.

But don’t we really need a Reset?

Yes, we absolutely do, but not the WEF’s version. We need to vote together across the aisle, Democrats and Republicans rejecting the mainstream narrative that we’re polar opposites in some way.

Doesn’t the US’s perversion of capitalism need fixing?

Yes, in a big way.

Aren’t Washington’s policies (of both the Republicans and Democrats in DC) killing the middle class by printing and spending too much money thereby reducing the buying power of the dollar?

Yes. Every decade for as long as I’ve been alive, the middle class has become poorer. Ninety-nine percent of voters don’t want this to continue. Your political party is totally irrelevant here.

Isn’t the revolving door that takes politicians (from both parties) out of public service and into the payrolls of mega-corporations they’ve favored while in office… isn’t this the very reason DC represents the military-industrial complex and ignores “we the people” of the middle and lower economic classes?

Yes, that’s the problem exactly. Not one Democrat or Republican outside of DC wants this repulsive anti-democratic situation to continue. Not one. It should be against the law.

And it could be, if only…

We must gang up, Democrats and Republicans, and all vote together to remove ALL DC politicians from office, every last one of them, clearing out both sides of the aisle and replacing these compromised failures with people who see the problems and run on platforms of fixing DC immediately with new sweeping laws such as a simplified (and therefore fair) tax code with NO loopholes for any big businesses, term limits for everyone in DC including the secret service leaders and those in lifelong power at the Department of Defense, and laws against the revolving corporate door of employment for semi-retired politicians who have sold out and abandoned their voters in exchange for a cushy job lined with cash and bonuses.

I’d bet that for every (mislabeled) “Democrat” who wants a totalitarian takeover of the US government via CBD Currency and its micro-controlling surveillance potential, there are at least several million real Democrats who would oppose any such Orwellian nightmare… if only they hadn’t already written off the whole anti-CBD Currency topic as a “right-wing conspiracy theory.”

Central Bank Digital Currency is at least as bad as advertised by the wildest of “right-wingnut conspiracy theorist,” all you have to do to know this for yourself is to open your eyes and ears to what the WEF is saying to the voting public.

Today more than ever, Democrats and Republican desperately need each other. We need to talk respectfully across the aisle about big-picture issues, things we already agree upon. We need to admit to ourselves how our thoughts and emotions are being manipulated daily by the sold-out TV “news” media on both political sides while compromised social media platforms have become addicted to the power of censorship.

We voters may have a window of several years in which to learn to talk across the aisle with love and respect, finally learning to thumb our collective noses at ALL mainstream media outlets (on both sides) and vote together in mass to save democracy from CBD-Currency totalitarianism as envisioned and promoted by the WEF and practiced now by the Chinese Communist Party and their top-down wealthy “stakeholder” elites.

Free Currency Love,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

PS. Feel free to share this post across the political aisle with an old friend who doesn’t speak to you anymore because you perhaps belong to what he/she considers the “evil” political party. News flash, regular people are not evil. We’re simply living in a state of prolonged emotional manipulation aimed at creating mutual opinion rigidity and distain for the other side. It’s time to break free from the spell and vote all the incumbents out.