The Airborne Coronavirus

It’s tough to find non-politicized info on COVID-19 (or anything else).

Here’s a lengthy Rogan interview with Michael Osterholm, an internationally recognized expert on infectious disease epidemiology who seems, as best I can tell, to have no political ax to grind, although he’s mainstream black-and-white on vaccinations.

A few essential points from the above interview:

  1. Since COVID-19 is airborne, transmitted early, and has a short incubation period, it is inconceivable that our efforts to contain it will succeed. “This is like trying to stop the wind.”
  2. Transmission from person to person is highly efficient, like a flu virus. Infected individuals with early symptoms carry a potent viral load in their throats (“ten thousand times what we saw with SARS”) and are highly infectious before they feel ill or develop a cough.
  3. Michael Osterholm “conservatively estimates” that there will be over 480,000 deaths due to this virus in the US over the next three to six months or more. He states that this will be “ten to fifteen times worse than the worst seasonal flu you have ever seen.”
  4. Although people over 60 are at greatest risk of death from this virus, they are now seeing an alarming number of “horrible cases” in the 40s age range in Italy.
  5. Here is a message from a cardiologist at one of the largest hospitals in Italy: “They’re deciding who they have to let die. They aren’t screening the staff anymore because they need all hands on deck… Even if they’re positive (meaning that they’re sick) but they don’t have a severe cough or fever, then they have to work.”
  6. The incubation period is 4 days. This gives the virus a short doubling time.
  7. Loose fitting “surgical masks” and gloves offer very little protection, if any. You need a tight-fitting (airtight) mask capable of filtering viruses.
  8. Dr. Osterholm recommends avoiding “large public spaces” if you are over 55 or have underlying health problems such as obesity or a smoking habit. (Smoking is associated with increased mortality in China). “Limiting your contact is about all you can do.”
  9. “We are not going to have a vaccine any time soon.”
  10. “Kids” are getting infected but are not getting sick. In China, only 2.1% of “cases” are under 19 years of age.
  11. This virus jumped from an animal species to humans, probably in the 3rd week of November 2019. It was not the deliberate or accidental product of a weapons laboratory in China. (Dr. Osterholm claims that his unique background allows him to state this with confidence.)

It’s extremely difficult to interest human beings in preventing disasters. The simple existence of a term like “doomsdayer” is enough to keep most people from believing and acting upon a negative prediction, no matter how strong the science.

Add political or other pseudo-religious bias and the hyper-confident voice of a reporter (there are no non-political, unbiased reporters), and you have the secondary gain that leads the majority of humanity to slaughter again and again throughout history.

Don’t let the media’s professional “opinion molding” take your life. Whether your favorite political hacks and quacks are calling this thing “the Trump virus” or shouting with false confidence that COVID-19 is a virus that “kills only people over 80,” please plug your ears to all mainstream political judgments on this virus and heed the expert advice of a qualified doctor like Michael Osterholm, PhD.

“Eyes open, no fear. Be safe everyone,”

Morrill Talmage Moorehead, MD



23 thoughts on “The Airborne Coronavirus

    • Yes, the guy was pretty much right about things. The only place where I disagree with him now is on the subject of COVID origins. As best I can tell, the virus probably did come from that lab in Wuhan, China. I doubt we’ll ever hear the authorities openly draw this conclusion, though. It’s not PC and the records were mostly destroyed in the lab.

    • Good for you! They tell us that all the mainstream news outlets are owned by six corporations. It’s obvious they’re in the business of outrage, hatred and high blood pressure. I stopped watching years ago and noticed an improvement in my baseline mood.

  1. At this point I’d settle for any amount of sanity in how to deal with this epidemic in the face of some catastrophic failures that have led us to where we are today. That and some reflection on how to be a full-sized human, rather than a self-serving, entitled cretin stealing TP and hand sanitizer from the local hospitals.

    • I share your frustration with our collective human behavior. Sometimes it seems as if we think everything will be better if we can just cast blame on the appropriate political leaders and make the blame stick forever. Our political worldviews have largely filled the vacuum left by our society’s collective loss of spiritual values. “Scientific” materialism threatens our survival because losing spirituality and its moral compass turns many people into hateful, violent “self-serving, entitled cretins.” Looking out for number one makes sense if the universe is as random and meaningless as our educators preach.

      Fortunately, quite a few of us don’t buy mainstream science’s hollow, shallow worldview.

      When this pandemic is over, maybe the sociopaths in DC (on BOTH sides of the divide) will prepare for the next pandemic rather than spending their time lining their pockets through insider trading (which is legal, at least for congress. I’m not sure if a president can trade on inside info.).

      Hang in there, and stay safe,

  2. Agree 100%. Also recommend Dr. John Campbell on YouTube with daily updates. Sadly some of us live with or around people who refuse to be careful or beieve that there is a serious problem.

  3. The media is intent to shout “don’t profile, don’t profile” in every broadcast I’ve seen. This pretty much ignores (excuses?) specific exposures and behaviors in a misguided attempt at equality—which may result in money and research being misdirected and higher death tolls. Calling it ‘airborne’ isn’t definitive and doesn’t tell the full story—the political intent here is to frighten and thereby mobilize everyone. Extrapolating from the most infection-prone areas to the general population distorts the numbers. My daughter and granddaughter, who live in Hong Hong, tell me that the infections are pretty much limited to poor areas with poor sanitation and water, where human feces is found in the open. So when Corona hits San Francisco with a vengeance, let’s not pretend this is an equal opportunity virus.

  4. I didn’t watch the video, however, I did read the salient points you’ve mentioned underneath, which I found to be quite objective and thorough.
    As you eloquently stated: “Eyes open, no fear. Be safe everyone,”
    Thank You!

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