Google Fraud? Search Any Number of “new cases”

Have you seen this yet? It looks to me like a new flavor of google fraud, but maybe someone knows a harmless explanation. What do you think?

Anyway, go to Google search engine and type in any number followed by “new cases” and…

No matter what number you search this way, you’ll find exactly that number of “new cases” of COVID-19 in some high-ranked report. 

Here’s the video where I learned of this:

Please try it yourself a few times on the google search engine and see if it gives you the same eerie feeling it gave me.

Any idea how to explain this away?

Do you think it will become TV news, or will it be ignored like the UFO information explosion of recent years?

It’s my opinion that modern “news” is carefully designed to keep one half of the population (at least in the US and Europe) angry and frustrated with the other half about political issues.

The six giant corporations owning and controlling mainstream news have now achieved what seems to be a long-term goal of theirs, namely having the US population evenly divided on politics with each half completely dumbfounded at the ignorance, stupidity and moral depravity of the other half.

Do you think they’ve acted deliberately or was this development just a natural response to public demand for political outrage porn?

At any rate, I think we’d all be far better off if we took political hate news with a grain of salt at all times and tried to think of the people on the other side of the political aisle as normal human beings deserving love and respect.

Also, I think we’d be wise to regard ourselves and others as equally manipulatable by the “news-bubble” echo chambers we individually create for ourselves with google’s online help.

Love and respect,

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD



14 thoughts on “Google Fraud? Search Any Number of “new cases”

  1. Besides algorithms controlling narratives to get outcomes, there is the aspect of ongoing brain/mind research (think heavy duty MK Ultra). Now, I understand that this link provides the discussion of another aspect of controlling we the people but I post it here for reference only. The articles are dauntingly long and too technical to read. Aparently, DARPA had awarded Arizona State University monies to do deep brain/mind research to “induce” or “disrupt” our narrative networks with the goal of changing our thinking. There is mention in the research of stimulating the brain with an electro-magnetic wave form to help in the process of doing this (can’t remember the specific term)! My concern here is that there is a deeper connection to ultimately creating devices via 5G technology (5G tech is mainly for military application, so the harm will come to us.) that could convey signals that would affect large populations or specific applications which would affect individuals such as in TIs (targeted individuals). William Binney was contacted by the TI community a few years back and his response was to begin doing a survey of TI’s in order to get data to work with. I have not heard a word about the survey data, one way or the other. The overall project title of the research at ASU is, “Toward Narrative Disruptors and Inductors: Mapping the Narrative Comprehension Network and its Persuasive Effects” (source) My apologies in advance if this is posted in the wrong place.

    • I agree. I think it’s deliberate, too.

      I lost a lifelong dear friend to this mind/emotion political manipulation before I realized what was going on. I foolishly thought my political “news” was more truthful than his. I took personally his enthusiasm for attacking my “fake news” outlets by going after the advertisers who supported them. Of course, it didn’t bother me as much when people on my side of the aisle did the same thing to the “fake news” on his side. I spoke my mind to him in an email and he defriended me on “Farcebook.” That was the last I ever heard from him. My emails to him have bounced ever since. Live and learn, I guess.

      It’s truly difficult to politically deprogram yourself, I’ve found. For me, it helped to keep imagining in detail exactly what “my side” of the news would say about any given political scenario if the names of the teams were inverted, (R became D and vice versa.)

      Knowledge of the UFO reality seemed to help me deprogram, too. It’s becoming fairly believable to many people now that the folks running things behind the scenes know more about UFOs than anyone else. If aliens are behind some of them, which I’m more and more convinced is the case, then politics must be an entirely different game for the “Cabal.” A game of controlling both sides of the narrative for some over-arching global purpose, which is not necessarily an evil purpose, though I’ll admit, imagining an evil purpose is my knee-jerk reaction to anyone trying to manipulate me with deception. Of course, objectivity demands a second look after the knee-jerk emotions have played out.

      • It makes me feel much better to know a person of your intelligence thinks along the same lines that I do. I’ve also had some friends disappear after expressing their belief that I was an “antisocial jerk” among other names. But others have appeared that support my beliefs. I’m not one guided by a particular political party, but rather by my desire to maintain my freedoms.

        Aliens are real and playing a role in the present situation. Not all aliens are bad, but I don’t like the way things are headed right now. People are too willing to give up their freedoms and do as they are told. They might not approve of me without a mask and refusing vaccinations, but when I see their easy manipulation to follow the guidelines set out by someone in control, I can’t help but picture those masked people headed to a boxcar for Socialism.

        Glad I have an outlet for my feelings here.

        • I’m glad you post your feelings here, too, Gypsy Bev! Thank you for sharing and being you.

          I’m trying to stay as politically neutral as possible, believing that most political heuristics are too simple to guide humanity safely through the jungle of our affairs. Still, I agree that freedom is infinitely superior to slavery, including the self-imposed slavery (and resulting poverty) of voting in a tyrannical top-down government of any type, far left or far right.

          I agree now that aliens are real. Much of recent world affairs and the behavior of government leaders makes sense to me only if I include an off-world influence in my arm-chair analyses.

          Off the topic, but Gypsy Bev, I think I need to become a doomsday prepper. I’ve been listening to Ben at for many months now, and I’m fairly convinced that the weakening of Earth’s geomagnetic field is likely to cause a significant shutdown of the “grid.” After seeing the stores clear out of many products in the wake of the early Covid-19 news several months ago, it’s clear to me how fragile our supply chain is in the USA. The only problem for me in becoming a prepper is that it’s a lot easier said than done. Just learning how to garden effectively is a challenge, I’ve found.

          As you know better than I do, the masks mainly protect others from us, assuming we ever get an asymptomatic infection or spread the bugs before our symptoms develop. Only an “air-tight” mask provides reasonable protection to the person wearing one.

          Stay safe, my friend,

    • It was working for me last night when I typed into google’s search engine: “100,000 new cases” and then changed the number to various other random numbers ranging from 1 to 476.
      Yes, it seems strange and suspicious. I’ll be interested to hear the “innocent explanation” whenever it comes out.

  2. I did not have the same experience. I tried various numbers with “new cases” and while it did pull up coronavirus related articles, none of them were reporting the same number I was entering. Seems the algorithm is just pulled “new cases” which right now is going to pull up nothing but coronavirus related issues.

    • I just tried it again using google. I typed in “12 new cases” and bam, up pops a list of articles each one talking about 12 new cases of covid 19. Then I did 123 new cases and again, up come articles claiming there are 123 new cases in various places. Then I tried other numbers: 147, 100,000, 444 and each time the headlines came up with those numbers talking about new covid cases. It’s interesting that it’s not doing that on your computer. Are you’re using the google search engine? Something I use DuckDuckGo, forgetting it’s not google.

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