Bias Preservation, the Holy Grail of Political Control

You’re a trillionaire with the power to force your people in the FED to “print” the world’s reserve currency, the US dollar, whenever you please.

You own the people who own the mainstream media because you’ve gathered dirt on each of them and have either educated them to agree with your political worldview objectives, or you’ve threatened them with a humiliating scandal and financial ruin if they step out of line.

There’s only one thing that’s a little out of your control, sometimes dangerously out of your control, and it drives you mad…

It’s the remnants of democracy that exist in parts of the “free” world. It can be challenging at times to control the darn voters.

But thank heavens the problem has been solved for you.

Over the years, you’ve discovered that if you can keep a two party system alive and keep the active voters on each side roughly equal in number, your can control the outcome of major elections.

Your best tools for the job used to be your CIA assets working in the mainstream media, but nowadays there’s something equally helpful, and in a way, far better…

It’s artificial intelligence. The gift that keeps on giving.

The genius here is that AI’s have been designed not only to keep customers happily spending money, but more importantly, to preserve the customers’ political biases.

With the voting public voluntarily held hostage to one or the other of two political information bubbles, never hearing the other side, constantly reinforced to think that the other side fabricates fake news, which they do, you have a permanently and equally divided electorate.

With voters evenly divided, it’s easy to tip the balance in either direction using your control of both the real and the fake news on both sides. It’s easy now to get the most controllable candidate voted into office.

It’s impossible to say how much of this second person story is fiction. I suspect there’s truth to it, but even if there’s not much, one thing is certain. The people who actually get out and vote are fairly evenly divided, and the evenness of that divide is kept in place by the “news” we encounter, which is determined by artificial intelligences designed to feed us only what we want to hear.

I’m not sure what the solution is, listening to “news” that you “know” is fake? Maybe there is no solution and totalitarianism is already running the world from the shadows, or maybe they’re still struggling for full control.  I don’t know, but I’m sure of one thing in all this: it’s foolishly self-destructive to allow yourself to hate people because they’re on the “wrong” side of the political debate.

Schrödinger, the great physicist, might have agreed, saying that the people with the unforgivable politics are actually you in another body and mind…

“I submit that both paradoxes will be solved (I do not pretend to solve them here and now) by assimilating into our Western build of science the Eastern doctrine of identity. Mind is by its very nature a singulare tantum. I should say: the over-all number of minds is just one. I venture to call it indestructible since it has a peculiar timetable, namely mind is always now. There is really no before and after for mind. There is only a now that includes memories and expectations. But I grant that our language is not adequate to express this, and I also grant, should anyone wish to state it, that I am now talking religion, not science.” —Schrödinger, What is Life?: With Mind and Matter and Autobiographical Sketches, p. 134–135

Practice loving kindness meditation instead of detesting political opponents, that’s my plan. This is likely our species best practical hope of long-term survival.

Love to both sides as one,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD

6 thoughts on “Bias Preservation, the Holy Grail of Political Control

  1. The Schrodinger angle is very interesting. I’m of the opinion that since our modern society no longer values faith and religion, that in order to fill that void people are substituting faith and religion with political zealotry. Their cognitive dissonance only exacerbates their vehemence. For people who allegedly value tolerance, I see a lot of intolerance coming from them. I try to avoid as much as I can thinking like they do. What’s enjoyable about surrounding yourself with only people who think like you and agree with you? Sounds boring and lacking substance and not a good way to learn about the things around you.

    • Well said! I agree. The idea that complex problems can be solved in a binary mode of thinking while despising, hating and cancelling unwanted facts and opinions is doomed for failure. The political side that thinks it has won by silencing its opponents has only shot itself in the foot. It makes little difference which side wins with a binary, black-and-white solution to problems. Nothing can be solved through AI inspired bubble-hatred.

  2. Your idea of practicing loving kindness meditation sounds good on the surface, but I’m not sure how it will survive with so much egotistical evil in the world. Like you, I would like to believe this kindness could conquer all and attempt to practice it on a daily basis. Guess we shall see what happens!

  3. I’m a believer in the necessary balance between the needs of society and the needs of the individual, but what I feel lately is a kind of constant anger at the ‘me-me-me’ driving the Western response to Covid-19. I don’t want to see the ‘side’ of people who want things opened up and bugger the consequences.

    Most have enough conscience left to say they don’t want anyone to die, ‘but’…

    Some openly advocate for the old [and sick and disabled etc etc] to be sacrificed for the sake of ‘the majority’, or ‘the economy’.

    Whatever weasel words are used, however, the reality is that they don’t care who dies so long as they are not inconvenienced.

    Humanity has always been divided between those with empathy and those without. We’re living in a time when those without are in ascendant, at least in the West. Perhaps this is a natural part of the cycle when a civilization is in decline. 😦

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